Reminder: P&G Mail In Rebate Form – Covergirl Qualifies!

If you are getting the free Covergirl Products at Rite Aid or Walmart,  you may also qualify for this rebate from P&G.

There is a new P&G Mail In rebate available.

Offer: $10.00 Mail In Rebate from P&G Beauty

Valid Dates : 9/1/11 and 10/31/11

Terms: Buy $ 50.00 worth of any Venus, Olay, Secret, Cover Girl, Clairol, Pantene, Safeguard, and/or Ivory products, Get $10.00 Rebate.

Where to Mail: Be Beautiful,Save Lives. PO Box 49583, Strongsville OH 44149-0583

Phone Number: 1-855-673-4180

Please be sure to print or save this mail in rebate while it is available.

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  • Jocelyn Garcia

    Sorry my email:

  • Jocelyn Garcia

    Cansomeone please email me the rebate form, I lost mine. I have been looking for it for over a week. Pleeeeeeease


  • Kelly

    Oh and my email is kstone6062 at

  • Kelly

    Can someone please email me the P&G Rebate form, I have a ton of cover girl stuff but can’t seem to get the form thanks!

  • Kristin


    I’m not sure if you’ve received one yet. But P&G switched from giving a rebate check to giving a Citi Pre-paid debit card! I received one of the debit cards for a $20 Olay rebate I submitted about 6 weeks ago. As you can see on the form, you must be 18 or older to submit a rebate for P&G products! Can you believe there is an age restriction for a MIR! It’s because you can’t get the debit card if you are under 18. Other rebates for PAM, Lysol, 3M, etc. do not specify any age restrictions.

    P&G has partnered with the devil (Citi) and they are probably going to lose a lot of their business because of this…

  • Michelle

    does the gift basket that we all ordered a few weeks ago from count? the one with the free allure subscrition. mine was all venus and olay.

  • colleen

    My covergirl foundation only has an 8 digit UPC – am I looking at the wrong place? All the other products I purchased have a 12 digit UPC.

  • Katie

    I also had a question…my Rite Aid was one of the ‘special’ Rite Aid that had the exclusive deals…the Covergirl was BOGO free instead of BOGO 50% off. So on my RA receipt the total says
    1 Cover Girl Foundation $7.99
    1 Cover Girl Foundation $0.00 BOGO

    Can I count both products?

    Also the RA for the BOGO 50% should I put the 50% off price or the regular price?

    Sorry, I have never done one of these before.

    Thanks for all your help!

    • Shannon

      Katie, since you have to spend $50, the zero wont count.

  • Lindsey

    Does the Olay Regenerist face wash I just bought count? I used the manufacturer’s coupon and the Target coupon making it free. And there is a very obvious $0.00 owed at the bottom of my receipt.

  • Katrina L

    I have a question about rebates in general- we rent from my parents-in-law and we have the same address as them, but we are two completely separate households. How does that work if we both want to do the same rebate? Thanks!

    • Shannon


      Unfortunately many companies dont allow you to do them more than once. Do you have a way to differentiate between your address?

      • Katrina L

        Hmm, it’s the same and I wasn’t sure if we would add something like “apt A” if it would work. That’s too bad because we both could have done this but now I’m not sure. BTW, thanks for all the work you do posting everything for us- I am just getting into coupons and it’s so helpful to read everything you put up- and I’ve been recommending my family to follow along too! :)

        • Shannon

          Katarina, hmmm it might be worth a shot. I know that there are several rentals I have seen that the address is exactly the same. Seems a little unfair you know?

          • Katrina L

            Oh well, we’ll figure something out! Even if we split the rebate it’ll be worthwhile!

          • janae

            Do you know someone (who is NOT doing this deal) that would allow you to use their address??? Maybe you could just have it sent to a different address and that way you won’t have to worry about sharing an address at all. Make sure you mark your calendar so you don’t forget to remind them to watch for it in the mail and maybe have your in-laws mail theirs out the same day so that you’ll get the check about the same time (then you won’t forget about yours being sent to the other address). Hope you get it!

  • Pam

    This may sound dumb, but as I was filling out the rebate form, I noticed there are only 8 spaces to fill in product UPC codes. It took me more than 8 products to reach the $50 threshold, so should I put the remaining UPCs on the back or attach another rebate form with the UPCs? I don’t want it to get kicked back with them thinking I had multiple submissions, but I also don’t want the UPCs to get missed if they’re on the back.

    • Annie

      Last time, I wrote OVER on the bottom and continued on the back. It was fine, and I received my rebate.

  • Kathy

    Printed the rebate form several weeks ago, but printed a new one yesterday for a friend. The “new” form also includes Herbal Essence & Aussie… (so I dug out a receipt I had just thrown away from Rite Aid’s deal last week). I called P&G to verify and the lady I spoke with said that it does include HE/A. Plus, the CV lip gloss I bought at Rite Aid only had an 8 digit bar code. She said that was fine even though the form asks for a 12 digit code. HTH!

  • Laura

    So I’m still a newbie, but I’m wondering if this counts for the purchase price, shelf price, sale price before coupons, etc. – does anyone know?

    • Stephan

      The price on the receipt counts, so basically the sales price. For this rebate the coupons you used do not matter!
      So use as many coupons as possible, the CG deal at RA is good for that!
      Just used 4 of these coupons at RA and came up to 46$ , so I only need 4 more to get the 10$ rebate.

      And thanks Shannon, this time I printed and SAVED the rebate form ;)

      • Annie

        The free Olay Regenerist wipes from Target will give you $5.99 credit each, and they are included in the rebate. (See Shannon’s Target posts this week.)