Giant PA: Hot Breakfast Event Catalina

Updated with photo & all the items.

I know I might get injured by some of your spouses for posting another catalina at Giant.. but I am going do it anyway!

Here goes, starting Sunday 08/15,  Giant will have $5.00 savings when you buy 5 participating products.

There is a $.25 Smuckers Coupon that is available on Ebay if you did not get it. There are also Hungry Jack Coupons -
Hungry Jack Syrup Coupons, I would go for the $1.00/2 because only one $.25/1 will double.

Smuckers Jam or Jelly $1.50

Jif Peanut Butter $2.00

Folgers Coffee $2.99

Hungry Jack Syrup $2.50

Smuckers Uncrustables $2.29

This one caught my eye:

Buy (3) Smuckers Jam $4.50
Buy (2) JIF Peanut Butter $4.00

use (2) $1.00/2 Jif & Smuckers Printable
use (1) $0.25/1 Select Smucker’s Fruit Spreads, exp. 8-31-10 (RP 05/23/10)
Get $5.00 instantly
Total $.20 each

Buy (4) Pillsbury Hungry Jack  Pancake Mix  $6.00
Buy (1) Smuckers Jam  $1.50
use (2) $1/2 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix or Syrup, exp. 8-31-10 (RP 05/23/10)
use (1) $.25/1 Select Smuckers Fruit Spread in 05/23 RP


There are more options but I wanted to make sure you had time to print the jif coupons before they are gone.

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  • SandyK

    yes, 20/$20

  • Steve

    So I screwed up here. Well, actually I screwed up yesterday during my run. Screaming toddler, hungry pregnant wife… I just handed over one too many coupons, and usually my Giant catches that and hands it back without issue.

    I was planning to run this deal another time this week anyway, I’ll just buy two more pancake without a coupon to even things out. True OOP would be more like $1.50 than the $0.50 I posted.

    Sorry everyone, hope I didn’t cause any trouble/confusion.

  • Brina

    Am I able to buy 10 products at a time and get $10 off instantly, or even buy 20 products at a time and get $20 off instantly?

  • Steve

    In case anyone was wondering (I know I was), you can get multiple $5 off in the same transaction. I don’t have the $0.25 coupon so I thought I’d just try and do it all in one transaction and use an additional $1/2 coupon.

    I bought:
    3 Jelly
    3 Peanut Butter
    4 Pancake Mix
    2 Milks
    2 Newspapers ($1.75/ea)

    (3) $1/2 Pancake
    (3) $1/2 Jelly & Peanut Butter
    (1) $10 ONYO from Insane Kelloggs deal

    Spent $2.47 OOP!!!

    Without buying Milk, Newspapers, and redeeming the ONYO it still would only be $0.50 TOTAL OOP!!!

  • Tammy

    Is the Jif/Smuckers coupon gone already?

    • Shannon


      The coupon was available last week when I posted this, unfortunately most red plum coupons are one week only.

  • Carolyn

    I did do 10 in one transaction and they took off $10. So saves you some transaction time!

  • Melis

    Could someone post some of the deals that worked? Is there a catalina or just $5 off 5 products? THanks for the info.

    • Shannon


      instant savings. there arent many options since there are only a few products.

  • kim

    I can not get the jif/smuckers coupon to show up on redplum and tried a few zip codes.. Anyone having any luck w this one?

  • Carolyn

    Did anyone try the buy 10 to get $10 off? Thought i’d check before i head out. :) Thanks!

  • Holly

    I’m kind of new to all this too. I don’t understand some of the abbreviations. What is “the 5/23RP? Some also said SS after the coupon. What does that mean?

    • Shannon


      Sorry for the delay but 05/23 means the May 23rd Red Plum.

  • Stacey Gillin

    I just snagged some buy 1 Hungry Jack syrup get 1 Hungry Jack pancake mix coupons on ebay….looks like there are 2 lots of 4 left. Hoping the instant $5 off will work twice in 1 transaction….that would be a sweet deal.

  • Michelle

    Is this the same as the Giant deal from last week? Will I get a $10 catalina at the register along with the $5 off instantly at the register? I just started couponing and I am so confused!

    • Shannon

      No Michelle, different deal. :)

  • Ashley

    Hey Shannon,

    I didn’t know if you noticed it says Jif is $1.00 in the beginning list instead of $2.00. Thanks for posting this! I just cut all my coupons for it. I have both $1/2 Hungry Jack pancake/syrup from RP 5/23 and $1/2 Smucker’s/Jif from RP 8/8. Yippee!

    *My husband is very conscious of what he eats, but is a sucker for both pancakes and peanut butter sandwiches! He’s gonna be so upset when I come home with all this! :P

  • Grace

    LOL. My husband thinks I am becoming a hoarder with all the deals I got last week. Wait till he finds out about this one. Esp. since he loves Smucker’s jam vs. homemade (he is nuts) but this will make him very happy. The JIF will come in handy for baking as well…Christmas is just aroung the corner. Love the deals and thanks for sharing!

    On a different note, I found $1 off peelies on J&J Dental floss at Giant and they are priced at .99. So keep your eyes out for those.

  • Terri

    Great! We need lots of syrup for all the free Eggo waffles last week :)

  • John


    In your Giant PA post you have Hungry Jack pancake mix as buy 4 and use 2 coupons and get the 5 dollar discount. You have to buy five to get five dollars off so buying 4 would not work.

    • Shannon


      John working on updating it with the new coupons, so hang out for a second.

    • Shannon


      ok sorry about that, I had a different coupon up early buying 5 of the Hungry Jack that no one had, so I had to update :)

  • Jenn

    What is going on at genuardi’s?

    • Shannon


      Working on it Jenn. Catalina double dips. I just cannot seem to get them posted.

  • Sunny

    Mmm I agree! Is the recipe online by chance?

  • sharon

    Oh my, Laura K. Monkey bread stuffed with cream cheese sounds delicious!

  • Dawn

    Will Martin’s have the same deals as Giant? Want to know whether or not to order coupons ;)

  • praznow

    thanks :)

    • Shannon


      Ok added photo and pictures.. its not much.

  • Melanie

    Funny that you mentioned the hubby’s being upset. Mine is getting frustrated with my multiple trips to Weis this week! Oh well, the bottom line is what matters and the fact that my stockpile is growing to the point, that I need to invest in another shelving unit. Thank you so much for what you do! You save me tons of money and time!

  • praznow

    Does anyone know what all is inckuded. I would like to order extra Q’s so I can be prepared LOL!

    • Shannon


      I will try to update this a little later with the items.

  • Laura K


    Found my Q’s from the 5/23RP and they say $1 off 2 for the Hungry Jack and $1 off 3 for the Smucker’s Jam/Jelly. Thanks for posting this. I make Monkey Bread (stuffed with cream cheese) and go through the Maple Syrup, so I’ll be stocking up!

  • Alison

    This is too great – last week all the snacks for me kids’ lunches for free or next to nothing, next week same deal with their sandwich fixings! We will be set but for drinks and bread for the year!

  • sharon

    I checked for the Hungry Jack. I think the coupons were $1 off 2.

    • Shannon


      Sharon, I didnt pull them — coupon databases both say $2.00 , where you able to locate them? If so, I can change it.. they will still be free with a little change up of the scenario.. can you let me know for sure?

  • sharon

    Do you think if you buy 10 it will take 2 $5 off like the eggos deals etc… last week?

    • Shannon


      we shall find out bright and early SUnday!

  • Ann

    I’m so excited about the peanut butter! My hubby is going to flip and my daughter who normally helps me with the grocery deals is grumbling but they sure don’t complain when they’re eating the goodies!

    • Shannon


      There is an ice cream deal too, maybe that will sweeten your daughter up.

  • eunice b

    quite exciting! I’m happy about the Jif though….a truly favorite of ours! :-) Thanks for sharing!!

    ~eunice b

  • Megan

    This past week’s red plum in the Sunday paper had a $1 off coupon when you buy jif and smuckers as well, at least where I live. I guess it’s the same as the printable one.

  • Ohhh goody!! I have been WAITING for a deal for breakfast syrup!!!

  • Laura F

    Woot woot! Boy I am I excited about this!!! Last week, I couldn’t believe what I got at Giant for $16! 50 items! Actually my hubby loves it! He even brags on me! It’s kinda cute! THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing!!! Muah!

    • Shannon

      @Laura F,

      DO you shop genuardis.. that is next !