Giant Bonus Gas Points Locations Survey


There have been quite a few requests for a complete of Giant / Martins Gas Deal locations and which are testing the “phase out”.

I am hoping we can compile a list!  If you could check your ad to see if you have bonus deals – i.e. Buy 7, Get 200 Bonus Points and fill out the survey here.  Hopefully we will get enough responses to compile a decent list.

This will help me greatly – as I do not have the time to go thru every ad online :)

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  • Tawna

    I take advantage of the free or money making deals all the time and I have occasionaly had gas points not credit and when the service desk tries to add them they add too many. I have pointed out the overage and they can’t seem to take it off. If this is what you mean by abbuse I am sorry. The other abuse that bothers me is the extreme couponning. Since it has become popular to use stacks of coupons realy good deals have become harder to find.

    • kasey

      No that isn’t what she meant. When people return what they buy, the gas points stay on their card as well as getting the cash back from the items they purchased. I’m really bummed.

  • kasey

    Dear FTM,

    I recently returned from visiting my ill mother in CA. I’m very sad to see the stores in my area phasing the gas points out. I asked my checker the other day, “what’s going on” she said “to tell you the truth it’s abuse of the system. ” She said she would watch people go through the self-check, rack up the gas points, and then go to customer service and return product. I’m sure this is just one example, not as a whole. But I really think people should really think if what they are doing is morally right, and think about EVERYONE else they might be effecting. Thank you for all your hard work. I didn’t want to harp, I just thought it was good info to pass on.

    • For the Mommas

      Wow, they should find a way to “fix” the system, rather than punish all the customers. That is so sad.

  • Mike

    If you’re talking about the 2x/5x vs Buy 4,5,6,7,8 deals I have not seen the 2x/5x for 4-5 weeks here in Reading, PA and we have 5 stores locally.

    Please elaborate on what you are looking for so we can help. If Giant wants to go back to Weis, Redners, Pathmark, Shop n’bag status instead of being the busiest stores in the area just drop the gas deals and they will be in the dark ages with the others.

    If they think this is easy to do- the gas deals- they are wrong, it takes dedication and time every week to make the gas deal happen.

    They also move a lot of product, consequently enhancing their stand with their vendors and this all keeps America moving. No product movement- no need for more jobs to make more product. The worst thing for the economy is to stop buying.

    Giant also ends up of with 99% of the balance of our needs and there’s a lot to be made from that. I only have 3 products that are carried only by two other stores and I have passed on to Giant Management to carry for 100% of my business.

    I am stunned when I walk into a Redner or Weis for the (3) products not carried by Giant- No Waiting- No Business. There’s a trade off in time I have to spend for the savings in Giant versus just picking it up and not having to wait to process.

    One word on the Giant Employees (because I ‘ve seen some dissing of Giant Employees)- of the eight or nine Giants we frequent we’ve only run into one or two employee attitudes that I would find unacceptable and usually consulting with the manager remedies the problem. I’ve never see as many Giant Employee attitude problems as with Redners and Weis (our two main other competitors in the reading area.)

    When I converse with folks outside of the Giant area they could just scream at their food markets for not being able to figure out and provide the deals Giant does. I give them the link to and when they see its for real they are astonished.

    Many big thanks to Giant for being there when the Middle-Atlantic states need Giant the most. Grocers are about volume movement for profit and cutting the gasa deals out will surely slow movement.

    We Hope they make the best decision for Giant and for their customer base!

    Question to – is their a hot link to this gas link forum or can one be put on the front page to get the info to Giant?

    Thanks, and hope you all survived Sandy enough to head into a great Holiday Season!

    • For the Mommas

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comment, I am a little behind catching up.

      I actually shop in Reading – my son goes to school in Shillington, so I typically have access to the Reading ad, and they are currently not phasing out.

      I will be putting up a link to the spreadsheet today! Thanks for your patience!

  • Ruth

    How can you tell if they are doing the trial/phase out? At the Giant in West Grove, PA, I don’t see any changes, the only thing is that they decreased the points that they give for gas from 300 to 200.

    • For the Mommas

      Hey Ruth, that would mean they are not phasing them out.

  • LP

    I hope I did that right?

  • Laura

    Rather than using the field I will leave lots of info here. Basically the York stores are doing the Trial. They are West Manchester, York, Hanover, Dover, Shrewsberry, Manchester and Red Lion.

    The Dauphin and Cumberland County Stores are still doing the buy 4 deals. They are : Cleona, Newport, Lebanon, Halifax, Harrisburg, Middletown, Hershey, South Hanover twp., Dillsburg, Mechanicsburg, Enola, Camp Hill and New Cumberland.