Giant: Free Noxema Razors


Noxzema Razors are on sale at Giant buy one, get one free. If your store allows a coupon to be used on a free item, you can pick them up for free.


Buy (2) Noxzema Razors $3.99
B1G1 Free
Use (2) $2.00/1 Noxzema Razors Coupons
Free after coupons and sale

Thanks, Ruth & Amy

This deal is valid through 5/31/14

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  • Ruth Ferreira

    I bought 6 of the 3.99 razors, used 6 coupons and had no issues.

  • Ruth Ferreira

    There is a coupon in RP 5/18. I think it is regional so not everyone got them in their papers. If you don’t find the razors at Giant or if they don’t accept the second coupon for the free item, at Dollar General, they are 2.65. If you combine it with the 5.00 off 25.00 coupon, it will be basically free.

  • Olivia

    Is this coupon NLA? It’s not coming up for me

    • Olivia, the coupon is still there as of Saturday, just checked.

  • amy

    I have a question. I live in an area with eight (8!!!!) Giant stores & NOT ONE takes
    2 coupons on BOGO items. Where are these magical Giant stores that do???

    • Natalie

      Hi Amy, the area I live in does. I live in the Reading PA area, I don’t think our Giant has any magical powers :)


    • Don’t know of any with “magic” but I think Ruth who reported this deal is in MD and Amy who verified it is in Lancaster PA :)

      • Ruth Ferreira

        I’m in the line of MD and PA so I shop at 3 local Giants in PA and 1 Martin’s in MD. Martin’s in Rising Sun had it on sale also but there is a lot of couponers who work there so I found only 2 razors. I always use the self checkout and always have no issue on the bogo free deals when I use 2 coupons.

        However, I do I stay away from the Giant (formerly Guenard’s) in Kenneth Square (Longwood), they have a different computer system and a staff with attitude and no self checkout. I’m not sure if this deal with work there but my temper won’t allow me to try this deal there.

    • Ruth Ferreira

      If you do it at the register and the cashier hits total, the second coupon will beep but if you do it at the self checkout, both coupons will scan without any issue. I have been buying the 3.99 and 5.49 ones so I can be sure that I have no issues with the coupons beeping. I paid 1.49 for two razors which is a great price. I just realized that I could have bought 2 of the 5.49 ones and paid the same thing.

      • Ruth,

        Amy went and tested this deal on the $3.99 ones and it was fine. I use a coupon on a BOGO at my two local stores in both lanes (self and cashier) with no issues in the past. Not real sure if they beep or not, but I haven’t had an issuing using them. I know lots of folks use them.

        Thanks for the heads up.

        • Ruth Ferreira

          At the Giant in Jennersville and Kenneth Square, PA, if you say no coupons at the prompt to check if the free one is taken off, when you go back, the second coupon beep. I also made the mistake of scanning 3 razors instead of 2 and made the mistake of asking the self checkout cashier to cancel it before I scanned the coupons. The second coupon beeped and I just sucked it up because it was my mistake.

  • Mom2five

    I can’t find this deal anywhere in my Giant ad. Is it available at all Giants?

    • Natalie

      Hello there! its an unadvertised deal..there is no way to know if its at all stores

      • Mom2five


    • Ruth Ferreira

      These deals aren’t usually in the ad. These razors are periodically on sale buy one, get one free. We usually find out about it when someone spots it at the store and posts it. On Sundays, I usually visually scan every aisle at stores like Giant for clearance and deals like this one. I missed this one, I just found it on Tuesday. I live in an area with a very high number of couponers so the 3.99 ones are gone now.

      • Mom2five

        Thank you!