Giant – $7.00 Scunci Hair Ties Moneymaker


Check Giant for discounted Scunci Hair Ties. Scunci Hair Ties are on sale $.50 off this week and they are included in the buy four and get $.30 off per gallon.

Deal Idea:

Buy (4) Scunci Hair Ties $.49 (clearance deal)
Pay $1.96
Get $9.00 in gas points
$7.00 moneymaker after gas points

Thanks, Melissa

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  • Erin

    Thanks so much for sharing this deal!!! I got my 40 finally tonight!! Yay! So excited!!

    • Joey

      Woot Woot!! :)

  • Steph

    Just curious what zip codes you were shopping in? None up here in Reading area…

    • Ruchama

      I found a bunch in State College a few days ago.

  • Qpon Jenn

    I don’t think this is working anymore, just bought a bunch of these at my Giant and I didn’t receive the gas points. Might be NLA.

    • Natalie

      thanks Jenn

  • Ruchama

    I just wandered around my department, finding all the long-haired people and giving them ponytail holders. I’ve still got a ton, though. I guess I’ll put them on my desk when I’m giving my students a quiz today, and tell them that whoever wants some can take some, and whatever’s left, I’ll take to the food pantry tomorrow.

    • Joey

      Hehe, good ideas! :)

  • Stacie

    Dione and Ruchama: Every week I have overage on my gas points. Every week I get free gas. You do not lose your overage, you just use it next time (provided they do not expire). Right now I have 7407 points, which is $7.40 off per gallon. This is the most I have ever had,(I bought 32 Scunci), and it will last for two fill-ups. There seems to be a lot of misinformation regarding the gas points. The cashier told me the other day that it would not take off more than $3.00 per gallon. I then told her that I had not paid for gas in about three months. Hope this helps.

  • Dione

    So, I’ve never accumulated enough gas points to ever have this question, but I bought a bunch of these and am almost to that point. Is there a limit to how many gas points you can accumulate? And if you accumulate, say, 4000 points, but gas is only 3.69 do you lose the overage or does it just take the 3700 points?

    • Ruchama

      I think that, in that situation, it will take 3600 points and reduce the gas to 9 cents a gallon. Then you’ll still have 400 points that you can use the next time you get gas, as long as it’s within the same gas period.

    • Ruth

      You can do the deal 10 times, check the bottom of your receipt, it will tell you when you reach the limit. So you can buy 40 hair ties to reach the limit.

    • Anonymous

      they will use 3690 points for as at $3.69 and you will retain the remaining gas points for next use.

  • Missie Lizz

    My store had them in a display around the corner from the other hair accessories. Those were marked 50% off but not gas deal (although it worked!). They also had the same hair stuff on clipstrips through the store that weren’t tagged on sale yet and those worked too!

    • Joey

      Nice, Missie :)

  • Leigh Ann

    Did you do them all in one purchase or separate transactions?

    • Ruchama

      I did the first four separately, to make sure it worked, but then all the rest as one transaction.

      • Joey

        Same here, Ruchama :)

  • Shrome

    Anyone finding – Where are you located.. I just tried in suburb of Philly in PA and cannot find scunci brand in Giant.. All they have is goody brand.

    help please :)

    • Michelle

      I had the same problem at a Lancaster PA Giant. :( One (I think) Scunci brand, a few Conair brushes, and everything else was Goody. :( So disappointed.

  • Stacie

    I bought eight last night and twenty-four this morning. It was a mix of ponytail holders and colorful bobby pins. I spent a total of $14.63. That gives me $2.40 off per gallon, for a profit of $57.37. Cha-Ching!! I have enough points to get free gas for the next two weeks!!! I am loving these gas deals!!

    • Joey

      Cha-Ching is right!! Great job! :)

  • Ruchama

    Just went to one of my local Giants, and they had them in a wicker basket near the other hair stuff. (Although, they weren’t actually in the hair aisle — they were in the next aisle over, with the Depends.) I got 32 of them, and it looked like there were still about 40 left.

    • Joey

      Nice job, Ruchama! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Stephanie

    They were at my store on a pink cardboard display in the makeup aisle (around the corner from the hair stuff) They are not marked for the gas deal…but they work! Also, there are colored bobby pins for the same price.

    • Joey

      Sweet! Glad you were able to find some! :)

  • anthony b

    most fun I had at 11pm at night couponing. went to 3 giants, 1st one had none, 2nd one had 8 and last one had tons and tons of them. I also found out that the 16 bobby pins are in the same deal for .50.

    • Joey

      Couponing late night is fun! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Deidre

    Thanks so much. I went to two stores, the second had about 50 in a wicker basket in the aisle where you would find brushes. Some were also in a clearance section. Great gas deal!

    • Joey

      Love gas deals like this!!! Glad u were able to get the deal! :)

  • Holly

    I couldn’t find any either. I checked with Easter stuff but they didn’t have much.

    • Joey

      That’s a bummer! :(

  • Erin

    At my store they were in the Easter aisle. Got some tonight, thanks for the tip!

    • Ruchama

      I wouldn’t have thought to look in the Easter aisle. I’m going to stop in at Giant on the way to work tomorrow, so I’ll check there if I don’t see them.

      • Joey

        My Giant had a bunch of carts near the front of the store, filled with Easter Clearance.

        • Joey

          Nice Erin, glad you were able to get some. I got 40 and was surprised with how many were left.

  • Josalyn

    My store did not have any on clearance.

    • Joey

      Did you check the Easter Clearance?

      • Josalyn

        They had baskets and candy in two separate carts up front. Didn’t see any. Easter aisle is replaced with other stuff now.

        • Joey

          Darn :(

  • Ruchama

    Wow! That’s even a moneymaker on ten gallons!