Giant: Huggies Diapers Catalina Deal

Starting Sunday November 20th,  Giant will offer a $10.00 oyno catalina when you purchase $30.00 of Huggies Product.

There is also another Huggies Diapers catalina printing until 11/27/11.

Buy 2 Huggies, Get $3.00 oyno
Buy 3 Huggies, Get $5.00 oyno
Buy 4 Huggies, Get $6.00 oyno

Note: This catalina is supposed to print thru 11/27 – as per usual it could change at any time.

There will  be Huggies Coupons in this week Smart Source Insert to use on this deal.  Don’t forget to add the  Huggies SavingStar Coupons  to add to your card as well.

Thanks, Mary.

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  • Ruth

    I think this deal is different in PA and the total has to be 30.00 after coupons. Today I bought 4 pack of diapers, one small pack of wipes 1.99. The total after coupons would be over 30.00. I received a 6.00 catalina and a 10.00 catalina. I’m not sure if the problem was fixed or if the total has to be 30.00 after coupons. I shop for a lot of people and I have a lot of customers that request diapers so I will be doing the deal several more times this week.

  • Ruth

    I tried this deal again today but the 10.00 catalina is still not printing. I was in a hurry so I will have to call the catalina company to get the 10.00 catalina. I hate that the Giants in PA always have this issue, by the end of the week when the sale is almost over, they will have it working. Happens almost every week.

    • gina

      The same thing happened to me today. It took me like 20 minutes at customer service before they pushed through the $10 CAT.

    • Lindsey

      Worked for me yesterday (Sunday) at Lancaster Giant. Bought 4 packs of diapers, used 4 $1.50 coupon. I received both the $6 off from Huggies and the $10 off from Giant.

      • Erica

        My total was less than $30 after coupons and it printed the $10 cat at the Giant on litiz pike in pa

  • Maryanne

    So, if the Huggies slip-ons are on sale for $8.99 here is my plan. Let me know if you think it will work!!

    4 x 8.99 (slip ons) = 35.96
    – 4 x $3/1 MFQ – RIB-CVS
    -$6 Huggies Catalina
    -$10 Giant Catalina

    = 7.96 or $1.99/bag


  • Jamela Epright

    I just did this deal tonight…3 packs of little movers ($9.99) each & 2 packs of refill wipes ($1.99$ each=$33.95- 3 ($2/1) huggies coupon from this sunday insert-1 ($1/2) huggies wipes=$26.95 total – $10 Giant wyb $30 ( had to go to customer service & got a gift card)- $5 for buying 3 diapers=$11.95 for all 3 diapers & 2 wipes -$3.99 for wipes= $7.97 -$2 savingstar coupon=$5.97 for 3 packs of diapers =$0.10 per diaper!!! :)

    • Lydia

      Jamela, awesome deal there! Don’t you love inexpensive diapers?! I was puzzled though as to why you deducted $3.99 at the end for the wipes. How did you get that?

  • Rian

    It didn’t generate the $10 one…just $3 so I spoke to the manager and got it! Yes!! With coupons and cats ($10 & $3) $17 for 2 boxes of wipes and two packs of diapers.

  • ashley

    i did the deal at martins in va today (usually has same deals as giant)
    3 x 9.99 diapers (2 snug and dry + 1 little movers)
    1 x 5.99 wipes refill (not all wipes were labeled as being part of the deal)
    used coupons 2 x $1.50, 1 x $2, 1 x 0.50 (doubles to $1)
    got $10 cat (for over $30)+ $5 cat (for 3 pks)

    • Ruth

      Thanks, the catalina is supposed to print then, the Giants in PA just haven’t gotten their act together.

    • ashley

      my ad says only wipe refills 184-216ct package are included.
      maybe this will help someone?

  • RJ

    Giant is also having a clearance on skin care products. Rite Aid also is currently having a 50% off sale on many skin care and acne products. Some of the smaller stores started their sale at 75% off. The items on clearance are the Biore, Clearasil etc so some of them will be free. At Rite Aid, even if the item is on clearance, the Up Rewards still apply so if there is UPR on the items, you will also receive the UPR. I had some information about this sale before it started so I did pretty well.

  • Ruth

    This deal didn’t work for me at Giant in PA. I bought three pack of diapers and a 3 pack package of wipes, the total was 36.00 +. I only receive the 5.00 catalina, the 10.00 catalina didn’t print. I went to customer service and they gave me a gift card for 10.00, Anyone doing this deal in PA might want wait until Giant gets their act together which usually takes them a couple of days after the sales starts.

    • Andrea

      Didn’t print for me either and cs told me it was because I also used coupons. BUT, if it didn’t print for you either, Ruth, then I may go back and ask them to try it without using the coupons.

      • Ruth

        I did this deal before I think a couple of weeks ago and I had gone on Sunday and no catalina printed. I did it later in the week and the catalinas printed, Giant always has this issue of the deals not being programmed into their computer. I will try again later in the week. I’m lucky that the Giant I go to has a lot of coupon experts who know that the catalina is supposed to print so they give me no issues when catalina doesn’t print.
        At Giant, they will give you the money back for any coupons that you forget to use during the transaction.

    • Melissa

      I did it on Sunday and it worked perfectly. I bought 4 packs of slip-ons and used coupons. I did 4 packs because i looked at the ad for the $10catalina and it looked like the onl wipes that worked were the refills at 6.99.

      I’m going to try to roll my cats for more diapers today.

      • Ruth

        This deal used to work if you only bought 3 packs and a pack of wipes which was a better deal. Now you have to reach 30.00 after coupons, it is still a great deal. The Catalinas do roll, I did a couple of transactions yesterday and got a 10.00 and 6.00 catalina.
        Some Acme has also reprogrammed their computers so the deals have to reach to specified amount after coupons. I guess we have to thank Extreme Couponing for all these changes.

  • I am in MD. Our Giant store sales begin every Friday until the next Thursday. It might be different in every state.

  • Amanda

    It probably was already loaded into their cash register systems for the next week.

  • I just tried this deal and it worked. I got a $5 catalina for buying 3 packs of Huggies and a $10 coupon for buying $30 worth of Huggies.

    The Huggies Slip-ons are included in this deal. They are on sale for $8.99. If you still have some of those $3/1 Little Movers Slip-ons from 10/23 SS this is a great deal.

    • stephanie

      How did you do it already if it doens’t start until the 20th?

      • Lindsey

        So the Giant catalina isn’t after coupons you have to spend $30? I was planning on buying 4 packs but if I only need to buy 3….

        • I’m in MD. The sales start on Fridays here. It’s $30 for the deal but I bought 3 packs of slips ons and one tub of wipes. That was $30 and some change.

  • Kara

    Does anyone know if Pullups are included? Thank you.

    • When I went, Pull ups were included.

    • Kelly

      Pull Ups are included in the Giant deal as per the ad. As far as the additional Huggies cat, if it’s the same deal as a few weeks ago, I can confirm Pull Ups are included as well.

  • Kara

    Does anyone know if pullups are included? Thanks.

  • allie

    Thanks so much!

  • allie

    Does anyone know how long it takes for savingstar savings to show up in your account? I bought 6 items listed this past week and nothing has shown up yet. (and I had all the coupons loaded… :)

    • Lisa

      Savingstar says on their website it can take from 7-30 days to post. It depends on the store. I bought a few things from each CVS, Giant and Weis within the last two weeks. CVS seemed to post fast, and just today Giant posted from my purchase on the 10th and still nothing from Weis. I guess keep track to make sure it does eventually post. So far, I’m loving Saving Star!! Hope this helps!

      • allie

        Thank you!

    • Kylene

      I was waiting for my Huggies Slip on Diapers to post on Savingstar. I did the diaper deal last week at Giant. It took a week exactly for the savings to post.

  • katiek

    we don’t have a giant–is it the same as safeway or any other chain grocery stores?

    • Lisa has a list of stores participating in this catalina. Hope this helps!

      • katiek

        coupon network had the info for buy 2, 3 or 4 huggies, but not the 10 back on $30. was that an in ad deal or posted somewhere else?

        • Lisa

          Yes, the $10 back on $30 spent is a Giant deal. It is in next week’s ad that For The Mommas posts early for us to know. It starts tomorrow. As she has in the deal post, you will get the $10 catalina to print out from Giant, and then also another catalina ($3,$5, or $6 depending on how many you buy) that is listed on couponnetwork. When stacking coupons and both catalinas is what makes this a really great deal!!
          Thanks Shannon for posting early!!

  • Chris

    what are the cost of the diapers? Are they 8.99 again?

    • Grace

      I think they were $9.99

  • Jessica G

    Please let me know if this works for anyone – Im willing to go over the bridge to PA at lunch for diapers :)

  • joanna

    can the total be a few cents short, say 29.97 for the cat. to work? also, is the $30 total before or after coupons?

    • Lisa

      Good question! I also would like to know!!

    • Katie W.

      My father in law just bought 3 boxes of Huggies today , with no coupons which about gave me a heart attack! :) , there were also save $1.00 of one now coupon on the boxes and had a $5.00 OYNO print out. So this might be already working.