Excedrin & No-Doz Recall | Submit Refund Request

Novartis Consumer Health is recalling Excedrin and several other drugs.

I wanted to quick post this because I know many of you have done the recent free Excedrin deals.

Novartis Consumer Health (NCH) is voluntarily recalling all lots of select bottle sizes of Excedrin® and NoDoz® products with expiry dates of December 20, 2014 or earlier as well as Bufferin® and Gas-X® Prevention® products with expiry dates of December 20, 2013 or earlier, in the United States.

NCH is taking this action as a precautionary measure, because the products may contain stray tablets, capsules, or caplets from other Novartis products, or contain broken or chipped tablets.

As this is a voluntary recall at the consumer level, Novartis Consumer Health advises consumers who have purchased these recalled products to discontinue use and return them to Novartis Consumer Health for a full refund.

Consumers that have the product(s) being recalled should contact the Novartis Consumer Relationship Center at 1-888-477-2403 (available Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time) for information on how to return the affected products and receive reimbursement. You can fill out the form here to get your reimbursement

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  • Sharone Scott

    Will I be able to get Exedrin extra strenght from the store any time soon in Baltimore, Md?

    I cannot wait, because no other medicine cures a headache immediately like excedrin.

  • David Shadmi

    When and where will Excedrin Headache Caplets been

    available again? S.O.S.!

  • jeff

    when will excedrin extra strength be availible again.

  • terry

    will excedrin be on the market in denver in the near future thank you

  • Patricia Faulkner

    I think quite a few people are going overboard on this thing. I have taken Excedrin products and nothing happened to me. My son takes Excedrin Back and Body & it is the only thing that will help his pain go away without a prescription. I wish they would put it back on the market. My son is in pain.

  • Michele

    I’m reading this form and all everyone is concerned about is getting a refund. Am I the only worried about why these bottles are getting recalled. I contacted Novartis tonight and explained that I take at least 2 a day possibly 4 a day and would like to know if I should be concerned. They could not give me any information. How to you announce a recall, provide a phone number for any questions and be told that they have no further information. This is from a manager that I spoke with, since the representative could not answer my questions. I have noticed stomach painafter taking the excedrin migraine and was told that no information is available at this time. I was told someone will get back to me. How can you recall a product with out giving the consumers a reason why. Unbelievable!!!

    • Mary

      Michele, I just saw your post in Jan. 2012 and wanted to respond, even though Excedrin has been pulled off shelves. I have used Ext.Strgth.Exced. for several yrs., practically 2 or 3 times a week! My son use to tell me, Mom, you LIVE off Excedrin! The thing is, I had constant headaches, not truly Migraine, and I would simply take 2 Exced. – within 20 min., headache GONE!!! What’s not to love about those results, right? Well, approx. 2 yrs. ago, watching Dateline, PrimeTime, or one of those informative shows, and the subject was “Rebound Headaches!!” I watched and listened. EXCEDRIN was one of the drugs they referred to that caused Rebound Headaches!!! So, I did what they suggested. I struggled through a few days, taking no Exced. and got over the withdrawls!! What happens is that the blood vessels become ‘restricted’, causing a headache. The caffine in the Exced. opens the vessels, thus relieving the blood flow/headache!!! And be careful with any similar med re. your stomach – it can eat the lining of your stomach and cause pain/ulers/bleeding ulcers……..

  • No

    Secret: they want you to toss the pills in your trash so the truth about the screw up goes into the landfill…

  • pat

    called today 13th and they will mail the forms if you do not a printer. I needed number of them and can not print them out. What is the best way to ship them? In a box or what? If shipping is more they said to include the receipt.

  • Sara

    No, you only get $2.00 total for the shipping. Just spoke to someone at Novartis and also if you read the form(s) that you need to submit, it states that you will receive $2.00 for shipping, not $2.00 PER BOTTLE for shipping!!

  • Carmen

    You get $2.00 per bottle.

  • melissa

    So does anyone know… will they reimburse me $12 for shipping for sending in 6 bottles or do I only get $2 for shipping? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure it’s gonna cost me more than $2 to ship these back.

    • Chrys

      $2 or the actual amount paid for usps ground shipping if you send in more than 2 bottles

  • tessa

    Not trying to be glib… but does this make it a MM? I mean like did anyone here actually pay full price….?:)

  • Deepa


    The lot numbers and UPC’s of the meds being recalled are in this FDA’s list.

  • James

    Oh man. I have 25 Bottles of Excedrin and 18 bottles of Buffrin in my stock pile :(

    • Shannon

      WOW James! Let us know how you make out.

    • Deanna

      Great please send mesome. I have headaches bad……

  • Julia

    I have 6 bottles. 3 opened & 3 unopened. I guess I’ll be sending them all in. I like Exederin because it works for me, but dont’ want to take any chances since I have given it to my 13YO for a headache before. Thanks for the info!

  • Angela

    I just got through on their Customer service line. They said that ALL bottles that you have must be returned to them with the numbers written on the form on their website, but you can put more than one bottle’s number on each sheet. And then just ship the bottles and forms to them to get the refund.

    • melissa

      Interesting. The person I spoke with said I had to fill out a separate form for each bottle.

  • Thank you!

  • Julieanne

    Does anyone know what size bottles are included in the recall? I can’t find the sizes that are included anywhere and I have about 10 bottles that fall under the recall, but it says select bottle sizes so I’m not sure if all of mine are under the recall or not.

    • Lauren

      The size doesn’t seem important – only the expiration date.

  • Stella

    People people no need to go over board over this.

    I am a biomedical eng and work for a diff company and I take excedrin often for headache; the main idea is.

    One should only be concerned about broken pills in their bottles …. That is why the put the cotton inside the bottles so they don’t become broken during shiping process.

    As for other meds that might have gotten in unless there is proof I dought it ….. Besides you are taking a pill you should know what it looks like anyways hence be able to be smar enough not to take.

    FYI. Meds go in the regular mail, ups and fedex all the time, many times through out the day. Nothing will happen there.

    What will happen is that people will scam the system by not wanting to send their meds in but yet request a refund; many will not send in the meds primarly bc they can see that there is nothing wrong with them.

    If you want a refund you must send everything in including info as to when you first opened the bottles and who took them; if you are asked this now and when you font get your refund in 1 or 2 you will certaintly be asked and required to asnwet these.

    This is how NOV will cover themselves from getting sued by some people.

    • Heather

      Sadly, I get migraines and often awake in the night to take two Excedrin. I have often wondered if I might ingest the little preservation tablet, now I am wondering if the pills looked right. I took almost a whole bottle that has been recalled and am still alive. That’s a good sign but sending others back of course along with what is left in bottle.


    Crazyness… I have 6 Excedrin bottles not open’d and 1 Bufferin that we opened a few weeks ago =( hope the refund is well worth my stress.

  • Angie Smith via Facebook

    Thank you. I just printed the form and I will be sending mine in.

  • Reagan Brooks Collum via Facebook

    The refund form tells you to mail the bottles back to the company. Let’s see lots of open pill bottles in the mail…..I see trouble ahead!

  • kelly C

    When I read the form online- it makes it sound like you need to send the bottles in- why else would they pay you $2.00 to cover shipping. But if you have to include all of the information on the box I don’t really see why its necessary to send back the product. I guess I will just have to wait until I can get through on the phone…

  • Kelly

    I found 5 bottles in my medicine cabinet. :(

  • Abby Uridel via Facebook

    Glad I don’t put those toxic meds in my body.

  • Julie Swartz Stratton via Facebook

    Great I just took two of these about an hour ago…but guess tossing these, well after I fill out the form for refund.

  • Christine McDonald via Facebook


  • I can’t get through on the phone, but have the form to fill out from their site. Just wondering if I need to send the bottles or just get the numbers and such on here for them.

  • Laura

    I have several of these recalled meds, I cannot get through to the phone # it says invalid, or I just get a busy signal… this is frustrating! :/

    • Shannon

      I would maybe wait a day or two, the recall was just announced, so I am sure they are getting slammed.

  • Sabrina Stewart – i listed the instructions in the post.

  • Heather C

    Oh boy.

  • Thanks for posting this!

  • Erin Sonnier via Facebook

    I called, they want you to toss them,but not until they get some numbers and stuff from you

  • Sabrina Stewart via Facebook

    both the bottles i have are in the recall but it doesnt say what to do with them if we just bring them back to the store or what

  • Sabrina Stewart via Facebook

    both the bottles i have are in the recall but it doesnt say what to do with them if we just bring them back to the store or what

  • Erin Sonnier via Facebook

    The links aren’t working

  • Kristen

    Thanks. I just bought several bottles. I’ll go check the dates. I appreciate your passing this along!

    • Shannon


      I just checked mine from the excedrin deal last week and found one box that was included in the recall.

  • Thanks….I’ll check out…