Giant : $10.00 Instant Savings on GM Products

Starting Sunday, October 7th,  when you purchase $25.00 of participating General Mills Products , you’ll get $10.00 off  instantly.

You may want to add the available Savingstar Coupons to your Giant/Martin’s Bonus Card while they are available.

Here is what’s included.

Buy $25 & Get $10 Instantly

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  • Laura

    I did the deal but they used my after coupon total so I did not get the 10.00 off. I went to customer service and they were nice enough to give me 10.00 back.

  • chris

    Its the total before or after coupons?…. I know some people say use self check out and hit pay then hit go back to get the instant savings off…does it work?

    • For the Mommas

      Hey Chris, YMMV with this. My store has been before coupons, but many people say after coupons, even without using self check out. If you check out my deals this week at giant for the Dove, it worked $10 before coupons and I only paid $4 after coupons.

      • James

        At my store, I use easy scan. After my order is totaled I click on “pay for your order” then click on “yes” for having coupons then after scanning all my coupons I click pay for my order and then it takes off of my instant saving. So for me it is my pre-coupon total. I’ve done at least 75 “instant savings” transactions in the last year and they have always been pre-coupon total. Hope this helps.

        • For the Mommas

          James, Thanks for this feedback :)

          • James

            Not a problem. I’m at Giant at least 3 to 5 times a week. Sometimes I think they get sick of seeing me. :-)

            • For the Mommas

              LOL I know the feeling. I often wonder what they think of me at Rite aid.

              • James

                I have 4 Giants, 2 Walmarts, 2 Rite Aids, 1 CVS, 1 Walgreens, 2 Weis, & 2 Giant Eagles, 4 Dollar Generals, 1 Dollar Trees, 1 Family Dollar stores all within about 5 miles of me, I could coupon all day and not hit every store.

                • lisa

                  I did this deal at my local giant and it did not work the 10 bucks came off right away ..but then they took my coupons and it added the 10 bucks back on ..the manager gave me the 10 buck off ..I want to go back and do this again..but don’t want any issues any suggestions ???