Giant: Free or Cheap Kotex Pads

Update: The Kotex Catalina showed up today on the coupon network. however, it doesn’t exactly match what is printing off.

Well, it looks like Giant is rocking some good deals this week again! Rue found this freebie while she was shopping and posted from the store! I sent Natalie to test it (and to get her into working the deals at Giant).

The Kotex Pads are on sale for 2/$6.00.  They are part of the gas or instant savings deals.  They are also producing at $2.00 catalina wyb 2.

Here is what we have:

Gas Store

Buy (4) Kotex Pads $12.00
use (2) $2.00/1 Kotex Pads from 8/7 SS
Pay $8.00
Get (2) $2.00 OYNO catalina
$4.00 after cats
Get $6.00 off gas ($.20 per gas @ 30 Gallon)
Free after gas savings

Instant Savings Store

Buy (4) Kotex Pads $12.00
use (2) $2.00/1 Kotex Pads from 8/7 SS
Get $3.00 instant savings
Pay $5.00 in 8/7 SS
Get (2) $2.00 OYNO catalina
$1.00 or $.25 each after all savings

Thanks, Rue

Don’t forget to check all the other deals at Giant this week, click here and scroll down.

Note:  Gas savings are calculated using the full value of $6.00 per tank or 30 gals. Please adjust your deal accordingly based on the number of gallons you use. I do not know the ending date of the Kotex catalina – as of  9/4/11 the catalina is printing.

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  • amy

    I got several rainchecks indicating every 6 get me 400pts. That way I can still purchase them 2 at a time, ring up 6, show my receipts, and get the pts. At the same time, getting $2.50 for each cat, and using the coupons.

  • Ruth

    As of this morning, the value of the catalina has changed, you will only get a 2.50 catalina when you buy 6 Kotex products. We were getting 3 2.00 catalina but of course all good things come to an end as soon as the catalina company figures out they are giving money or gas away.
    So know the deal is better if you buy 3 product and use 1 2.00 off 2 coupons. So you buy 9.00 worth of product, receive 3.00 off plus 2.0. in coupons, pay 4.00, get 2.50. If you use the 2.50, then subsequent transactions will only cost 1.50 for 3 Kotex products, it is still a great deal but not as nice it was before. This is just for the stores that offers dollars off, not gas points.

  • Melissa

    I just bought 6 today and only got one $2.50 catalina. It’s hard to figure out the best deal because you have to buy 3 for the gas points, my coupons are $4 off 2 and then you get $2 catalina for 2 or $2.50 for 3 or more. Still a good deal though.

    • Liesa

      I had the same issue, Melissa. The manager did help by giving me $2.50 in cash for the 2 transactions (6 products each), as she felt the Catalinas were printing for some people and not for others. Then she adjusted my bonus points. I was very thankful!!

  • Brooke

    This deal no longer seems to be working–its now printing the cats as posted on the coupon network.

    My store in Hershey was cleaned out earlier in the week, so I went back today and bought 6 Kotex—and only got one $2.50 cat. Still a good deal since mine were priced at 2.59 and I got 400 gas points, but I was bummed!

    The cat says “Buy 2 get $2.00, buy 3 or more get 2.50”

    So it may be a better deal to buy in group’s of 3 now to maximize the cats (even though you could only use 1 coupon)

  • amy

    It’s better to buy 6 at a time, not 4, because you get 400 gas points that way.

  • Bonnie

    Just an FYI, I did 18 at a time and got 9 cats all at once. People are always asking how to get meat and produce cheap with coupons, well gas deals like this weeks are great. Using all of the cats from this purchase, I did the buy 3 meat deal with boneless chicken, a whole ham and a rack of ribs, added in big bag of broccoli and some sweet potatoes, paid around $20 and will get $12 back in gas. That’s getting meat and produce cheap :) For about $8, I can use this and my stockpile to eat lunch and dinner all week!

  • Bonnie

    Checked today and the tampons are indeed printing the cat as well. Here are my scenarios to make the most of the gas and cat deals.

    6 pantyliners
    3 $1.50/2 coupons
    pay $13.50
    get (3) $2 catalina coupons
    and get 400 points ($12 gas)
    $4.50 MM

    6 tampons
    3 $1.50/2 coupons
    pay $13.50
    get (3) $2 catalina coupons
    and get 400 points ($12 gas)
    $4.50 MM

    6 pads
    3 $2/2 coupons
    pay $12
    get (3) $2 catalina coupons
    and get 400 points ($12 gas)
    $6 MM

    Remember also that you can use the $6 in catalina coupons from a previous transaction in addition to your coupons to make the OOP less, then you would only pay $7.50 or $6!

    There is a ton of stock for this deal, which I was so glad for, they seem to be catching on to how much we like these gas deals! I made over $60 in free gas today and didn’t clear a single shelf. I did go to three stores though.

  • John

    I went to Giant for the Kotex pads for donations to the local women’s shelter and a promo cat popped out concerning this deal. The cat is supposed to run 9/9-10/2 and states buy any 2 kotex products (excluding u by kotex) and get 2 dollars. Buy 3 and get 2.50.

  • Laura

    The catalina states on all Kotex products EXCEPT U-Kotex. I bought pads, pantyliners, and tampons and all triggered the cat. The catalina dates are also through 10/2…. so if your store runs out, grab a rain check. My store will adjust the price at the register….and then I go to customer service and they add on the gas points. Just make sure they document on the rain check that it is a gas points deal and how many points should be added for purchasing the required number of products.

  • Kristin

    At my store (Hershey, PA) the kotex are actually 2.59

    I purchased the following:

    (2) Kotex pads @ 2.59
    (2) Kotex tampons @2.59

    I used $2/2 for the pads and $1.50/2 for the tampons, I received 2 of the $2 oyno catalina

    Subtotal: 10.36
    After q’s: 6.86

    6.86 – 4 in catalinas = 2.86 plus I got 20 cents off a gallon! I wanted to purchase 6 total but my store was out of the liners and I had no other coupons

  • Kristina

    I wish I had a store near me that wasn’t a gas savings store! Even on empty I can only put 10 gallons in my tank and my husbands truck is diesel. The gas deals are always a loss for me. Oh well, good thing my car has great mileage.

    • Melissa

      Invest in a few gas cans. We have a Camry so we can only put about 15 gal. in and then we fill up 3, 5 gal. cans.

    • Robin

      I usually only get around 20 gallons… my car plus a 1, 2 and 5 gallon can. I do these all the time now, so I will be buying 2 more 5 gallon cans. It’s definitely worth it. The last gas period, I had 2 fillups free and I only used 20 or so gallons of it since I didn’t have extra cans.

  • Robin

    Can you give the details on the catalina? Is is for tampons too? Thanks!

    • Shannon


      I dont have any other details. Sorry – what is in the post is what I know.

    • Kelly

      I bought 4 boxes of Tampons and got back (2) $2.00 OYNO catalinas! HTH!!

      • Robin

        Thanks Kelly! I was hoping they were included since there is a $1.50/2 coupon for them as well.

      • Ruth

        If you buy 6 boxes, you will get 6.00 off and you will also get 3 3.00 catalinas. The coupons are for 1.50 off 2 so it is a better deal if you buy 6. I did it this morning on the pads and tampons and it worked.

        • Ruth

          I meant 3 2.00 catalina.

  • Laura

    I ran 6 at a time to maximize my coupons and the gas points…

    6 x $3 = $18.00
    minus (3) $2/2 coupons
    = $12.00
    and got back (3) $2 catalinas
    and $0.40 (2 deals x $0.20) off gas = $12.00 in a 30 gal tank

    Total: $6.00 Money Maker!

    • Bonnie

      That’s what I did, expected one cat because of some chatter on the blogs and about peed my pants when 3 printed out! Loving this deal.

    • Ann

      I did the same thing – I had two seperate transaction of 6 participating items each (2 pads, 2 tampons, & 2 liners). I got the $0.40/gallon and three $2 catalinas. The bad thing is I live in Richmond, VA and our fuel program is different – we can only get up to 20 gallons per fill-up. I still had a money maker ($1) which is always a good feeling.

      I also tested it to make sure the catalina’s are rolling – I paid with one of the $2 oyno catalina and it still printed me 3 more. :)

  • Diana

    Would the catalina work at Weis too?