Sobe Heads or Tails Game – BOGO Sobe Coupon

I wanted to remind you about the Sobe Heads or Tails game.  If you are doing the Sobe deal at Target, don’t forget to play the Sobe Heads or Tails game again, to try and win! I printed 2 coupons the other day and was able to print 4 today!   It is nice to fill our coolers with free Sobe for the baseball games!

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  • I did this deal at CVS today. They only had some of the flavors marked as being part of the B1G1 promotion but actually all of the flavors were.

    The ad has a limit of 6 so you can buy 12 Sobe, use 6 B1G1 and owe $0.00 on a single transaction. We did 3 transactions today and got 36 Sobe Water for ABSOLUTELY FREE. I LOVE this Deal!!

  • Rebecca

    i got the free one, no printables!

  • @tina
    It`s because you won a free one, not the buy 1 get 1 free coupon

  • Gwen

    Just out of curiosity I thought I’d see how many I could print…I stopped at 10! Must be a glitch in the system!

  • Marja

    I was only able to print 3 buy one get one coupons last week and since then I’ve just gotten the message that I’ve printed my max…I really hope it resets soon!

  • Amy

    I’ve only printed 3 BOGO over the course of the past 10 days – just won another and go the message that I’ve printed my limit.

  • Timothy

    I was having the same problem with pop-up blocker. If you don’t turn it off before you redeem, then you do all that work for nothing. I swithced my browser from Explorer to Firefox and now I don’t have a problem.

    • Shannon


      Thanks Timothy for the info.

  • Ionizer

    damnit, i won a free one

    that sounds good except i was trying to get the b1g1 to use at cvs

    the free one wont be mailed for like 6 weeks

  • tina

    mine didnt print they asked for my address so i guess it will be mail…bummer:(

  • linda

    Same think just happened to me! After if took me 20 minutes to play! I dont think I was meant to play this game either….

    • Shannon


      Your pop up blocker needs to be turned off.

  • linda

    Never mind as soon as i HIT submit the game started playing, sorry- it must be my supersonic internet connection!

  • linda

    I must be an idiot or my internet is too slow– but I get to the pick a character screen-pick a character-chosen characters head pops up in a bubble-and then… nothing. I have tried clicking the play button and still nothing. What am I doing wrong?????

  • Michelle Z.

    Oops…my reply was supposed to be for Andrea.

  • Michelle Z.

    My pop-up blocker stopped it. Then when I hit “allow pop-ups”, it started over from the beginning and I had to play the game over again, at which time it said I’d already played today and try again tomorrow. Grrr….

    I think I was not meant to play this game.

  • Mandy

    I am guessing they must reset them every couple of days or something because I was unable to print the BOGO for a day because it said I had reached my print limit but was able to print it yesterday. Then, again today I was unable to print it. I guess I will try again tomorrow!

  • Stephanie

    I printed 4 yesterday, tried again today and won – but it says I reached my print limit….did you print 6 from the SAME computer???

    • Shannon


      yup Steph.. . same computer.. few days apart…

  • Andrea

    Thanks Shannon- I must have just missed it. I’ll try again tomorrow!

  • Andrea

    I won a BOGO and clicked redeem but didn’t see where to get the coupon??

    • Shannon


      there is a big place to click to print.