Philly Area Readers – A Quick Question

Since January, so many papers have stopped carrying the SmartSource and RedPlum insert.

If you are in the general Philly area – Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh or Berks County, would you mind leaving a comment with what newspaper you get and the coupon inserts that are in it.  Also, if the coupons are even close to the coupon previews I post.

I would love to be able to recommend papers for our local readers and this would help me greatly.


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  • Nathaniel

    I live in Philly and receive the RedPlum in my local neighborhood paper, NE Times every week.

  • Nancy

    I live in Berks County, Reading Area. We get the Reading Eagle. All the listed coupon inserts come in the Sunday paper.

  • i live in bucks county and i deliver the courier times . it has the red plum and smart source.

  • Robin

    I live in Montgomery County (Lansdale) and get the Phila. Inquirer. It usually doesn’t have all of the coupons that you list on your site. The ads that come in the mail during the week have the RP cover, but no coupons inside.

  • Bucks County: I just get them out of the recycling bundles in my neighborhood on Thursday nights. A nice variety of papers – for free!

  • I get the Phil Inquirer, so no Red Plum. I get the Red Plum mailer on thursdays, but all it is is a basically a cover page that doesn’t have actual coupons. It sucks!

  • sherrie

    I live in Allentown (Lehigh County). The Morning Call in my area always contains all the coupon inserts when scheduled – RP, SS and P&G. You can get it delivered for as low as $1 for Sunday, and when I want extra papers I always go to Dollar Tree on Sunday. The Morning Call does come and pick up any extras by early Monday afternoon. As another reader mentioned, some of the RP or SS values are not as high as in the midwest, and we never get electrasol coupons, and several others (that I cant remember right now. :( ). However, our P&G values can vary – sometimes they’re higher, sometimes lower. If I’m doing a specific deal I will often look on ebay for a lot of coupons if I’m looking for a higher value coupon or something that was missing such as electrasol, etc. Also, our area has a Morning Call Weekly that is distributed on Thurs and it contains the SS for the following Sunday. I know a lady that delivers these and she saves me her extra papers, so I always have extra SS inserts.

  • Charlotte

    I live in Delaware County just south of the Philadelphia Airport. I am able to get the Smart Source and the Redplum in the Delaware County Daily Times on Sunday Morning.

  • John

    Ok I made a spreadsheet comparing Shannon;s Coupon Preview to my Direct mail Insert. I posted it on Google Docs.

    If anyone want to add a column for their insert please do so, the spreadsheet is open to be edited.

    If you are adding your insert please check the spline to see what it says and Enter the text from the spline in the column header.

    If we can get some different areas the add their information we can all find out what is the best paper to get for the inserts.

    When you first open the page it will display the 3/28 RP insert. If you want to take a look at my 3/21 SS comparison the SS 321 link at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

    Let’s all enter our Inserts to see what’s really out there.

    Here is the link


  • Deepika

    7/10 of the coupons are the same in extra RP inserts on the Pottstown Mercury or Norristown Times Herald as the weekly fliers in the mailbox on Thursdays .

  • I live in Allentown. I travel a lot. I get morning call by subscription, once in a while i buy extra at dollar tree and coupon seem to be a little different. if cvs still has inquirer I buy that, best q’s. When traveling i buy jersey papers in Phillipsburg or atlantic city. don’t know what they are called but they are better. when in ocean city md i buy the baltimore sun at food lion. those coupons are good too. I didn’t get the toy insert last week in any of the papers though.

  • I live in North Wilmington and have the News Journal (DE paper) delivered on Sunday and it includes a Red Plum, but not the great one. I pick up 4 Inquirers for the SS and P&G and then order my Red Plum inserts from (Collectable Coupons.) If I order them on Monday, they usually arrive by Saturday. Do you have quicker service using Coupon Dede?

  • John

    Are the extra RP inserts on the Pottstown Mercury or Norristown Times Herald the same one as the weekly fliers in the mailbox on Thursdays?

  • Marie

    I live in Delaware County, PA– no Red Plum in Phila Inquirer. However,
    some homes get them by mail. I actually called Red Plum and was told
    only some homes get them. I tried to request them but haven’t received any and that was weeks ago. I do have friends that save theirs for me.

  • Melissa

    I live in Bucks county. I usually pick up the Intelligencer and the Morning Call, both have RP, SS and PG. The Morning Call does not always have the full mix of either the RP and SS. And the $$ amounts vary between the 2 papers. It seems like its hit or miss on any week as to which paper is truly the better deal. When there is no RP scheduled I will pick up an Inquirer instead.

  • alex

    I live in North Philadelphia, my sisters asks not pleads homes that do not pick up their inserts from circular bag dropoffs. We buy the Sunday Inquirer because the Tribune in my area did not have Redplum. It has been really frustrating. You get all excited then oh-oh not for you. Also Philadelphia is getting all these $1 off 2 coupons. Yech! I go to other neighborhood’s to buy the paper. They are always a bit better. I started buying from collectable coupons. I have also used coupon clippers. Is there someone better? Thank you for asking this question. Big fan alex martin

  • Deepika

    I live in Collegeville . I get the Inquirer for SS & P&G. I get one RP with the weekly fliers in the mailbox on Thursdays. For the extra RP I have a choice between Pottstown Mercury or Norristown Times Herald in our area. Mostly Pottstown Mercury coz they have better SS compared to Times herald.

  • I am in the West Chester area, Chester County. We get the Phila Inquirer during the week which does carry the Red Plum and Smart Source inserts, although the Red Plum seems to be just a page or two and does not have the coupons you mention on you site. Get the Daily Local on Sunday, and they have it too.
    Love your site!

  • DanielleCorrelle

    I’m in York County. I have the York Sunday News (York Daily Record) delivered to me….it wassss a great deal at only $1 a week, they carried all the inserts until recently, in the past month or so they stopped carrying SS. I do still get RP and PG when they are supposed to be there. I’m thinking about calling the Baltimore Sun and seeing if I can have that delivered here because they get everything. My mom gets their paper in addition to the York paper every week.

  • Jennifer

    I also get the Reading Eagle, but haven’t really noticed any differences.

  • Lindsay M.

    I am in Norristown, but a friend gets me The Morning Call inserts (from Allentown). They have all of them, with the same prices. I also get the RP in the mail now ever since the Inquirer stopped carrying it. I am not sure what the Norristown Times-Herald has. Maybe I should start reading local news once in a while!

  • John

    Do you know your source you used for the 3/21 SS…I could get t from there?

  • Snoogums

    I’m in Montgomery County, subscribed with Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday only. I receive RedPlum on Wednesday among the store weekly ads. Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday paper includes the other inserts, mostly SmartSource and arrives on Saturday morning.

  • John


    I made a spread sheet for my area Smart Source coupon inserts from 3/21 from each paper.

    Can you send me a link to your 3/21 coupon preview and I will add it to the sheet to compare. I tried to look it up on your site but i keep getting directed to the 3/28 preview

    • Shannon


      I update the link each week with the new coupons :(

  • mommyluvs2save

    I live in West Chester,Pa. I get the Daily Local, which carries all of the inserts, but I also notice the coupon values are lower than ones offered in the Inquirer. I wonder why that is…

  • mindy g

    I live in Bucks Co. and subscribe to the Doylestown Intelligencer (which carries the redplum and a scaled down version of the SS) and the Allentown Morning Call (which carries the redplum and a thicker version of the SS). The Intel has less savings (as evidenced by the note on the front page stating how many dollars in savings is enclosed) but sometimes the coupons can be more valuable – like $.75/1 instead of $1.00/2. Really just a gamble each week. Really miss the RP in the Philly Inq!!!

  • Melissa

    Coupons by Dede in New Braunfels, TX

    Coupon Dede (updated for clickable link)

    • Shannon

      Yep Same as me.

  • Lara

    I usually get the Inquirer for the SS and P&G. If there’s a RP scheduled I pick up the Norristown Times Herald which carries the Red Plum, in addition to the SS and P&G. I’ve never compared your list to the actual coupons.

  • Samantha C

    I called the Philadelphia Inquirer and was told it was not their choice to be removed from Red Plum Distribution. I contacted Red Plum and they confirmed it was their decision to remove the Inquirer from the list. They didn’t have an explanation just told me they were available in the Daily Local. So I subscribed to the Daily Local News because I was able to get a fantastic rate ($75.40) for 7 days of papers for a full year and they carry Red Plum. However their SmartSource coupons stink. So I also pick up the Inquirer. I love the coupon previews because it does let me know if it’s worthwhile to get the extra paper (or 2 or 3). Thanks Shannon!

    • Shannon


      I also got the Daily Local and Smart Source is just ok. :(

  • Lori

    i live in south jersey and i have found Red Plum in the courier post, this paper also has smart source, but usually not the same coupons that you mention in the preview. i buy my Sunday papers at Shoprite, as they are only 99cents. i usually flip through the smart source in the Philadelphia Inquirer to see if that insert is different than the Courier (it usually is) and if there are coupons i find useful i will buy that paper too. hope this helps.

  • Melissa

    I live in Quakertown and get…

    The Morning Call (subscribe)
    Lehigh Valley
    RP, SS (and P&G when applicable)

    Bucks County Intelligencer (buy as needed)
    RP, SS (and P&G when applicable)

    I also purchase whole inserts online through a coupon clipping service located in TX because the Philly area tends to be stingy on coupon values. Lysol coupons are a good example. They will be $1/2 in the Philly papers, but in the western/midwest states they’re $1/1. Gah!

    • Shannon


      Which service do you use?

  • Monica

    I live in South Jersey. The Philadelphia Inquirer only has SS & PG

    The Burlington County Times has SS, PG, & Red Plum. I have yet to successfully get the Red Plum inserts in the mail, even though I signed up for it.

  • John


    FYI the SS in the NE times is a slimmed down version of the Sunday Inq.

    Some notable differences of the top of my head.

    One week the Inq had .85/1 Viva paper towels. The NE times didnt have that coupon at all.
    This past week the Inq had 1.00/1 Lunchables, the NE times didnt have that.

    I am looking at the 3/21 SS inserts from both the Inq and NE times now and there are about 10 coupons missing from teh NE times

  • John

    Here are my sources for coupons.

    Sunday Philadelphia inquirer
    SS and P&G

    Thursday Philadelphia Daily news
    SS only (and less coupons then the Inq)

    Thursday Northeast times (Free delivered to your door uf you live in the area)
    SS only (less then Inq, less or different then Daily News)

    Thursday Port Richmond Star
    SS only (Exactly the same as the Northeast times)

    Circular bag delivered to my door
    RP only see my post already for the differences.

    Does anyone know what Sunday paper carries the RP insert, I wan to compare it to my free RP and see if they are the same coupons?

    Thanks John

    • suz

      How do I get free circular bag delivered to my door? I haven’t received any circulars since I moved to West Philly. Please share. Thanks!

  • cecilia

    Bucks County, I get the Courier Times & The Phila Inquirer, I believe we get the Smart Source in the courier, RedPlum & Smart Source in Inquirer.

  • Michele

    The SS and PG are still in the weekend inquirer for NE Philly.
    The redplum has been hit or miss with the weekly ads. There was three weeks when I didn’t get any but the next zip over (one street over) was getting them. I called to complain and they were back in the following weeks ads. The SS sometimes will be in the NE Times a week later.

  • John

    Here is my List for week for 3/28 RP, I live in Northeast Philadelphia

    The only place I have found the RP is the free bag of circulars delivered to my door step.

    From your list I am missing these

    Half & Half, Heavy Whipping Cream of Coffee Cream – $0.55/2
    Half & Half, Heavy Whipping Cream of Coffee Cream (any size carton) – $0.35/1
    Kahn’s Products – $1.00/2
    Slim Shots Liquid Portion Control – Excludes Slim shots 2 count – $3.00/1
    Smucker’s Jam, Jelly, Preserves or Fruit Spread – $1.00/2
    Snuggle Fabric Softener Liquid 32 load or larger or Dryer Sheets (70 ct or larger) – $3.00/1
    Tennessee Pride Breakfast Sandwich Product – $0.75/1

    These are different amounts then your list
    Caress Daily Silk – 12oz Body Wash or larger or 6-Bar pack or larger – $1.00/1 (I got 1.25/1)
    Caress Tahitian Renewal or Cashmere Luxury – 12oz Body Wash or Larger – $0.75/1 (I hot .60/1)
    Dove Body Wash – 10oz or larger – $1.25/1 (I got 1.00/1)
    Dove Hair Care Products – ETS – $2.50/1 (I got 2.5/1)
    Hellman’s – $0.50/1 (I got .60/2)
    Lever 2000 Bar Soap – 6-Bar Package or Larger – $1.00/1 (I got .75/1)
    ThermaCare – 2 ct or larger – $2.00/1 (1 got 1.00/1)

    These are totally missing from your list but I got them in mine
    Kellogg’s Special K Low Fat Granola, Raisin Bran Extra! or Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites Cereal, 2.00/2
    Hefty EZ Foil 1.00/2
    Stayfree product – 2.00/1
    Carefree product – Buy One 38ct+ get One (22ct) FREE up to $1.59 value
    Carefree Ultra Protection product – Buy One get One FREE up to $3.99 value
    O.B. product – 1.00/1
    LA Yogurt 1.00/10
    Hatfield 2.00 off
    Knorr Recipe/Sauce/Gravy Mix products – .50/2
    Lipton Recipe Secrets products – .60/2
    Skippy .75/2
    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter products – .75/2
    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Sticks – .60/1
    Sally Hansen La Cross Beauty Tools, 1.00/1
    Sally Hansen Lip product – 1.00/1
    Sally Hansen Nail Color – 1.00/2
    Sally Hansen Nail Treatment or Hand Care product – 1.00/2
    $10 Off Buca di Beppo
    Stella Brand Cheese cup or wedge 1.00/2
    Treasure Cave Cheese, 4oz+ 1.00/1
    Penn Mid Sour Cream 1.00/2
    Whole Fruit Fruit Bar – .50/1
    Whole Fruit Sorbet any .50/1

    I can also do a compare with the SS from 3/21 if you like. Obviously cant do the 3/28 yet cause all my papers don’t get them until either Sunday the 28th or Thursday April 1st

  • Helen

    I live in S. Jersey and get the Philadelphia Inquirer. It stopped carrying RED PLUM coupons this year. I’m thinking of calling the Inquirer and asking why. I really miss them. I use to get the Burlington Co. Times but they never had as many coupons as the Philly paper. Now I might have to purchase both on Sundays just to get all coupons that are available.

  • Brandi Parshley

    I get the Reading Eagle in Berks county. It has all of the coupon inserts SS, RP, and P&G. Often our coupon amts. are different than the coupons you post.

  • Dot

    I live in schuylkill county which is right next to berks, I buy the standard speaker still has both inserts the red plum isn’t great but ok. The Bucks County Courier Times still has both inserts with great coupons. The Morning Call still has both with ok coupons. It varies sometimes we get really good sometimes not. But I noticed that when you advertise a coupon for 1/1 the standard speaker sometimes has 2/1 in the red plum but for the most part I make it work. If you have people that live in other areas have them pick up a paper for you. My cousin picks up a copy of the bucks county courier when she is getting one for her self.

  • Tina

    …and matches your coupon preview perfectly.

  • Bethany

    I get the Philadelphia Inquirer mostly. It doesn’t have the RedPlum inserts anymore but usually has a SmartSource and sometimes a P&G.
    I have been getting the RedPlum insert free in the mail with the ads (usually comes on Thursday) but then why is only one copy going to help me? Maybe they’re trying to control it more?
    I have gotten another newspaper available and I can’t remember the name of it. I think it’s something Times? That usually has the RedPlum and a SmartSource, but if I get them the same day as the Inquirer there are WAY less coupons in the SmartSource. It’s like the major generic version of the SmartSource. So I stopped getting just that newspaper. It does cost a little less than the Inquirer, it’s $1.50 instead of $1.75. The RedPlum is the same one they’re mailing. I think I’m going to start getting a few of each, like 2 of the Times one and more of the Inquirer.

  • Beth

    I’m in Chester County– we get the Philadelphia Inq, and the Daily Local on Sundays.. I think they both have Red Plum & SS, although I could be wrong.. When the P & G ones come out, they’ve always had them.

  • Tina

    I live in Montgomery County and get the Philadelphia Inquirer. It does not include the Red Plum insert but has all others (P&G, SS etc.)

  • The Pottstown Mercury still has RP.
    I subscribe to that and the Inquirer now so I can get it.

  • Melissa B.

    Live in South Jersey. I buy the Burlington County Times. They have some of the coupons that are posted but not all. Burlington County Times have more coupons then the Trenton Times though. Sometimes the Trenton Times have no inserts. I guess I am kinda close to Philly lol! Sorry I couldn’t have been of more help