Giant – Gatorade Energy Chews Moneymaker & More


Starting next week, many areas will see a buy 7 and get $.40 off per gallon (up to 30 gallons )gas points at Giant/Martins.   Please check your local store ad for this deal.

Deal Idea

Buy (7) Gatorade G Series Energy Chews $1.00
Pay $7.00
Get $12.00 in Gas Points (wyb 30 gallons)
Free + Moneymaker after Gas Points

Here are the items included:

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  • Dawn

    The Giant in Lehighton PA stated to me that corporate headquarters gave them direct orders that they can only give a rain check for the amount on sale. You can only say buy 7 of the chews. He also said you can purchase what’s on the shelf. No more special orders. So, if it happened for one Giant wouldn’t it for all others? Considering its corporate!

  • Cheryl

    There is another money maker with gas points! There is a Mueller yogurt that is $1 and part of the buy 7 deal. This was not in the flyer, but is marked on the shelf, at least at my store. Too bad i maxed out my 10 transactions on the Gatorade chews. I would have loved to get some yogurt!

  • Suzette

    Does anyone know the price on Quaker rice cakes? With the $1/2 coupon it might turn out to be a good deal???

  • bekah

    There is a cat. that goes along with the v8 juice. I got a $3 cat for purchasing 4 of them!

  • JoAnne

    Just FYI- I’ve tried for two days (multiple stores, multiple times) to get the Gatorade chews and they’ve been sold out. Finally today I went to Customer Service to ask about them and was told an interesting fact- not only can you get a raincheck for the sale price, you can get a raincheck for the GAS POINTS as well! I never knew that…now I won’t have to check out every Giant around me every day just hoping to stumble upon those energy chews!

  • Grace

    FINALLY GAS POINTS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!! So excited for this :)

    • Ruth

      For how long though? I had to finally buy gas after going over two years without having to really pay much for gas. I have over 2200 points and I will finally be able to get some free gas next week. Giant must have seen a decrease in gas purchase and redemption at their gas stations and decided to give us an incentive to accumulate points. A lot of people don’t shop enough to get the full free 30 gallons but I bet a lot of people get as many points as they can and spend money at their stations to purchase gas.

      • For the Mommas

        Yeah I think you are right Ruth. I am guessing they are testing the waters.

        • Ruth

          I got enough points this morning to get my 30 gallons of free gas this morning. There was plenty of stock at the Giant in Jennersville, PA. I got the Quaker cookies and the Gatorate Energy chews. I hope they bring this back because it makes such a huge difference.