Giant PA October Coupons

There are four new coupons for Giant PA starting October 6th.

Save $1.00/1 Hershey’s Snack Size

Save $1.00/5 Produce Coupon

Save $1.00/1 Wishbone Salad Dressing

Here are few more matchups for the Giant Doublers this week:

Clorox Canister Wipes $2.00
use $1.00/1 Clorox Coupon
Free after doubler

All 2x Laundry Detergent $2.99
use $1/1 All Liquid Laundry Detergent, exp. 11-15-10 (RP 09/26/10)
$.99 after doubler

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  • Linda

    Thanks Tracy!!

  • Tracy Y

    I usually do 4 or 5 transactions during doublers weeks, usually do on different days – and I have successfully used as many as 20 doublers in one week (5 transactions, minimum $15 order – this total is before coupons but after Giant card discounts). All have been on my bonuscard. Havent had any problems!! So far I have used 8 doublers this week…plan on doing at least 2 other transactions.

  • Karyn

    My 9/12 SS had $1/2 Hormel cans of chili that work with the coupon doublers. Combine that with the buy 6 get $3 instantly for some really cheap chili. I used 2 coupons and 2 doublers and got 6 cans for 50 cents total!!!

  • Kelly

    Beechnut Toddler MiniMeals are free after $1/1 insert coupon and doubler!

  • Tara

    if you do the fifteen dollar purchase and use 3 of the hershey candy giant coupons and the 1.00/3 from the paper doubled to 2.00 you can get some halloween candy pretty cheap

  • SandyK

    Our store doesn’t require you to have the coupons, they automatically come off.

  • Bonnie

    If you ask at CS, they can give you the doublers, and if they claim to not know, have them call corporate for you! I am also interested in knowing if they will double more than four in separate trips.

    • Shannon


      My Giant absolutely refuses to give them out – actually both of them. Such a pain.

  • Linda

    @ Twila – I’m so glad you asked that. I’m not sure why I didn’t think Giant worked like Rite Aid, CVS, and Target – combining a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on one item. Thanks!

  • Michelle

    When I stopped at my local Giant on Sunday night, they had the double coupon wrap arounds on the instore circular’s. I didn’t take notice to the ones where you walk in the door, but they were on the ones back by the frozen food near customer service!

  • Linda

    Has anyone tried to use more than 4? Not in the same shopping trip, but with the same bonus card? I know it says 4 per household, but I bought more than one paper :).


  • Twila

    Can you use a Giant coupon and a manufacture’s coupon together?

  • Mikki L

    Am I missing something…? If the All is $2.99 and the $1 coupon is doubled, that would make it $.99 right? Not free… or is there another coupon?

  • msrossdaboss

    Just wondering is the wrap around in the store too. I dont get a home mailer and before making the drive out there I would like to know. I called customer service and of course no one knows anything.