Acme Triple Coupon Event


Tt looks like Acme will be tripling coupons this weekend.  Starting on 11/29/13 through 12/1/13, coupons that are $.99 or less will be tripled.

Please check your ad to be sure your location is participating.

Thanks, Jennifer.

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  • Ruth

    I got up at 6:30, was at Acme at 7:00 when they opened, to my surprise, I was the only couponer there. I got all my bargains and went to the register. Of course, being Acme, the coupons didn’t triple so the cashier had to manually triple all of them. Hopefully, it will be working this afternoon

    • Tia

      I didnt get to Acme until late that evening … but enjoyed that savings. My Acme had a sale that if you wore an Eagles Jersey you received 10% off you entire purchase, plus if you purchased a $100 gift card you received a $20 Acme Coupon. So I purchased a $100 Master Card and used it for my purchases. I was able to replensigh my cabinets, try new items I might not try, and just loved it.

      Like Ruth I did have to watch the register becuase several coupons were scanned but the savings didnt come off, so I had to point it out to the cashier … And like Ruth I was the only one there with coupons. I hope they do it again!