Giant: $.89 Kellogg’s Cereal

If you were lucky enough to get this $4.00/4 Kelloggs Coupon, here is a super deal on cereal and milk. Don’t forget that you can get $6.00 off when you buy 4.

Here is an example of one of the deals you can score:

Buy (4) Rice Krispies Treat $3.39 ea ($13.56)
use $4.00/4 Printable Coupon  use zip 30303
Get $6.00 off instantly
Pay $3.56 or $.89 each

If you didn’t get the Kelloggs Coupon – be sure to check here for more Kelloggs Coupons. 

Remember, the shelf price may vary from store to store.  If you did this deal, let us know what your pricing is.  There is so much going on at Giant this week!

P.S. Check the comments for additional information about this deal from Heather.

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  • Caroline

    I think I went a little overboard on the cereal deal this week! Went back today to get 8 more boxes and use my last $5/5 and $1/3 coupons, plus another free milk wyb 3 b’fast items. Also got 4 boxes of Easy Fries (first time they’ve had them in since early last week). Total OOP $11.62 with $3 catalina! I counted my cereal stockpile when I got home and realized my shelf was full. 38 boxes! Good thing my husband goes through 2 a week and my school is doing a food drive this week!

  • Peggy Riehl

    Look for $1 off a gallon of milk coupon on Fruit Loops boxes, when you buy 3 Kellogg’s breakfast items.

  • Jamee

    ughhh no matter how many times i underline the 12 oz boxes of rice krispies, my husband still comes home with the little boxes. I’m all, how did they take the coupon on the little boxes? he’s all, oh they didn’t take it, don’t worry, it expires today anyways (this was yesterday). Good thing he is good at everything else, i will leave the grocery shopping to me and the babies i guess!!

  • Caroline

    I added the free milk coupon to my stack and the girl took it! Since I got twelve boxes (in one transaction and it took off $18!), I was bummed I didn’t have 3 of the coupons! I got 12 boxes of cereal, 1 milk, 3 packages of frozen gnocchi, 2 Green’s ice cream (Colombian Coffee Chip is the best flavor out there), 3 Green Giant frozen vegetables and 1 Celeste pizza. Spent $27 and got $.20 off gas! I still have a $5/5 and a $1/3 coupon for the Kellogg’s and I think I need to buy one or two more boxes of Special K for the Saving Star rebate to go through. So I’ll probably be going back on Saturday, despite my husband saying when I was on my way there, “don’t you remember the last time you bought a bunch of cereal, you told me to remind you not to get any for a few months because we have enough?” I said, yeah but that was 2 months ago! He was astounded that everything I bought would have been $65 without sales and coupons.

  • Heather C

    They will take the milk coupon because it’s not a FREE coupon. Its a FREE with a purchase coupon.

  • Jessica R

    I can’t get the $4/4 coupon…can you please give me some direction? I put in the 30303. Thank you for all that you do. It truly is appreciated!

    • Abbie and Jessica I’m not seeing it any more either…guessing it’s out of prints. It expired today…but I was hoping to print another one to use this afternoon. :(

  • Grace

    My store also took the Free Milk coupon! :)

  • Abbie

    Hi – Is the coupon for the $4/4 still on under the 30303 zip?

  • Dee

    Thank to Lindsay Row who gave me the courage to check with Giant customer serv. to see if they would accept the Milk Mustache coupon for free milk. My Giant Foods in Lehigh Valley, PA had no problem accepting the internet coupon for free milk with a purchase. I always thought they never accepted anything from the internet with FREE on it.

    • Erika Sirgenson

      Yeah my stores will never accept this. Why all of a sudden are they allowing it??? Will have to try, but I highly doubt they will, even though I printed out a print screen of the FB page to show it’s legit!

  • Julie C

    I am Absolutely LOL at all the buy 10 remarks ha ha ha.

    Btw, can anyone who is not a board operator please help me understand something? On the fine print of the rebate that shall not be mentioned it says no mechanical reproductions. Is there a hardcopy rebate form or is it just the one printable from their website? I printed 5 copies but they’re black and white copies that print so is that acceptable? I know that prob sounds ridiculous!

  • Michele

    I too used the Milk Mustache free coupon. I also had the $4/4 coupon. The following were cheaper than Rice Krispies–Raisin Bran $3.19 and Crunch Nut $3.29. (Thorndale)

  • Kristen

    Stink! I just looked more closely at my rebate form and it’s for 10 oz. boxes or larger. I bought eight 9 oz. boxes of Rice Krispies today. =(

    Oh well. Still a good price.

    • Alisha

      If you are talking about the Kelloggs rebate, only certain cereals apply – for example, I think Raisin Bran, Raisin Bran Crunch, Smart Start, etc…

  • Candace Faustino

    1 Crunchy Nut $3.19, 1 Special K Oat & Honey $3.29, 1 Krave $3.19, and 1 Smart Start 3.39 = $13.06 – $6 instantly = $7.06 – $5.60 (4 doubled $.70 coupons for each cereal listed) = $1.46 Total or $.36 ea box!

  • Lauren P

    My dog spilled my coffee on the $4 coupon. :(

    • Julie C

      That’s grounds to take him to the pound!! Lol

  • holly

    2 rice krispies @ 2.99, 1 corn flakes @ 2.99, 1 crunchy nut @2.59. total oop = $1.56 or .39 per box!!

  • Emily

    Hmm…the ‘form’ says..’$10 pre-paid rewards MasterCard® that can be used for gasoline purchases’ shouldn’t there be no specific gas station you have to use? wouldn’t have a ‘giant’ one… also for anyone who doesn’t have giant…I’m doing this at S&S…

    • Kristen

      The ‘form’ doesn’t have anything to do with Giant or any store. They’re going to send you a card that you can use anywhere. From what it sounds like, it’s just going to be a prepaid debit card that you could use anywhere that takes MasterCard! =)

      • Raina

        The card you get from the rebate is just a Mastercard. I got one on the last cycle and it can be used anywhere that MC is accepted.

        • Alisha

          yes, it worked fine for me, too.

  • can you use the gas rebate at any gas station?

    • Heidi

      it has to be a Giant gas station (I think most are in the parking lot of the store), but unfortunately we don’t have any closer than 30 minutes away so I don’t use gas points.

      • Kristen

        No, this isn’t a gas points purchase. The rebate is from Kelloggs, not Giant, so you could use the $10 card anywhere.

  • Lindsay Row via Facebook

    Yes, they excepted all three, and I used one the other day too. No questions/problems/beeps. Maybe because it’s technically a B3GO free?

  • Anna Moseley via Facebook

    Lindsay they accepted an internet coupon for free milk?

  • Lindsay Row via Facebook

    Woo! Just got back from Giant. The 12oz boxes were $3.59 at my store. Did three separate transactions, each with 4 boxes of Rice Krispies and a gallon of milk. Used the $4/4 Kellogs coupon and the free milk coupon from Milk Mustache Campaign here on FB. Paid $4.36 for each transaction ($13.08 total) and will submit for $10 rebate! :D

  • Malia Coupon Godmother Lopez via Facebook

    Wish we had a giant store here

  • Karren Talbert McIntire via Facebook

    Before we go out into the stores, we should all use our search engines to see if there is a rebate available….how about that? LOL

  • Karren Talbert McIntire via Facebook

    Well, I did LOL

  • Lisae

    My Giant is a gas points store. There are several in the area that don’t have pumps. Sometimes, I’d like to shop “instant savings” instead of “gas points”. Is there an easy way to find which store is which? I usually shop the Pottstown Giant.
    Thanks :)

    • Shannon


      all the stores around here have changed to gas as far as I know. My store in Exton used to be instant, now gas.

      • Lisae

        Oh darn. Thanks so much, Shannon. For this, and ALL that you do :)

  • Karren Talbert McIntire – yep I can’t mention it, but YOU CAN :)

  • Karren Talbert McIntire via Facebook

    Oh no! Sorry ’bout that! I hope it’s ok that I mentioned it as a follower? And I have NO idea about the limits LOL I haven’t sat down to read it over yet…..or I would’ve known NOT to mention it on here. I can delete my comment if you need me to!

  • maria

    Yes please tell..what happens if you buy 10???

    • Shannon

      nothing happens at Giant.

  • Karren Talbert McIntire – yes the rebate is good however, I am banned from mentioning it on the blog.. read their verbiage on the bottom of the page – they yelled at me :)

  • Lindsay Row – yep!

  • Karren can we send in 20 and get $20 back? It doesn’t look like you need your receipts either. Is that right?

    • Carol

      i just read it… limit 5 “gas rewards cards” and you just need UPCs.

  • Karren Talbert McIntire via Facebook

    I remembered Rice Krispies being part of this. I shall make LOTS of Rice Krispies treats now! haha I can same money AND get $10 back once I make all of my purchases! WOOHOO!

  • Karren Talbert McIntire via Facebook

    Isn’t there also some kind of buy 10 Kellogg’s specified cereals and get a rebate? Wait……

  • Sue Wigfield via Facebook

    If you are on Pinterest, there is a really cute idea for making rice krispie treat Easter baskets.

    • Caroline

      I did those last year! My kids really liked them.

  • Lindsay Row via Facebook

    Okay, but you can do it more than once on the same bonus card?

  • Lindsay Row – just from my experience, I suggest doing 2 transactions – it may work stacking, however, when it doesn’t you might get a hard time from customer service.

  • Lindsay Row via Facebook

    Can you do this more than once? And if yes, can it be in the same transaction? So buy 8, use two $4 coupons and get $12 instant savings??

  • Kelly

    Yay! I was hoping there would be a good deal on rice krispies, my boys have been bugging me to make treats. :)

  • Mary

    Thanks. So, might be some very cheap Krave and a couple others that have .70/1 q on their site.

  • Heather C

    and rice krispies qualify for an offer which Shannon isn’t supposed to mention but I can…just so we’re all remembering…

    If you buy 10….

    Just sayin….. :-P

    • sue w

      I was just thinking the same thing, Heather.

      • krazyinpa

        What deal is this ? Sorry.. please fill me in

    • Shannon

      :) Heather yes that thing that I cannot stop you – a reader – the general public from sharing :)

    • Jamee

      hmmmm so if we were to ACCIDENTALLY buy 10…would we have to accidentally buy them all at one time or can we split them up accidentally? ;o)

      • krazyinpa

        Sorry still lost.. Please fill me in..

        • Jamee

          Ah Snap, found it. Buy 10 select cereals, get a $10 prepaid master card…here’s the link.

      • Shannon

        you have to split them up into 4 to be safe.

        • Just for whatever it is worth, I bought 12 cereals in 1 transaction and got $18 off. So in other words, it looks like you don’t have to split transactions.

    • Jen

      you rock! That was very nice to share. I would have missed that one. :)

  • Mary

    Are all Kellogg’s cereal part of the deal or only certain ones? I don’t have the ad in front of me.

    • Heather C

      My ad says all.