Bottom Dollar Foods Coupon Matchups & Deals 2/16

Here are the coupon matchups for Bottom Dollar Foods. These deals are based on Bottom Dollar Foods in store prices and your store prices may vary slightly.

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  • Jaime

    Still trying to make up my mind about this place. As you know, much smaller selection, some prices are still higher than Giant, and it is farther from my house. That being said, I got a mailer from them this week with 4 $10 off a $20 purchase coupons (one per week for 4 weeks), so I went over today after work: 2 Tombstone pizzas, 2 Stouffer’s Family Size Dinners, A-1 Steak Sauce, 3 boxes Hamburger Helper, Saltines, and Dove Deodorant all for about $4.60. : ) (after my manufacturer coupons). I’m sure I’ll find a reason to go back for the next couple of weeks.

    • Shannon


      did you get a coupon at checkout for OYNO?

  • Rich

    Thank you for the matchups. I went here last week to get the Dove deodorants that were free and just wanted to give a heads up. When coupons are higher value than the product, a manager has to come over and key in for every single coupon!

    And be sure you check the prices that ring up – I had a loaf of Wonder Smart White bread that was supposed to be $1.49 and it rang up $2.99. There was also a man next to us that had something ring up wrong and they were giving him a really hard time. So, just check your receipts.