Where to get your Red Plum Inserts


So we have no more Red Plum in the Philly Inquirer.

First, go here to see how you can get a Red Plum. Now, when I put my address in it suggested newspapers I could get my Red Plum in. Those papers NEVER have any of the good coupons. So, I am going to go ahead and start buying either individual coupons or inserts.

Here are my suggestions as to getting your inserts:

1. Buy full inserts on Ebay or   CouponDede . You can find the inserts uncut for fairly inexpensive. When I just looked, there were coupon inserts starting at $1.99.

2. Buy individual coupons from CouponDede or Coupon Clippers.

3. Buy individual coupons from Ebay.

I am going to start working on a list of papers that still have the Red Plum.  Can you leave a comment if your paper has the Red Plum ?

If your paper does not have the Red Plum, leave a comment too so I can get the list started.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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  • k

    Neither the Tampa Tribune or the St Petersburg Times carry RP anymore in Florida

  • Jen

    The Oakland Tribune has all three, Red Plum, SmartSource and P&G. But when my mailman delivers my redplum, it has no coupons, why is that?

  • Megan B.

    Desert News and Salt Lake Tribune dont offer them here :(

  • Robin

    The Virginian Pilot in Hampton Roads does not carry them (Virginia Beach, VA)

  • brandi

    i live in new castle indiana. The indy star no longer has red plum, paladium item i believe doesnt have it either. Courier times has no redplum. I cant find one anywhere :(
    i guess we will have to purchase online.. it stinks!

  • Sarah Smith

    Chicago Tribune (Red Plum, and SS), and Chicago sun times (Red Plum)

  • Danielle

    The Sacramento Bee (CA) has the Red Plum, Smart Source, and P&G.

  • Regina J

    The Dothan Eagle (AL) only has Red Plum and P&G anymore!

  • Jessica Sant

    The Burlington County Times (NJ) DOES still carry Red Plum

  • I agree!! The Lancaster paper is my local paper, but on good coupon weekends, I buy 4 or 8 Philly papers. Not anymore! I’m not forking over $2 per paper for less coupons. Now, if they want to drop the price to $1…then I’ll think about it.

  • The Salt Lake Tribune does NOT get the Red Plum insert anymore either. Although we do get them in the mail on Tuesdays.

  • My Virginian-Pilot does not carry the RP. I’ve requested to receive the RP via mail but I rarely get one, unless my mail carrier delivers my neighbor’s mail to me by accident.

  • Amy

    I know I get the RP in the Wilmington News Journal (DE), though I don’t always have all of the coupons I see in the coupon preview. Last time that happened, I bought the Baltimore Sun and it had everything.

  • The Independence Examiner and Kansas City Star (in Missouri) both have the RedPlum. The Examiner has them in the Saturday edition as well as Sunday!

  • Donna

    This week the Asbury Park Press was missing the RP insert. The Home News Tribune (New Brunswick) had the RP

  • The Asbury Park Press (NJ) still has Red Plum

  • Carol

    These all still have the insert :) hope they stay!

  • Still contain Red Plum inserts:
    – Dallas Morning News
    – Austin American Statesman
    – Tyler Courier-Times Telegraph

  • Katie

    I also get the Philly Inquire, but when I look my address up it says to look in the weekly circulars, last week my REd Plum came with the weekly circular.

  • Becky

    We don’t get Red Plum in The Daily Times (Farmington New Mexico). Wish we did. =(

  • Snoogums

    I subscribe with Philadelphia Inquirer, while it’s true they didn’t have Red Plum insert in 1/10 newspaper, the Red Plum came in with the grocery newspaper on Wednesday mail 1/6. I don’t know what this means yet.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Lara – What day are the inserts included? Sunday? Thanks!

  • Erin

    Indianapolis Star still has Red Plum.

  • Missy

    Both Pittsburgh papers, Tribune Review and Post Gazette, no longer have them, but they come in the mail for me. It was nice to have them in the papers, so if it was a good week you could just buy extra papers.

  • Michele

    NE Philly-due to come out in the circulars 1/20
    There was none this week but there was one last week.
    Better have it in the Inquirer this weekend.

  • Willliamsport Sun-Gazette (Williamsport, PA) has the RP inserts.

  • Juli

    Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA still has it.

  • Dot

    I live in schuylkilll county and buy the standard speaker because it has the best coupons and is the cheapest. but my family live in bucks county and get the bucks county courier. Can you get that one.(PA)

  • Dizzy Mommy

    The Detroit News and Free Press still has it along with most the Observer (Detroit Metro cities & Towns) papers. The Oakland County Press has it still also but never anything good.

  • I don’t know if this will work, I checked my address on Red Plum to make sure I was going to still get the insert. Just go to the bottom and click on contact us and where you can find your Red Plum.

    Also, on the contact us page, there is an option to be added to the mailing list. So for those of you who aren’t getting Red Plum, you may be able to get added to the mailing list. I can’t confirm this, but it’s worth a shot! http://www.valassis.com/1024/Contact/consumersupport.aspx

    • Shannon


      Yeah I tried it, they won’t send it unless you are in their targeted marketing area.

  • The Buffalo News (NY) has it

    Still have them available, but I would get the Patriot, because the other two (Lebanon is my home paper) are not as good, and I am so mad because the Philly paper ALWAYS had better coupons than any of the above!

    • Shannon

      I know. Reading Eagle stinks for the coupons!

      • veronica

        morning call of allentown stinks to.

  • Marci

    York Daily Record (York, PA) still has RP.

  • Kristen

    Update — Well, according to the Red Plum Web site it says I should still get one in the mail in Cleveland. Maybe this week (for 1/17) was just a fluke; I did receive the 1/10 insert in the mail last week.

  • Kristen

    I’m in Cleveland, and we were getting them in the mail every Tuesday or Wednesday. I didn’t get one this week. :(

  • kristin

    The Patriot News and the Lancaster New Era (or whatever it’s now called) still has the inserts!

    • Debbie Briner

      Not every week in Camp Hill and Harrisburg area,

  • Mary Jane

    The Kansas City star has them.

  • Jessica

    Washington Post

  • Kristen

    New Haven, CT area – BRIDGEPORT CONNECTICUT POST and NEW HAVEN REGISTER still have it.

  • Loreli

    AJC in Atlanta still has Red Plum

  • Alice

    The Baltimore Sun has Red Plum (Baltimore, MD)

  • Michelle

    The Reporter still had Red Plum as of 2 weeks ago. I didn’t pick one up last weekend, but I will this Sunday.

  • Karen

    The Citizens’ Voice in Wilkes-Barre, PA does have the RP coupon booklets.

  • Jordan

    The Reading Eagle (Reading, PA) still has the RedPlum insert.

  • NW

    The Daily News Journal (Murfreesboro, TN) carries RP

  • MMcKenna

    The Boston Globe still carries it for now. I would just buy the inserts if they were cheaper than the paper but CVS has been selling it for $2.50, where other stores sell it for $4 (Sunday edition). Crazy!

  • “Modesto BEE” in CaLifornia still has RP….

  • Lara

    Norristown Times Herald had the RP this past week. (PA)

  • You can get coupon from the Coupon Clipping Crew at http://www.couponclippingcrew.com and buy coupons for a good deal cheaper then DEDE or any others. The shipping is fast and they are very friendly. I order cause our Red Plum is filled with a bunch of junk.

  • Amanda R

    LA Times still has them. I send my extra coupons to my SIL in Delaware.

  • meckinzie

    (Memphis) Commercial Appeal does not have RP anymore :(

  • The Tennessean (Nashville) still has them (for now).

  • Dee

    I’m pretty sure the Pittsburgh are Tribune Review stopped inserting RP because I haven’t seen one and really miss some good deals. :-(

  • Kristin M

    Morning Call does have Red Plum. (PA)

  • The Kalamazoo Gazette, Detroit Free Press, and Grand Rapids Press still have Redplum.

  • erika

    The San Antonio Express News has the Red Plum inserts.

  • Standard Examiner in northern Utah does not have them. :o(

  • Lauren

    The Times Leader in Scranton/Wilkes Barre has RP.

  • News Journal in Delaware has them.

  • The Wilmington News Journal still has the Red Plum but it is not the good version. Usually only has a few coupons and lots of junk ads.

    I looked into CouponDede and it would cost $11.65 for what used to cost me only $7 when buying 4 papers a week.

    I am not sure what I will do just yet. At least we do have options but they all cost more than the papers. :(

  • Danielle

    Tampa tribune and st pete times in florida have them

  • Julie

    Harrisburg Patriot has the RP inserts.