P&G Coupons – 4 Like Coupons Per Transaction?

I was just getting ready to go to Rite Aid and noticed some new verbiage on the P&G coupons.

It states: Limit of 4 Like Coupons in same shopping trip.

I am presuming that means per transaction?  Did you notice this? Have you had any issues using the P&G.

What are you thoughts on this limitation?

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  • Mary A

    Today I went to the grocery store. I had cut several Proctor and Gamble coupons for items that I needed. I did not buy more than one like item. The cashier said that I could only use four Proctor and Gamble coupons per shopping trip. It did not matter if the items were all different….four coupons per shopping trip was the limit. The cashier said “All of you exteme couponers are ruining it!” I had 15 coupons…which only six were from Proctor and Gamble. My bill before coupons was 226.00 and after coupons 204.22. I am not an extreme couponer…just wanted to get some cents off on my items. Oh well….I hope Proctor and Gamble can verify their “new” rules. I may purchase store brands if I can not use the coupons. Has anyone had problems with the new coupons?

  • I had no troubles using 5 of the 20c Dawn coupons at Rite Aid last week.

  • mary b

    I am fine with the limits, if they are reasonable for the item in question.
    4 Hair colors at one time, totally reasonable since the amount of times you would color your hair before the next good sale & coupon combo (usually 8-12 wks) is probably less than 4 anyway….so P&G could assume if you are getting say 12 it is not normal usage.
    Now maybe a food product that you WOULD use more than 4 of in a reasonable time, should have a higher limit.

    It is frustrating when you hear someone buying out free or close to free stuff just because it is free….then someone who needs some cannot get it. I recall a person posting on a blog that they ended up with some absurd amount of diapers and they had no children…but the deal was a MM so that is why they bought them all. Not too nice for a struggling family who NEEDS the diapers for their children goes to the store to find them all gone.
    I think if we all took a step back to think how much do we really need, there would be enough to go around.
    So limiting deals IMHO is a good idea.

  • Diane

    Elizabeth W. can you please explain why you are opposed to people re-selling the products they buy?

  • Being an ancient dinosaur in the crowd here, I’ll speak up about coupons thru the years.
    P&G has a love/hate relationship with coupons going way back. This isn’t the first time this company has tried limiting or elimination coupons altogether for it’s products.
    Back in the 1990’s they tried to do away with coupons in NY state and were sued and lost. This is just their newest attempt at limiting how much they pay out in reimbursement to the stores and coupon processing houses.

    There was also a nationwide couponing fraud ring back in the mid 1980’s that sent a bunch of folks to jail…they were fraudulently submitting coupons directly to the manufacturers for reimbursement when no products were bought. Huge fraud ring.

    Couponing seems to ebb and flow…usage gets massive and then something/someone happens to give it a bad name &/or times get better and people stop using them for awhile. But when times get tough again, consumers go back to using them…..usage gets too big and the companies try monkeying around with the system again.
    Hope this helps explain a bit. ;-)

  • sandra

    I agree with the reseller that the company, p&G or meijer in this case, is potentially playing with fire by CHOICE when they get iffy with their coupons and sales. In true theory it should be good if they could sell 100 pops to a small party store AND a couple pops to grandma. THEY NEED TO HAVE LOTS OF POP – THEN THEY WILL GET AN EVEN BETTER DISCOUNT. Ever notice meijer is out of stock a lot? Why why why? BUy more supply it and quit pissing people off. People don’t want your pop or nyquil more if it isn’t there, supply and demand doesn’t work that way here. (or does it?)
    And If they don’t want people to buy something then don’t sell it!!
    I had an issue with this one online natural makeup place I get samples from, which I LOVE because I am PICKY about color and it is expensive makeup you can’t return and rarely find in store. Well I tried to place an order for a set of samples (not my first) and she wouldn’t let me buy them because I had already purchased some of the colors before. No where on her site did it say anything about that. I paid 1.50 for each 1/8 tsp or slice or whatever PLUS shipping. She chose to sell them, list them, and what to charge, and who to make it available to. I paid for them, then she decides she doesn’t want to sell to me because she thinks Im just using it as ‘occasiional makeup’ and am not serious about buying (I’m just really picky about expensive makeup and have sensitive skin and hadn’t bought THAT many!!)
    ANYWAYS*** It IS their right, but they have to understand they are only a business because of the consumer and if they anger the consumers they will go bye bye. They are starting to annoy us…

  • Carolyn

    I didn’t notice the new wording and turned in 5 of the $2.00 off coupons for Always pads at CVS as they are on sale for $2.99 this week and they went through no problem and the cashier never even looked at them. I guess we will have to wait and see which stores are going to enforce this and how they plan on doing it.

  • Mary

    I had troubles using several of the same coupons when buying the Men’s old spice deals and was told if the coupons appear to be cut bulk or the same that it signaled warning of coupon farming or mis use. Apparently there are people who cut coupons in big lots and use or disperse them for profit. If your coupons are printed at home and you cut them all at once leaving similar edges, these are considered fraudulent and Rite Aid has the right to refuse them. THIS IS STATED IN THEIR COUPON POLICY here in my area. Good Luck Coupon users.

  • Lane

    I just have to brag a little….I went to rite aid tonight bought 2 olay moisturizers at 8.99 (1st) and 4.50 (2nd) and olay eye roller for 21.99…used 5/25…two $1 off olay and $19.99 (that was what was allowed on this coupon so I had to pay a couple of bucks) and two $1 ups….ended up paying $8 something and got back $10 up for P&G. When I was leaving I heard the lady behind me saying how do they do that and the cashier saying I don’t know….they need to stumble upon this blog. I actually told the cashier about the coupon being less than the amount of the product…I think that is fair.

    • Shannon


      Sweet Lane! :)

  • Anonymous

    yes i agree with you, i will not buy anything at yard sales, where i see people selling stacks of “freebies from rita aid etc i just had my rain check coupons expire. trucks come at @ noon at our rita aid till 7pm im off work stuff is gone if its on sale.

  • nancy

    they allow for 4 like coupons, right? why did the second one beep?

  • Dolly

    Well I went to Rite Aid last night and tried to use 5- of the Ace cold therapy coupons and the guy said i couldn’t cause it said limit one per purchase. i tried to explain that it meant one coupon per item and when I went to show him on the P&G coupons that it said the same thing( the ones he just took) I noticed that change too!!!

  • Cailea

    We don’t use pampers, but get the coupons every once in a great while. I think I’ve even gotten more LUVS coupons than I have pampers. In the 18 months I’ve had a kid in diapers, I can count on one hand the # of pampers coupons I’ve gotten. Plus its always “Buy a box of diapers AND a box of wipes and save $1.” P&G’s coupons are a bit on the crummy side.

  • Kristin M

    Sorry gals, but I will have to respectfully disagree that it is unethical to resell something you got for a great deal.

    Look at all the stores around you; look at any business – it is made by purchasing items at a “wholesale” price and reselling for a higher price. I feel that going to a store and purchasing 20 of something and clearing them out is unethical, but the practice of reselling something you got a great deal on (or even free) is not unethical – it’s savvy. The company issuing the coupon WANTS you to use the coupon. The store having the sale WANTS you to buy the item on sale. So clearly doing both is a win for the company, a win for the store, and a win for you. Now STEALING something and selling – that’s is unethical.

    My parents had a garage sale and I am so overloaded with some products I set up a table and made $65 from selling body washes, shampoos at $1 or $2 a bottle. I rescue dogs from kill shelters and place them into homes and I’m always looking for ways to come up with money so I may continue doing that. That was $65 towards saving another life. I don’t regret what I did and will do it again – with a clear conscious, too!

  • Anonymous

    If it is limit of four why would it have beeped on the ladies on the second coupon? Love all the deals you post for rite aid. I never buy four papers so this won’t affect me.

  • Dizzy Mommy

    I sell several items a month to a best friend of mine whose husband has a heavy drug problem…. I sell everything for a dollar each at the start of the month. Then throughout the month as good sales on Groceries pop up I use the money (in a separate envelope) to buy her groceries for when she complains they have no food. Ive found this is a good system for me to use with her.
    Anyhow, Ive gone to several garage sales this year and people have had entire garages stocked full and were asking 1 or 2 dollars below the regular retail. I also wanted to say with the resale thing around me here in Detroit its very common for people who own party stores and gas stations to go into lets say a Meijer on .88 cent Pepsi day and buy 100 2-liters, thankfully Meijer has began cracking down on enforcing there limits, but they will bring everybody in there family, Ive seen 18 month olds holding money and them claim the baby is buying it.
    I do know that they use the same idea on Shampoo, Female stuff, and more so I think that has a huge impact also.
    Personally I think limiting the number of coupons in a transaction needs better clarification sense most managers, cashiers, and others already have trouble understanding it. Coupons have become much more common in todays poor economy, we are out of this recession they say and I say come to Metro Detroit….
    I also do know a lot of people who use coupons on cleaning products, health care, and hygiene items then return them hoping to get the coupons back in cash. I had to return a shirt last week and there was a women returning tuna fish she was fine not getting the coupon amount back but the manager said its become a huge problem.

  • Carrie

    Recently, at some (but not all) Target locations I have found that they will only take 1 coupion per transaction. So awhile back when I was buying 4 videos wih coupons, they made me ring up in 4 seperate transactions. The people behind me were not too happy!

  • sandra

    omg, how could they possibly misinterpret this coupon?? What are they thinking it means in comparison to a regular coupon?

  • sandra

    I agree with Josie that it will be good for coupons 2-4 because it shows that you can use more than one like coupon…. but I think the bigger problems are going to be for the super deals that require the 6 or 7 of the same items to work. THAT will be annoying. Especially when you get that ONE cashier that reads it; most cashiers won’t notice it. Although they BOLDED it too, which is interesting…
    And the resell thing? They can’t really say that…that can’t say its illegal, that crap. A bunch of people went through the trouble to make buying and selling coupons illegal (but not the time to transfer them ;) but reselling the items is not. That is just annoying that they would bother with that. *sigh*

  • I did not notice. I have not shopped using any P&G coupons lately though.
    I think that there should be a better explanation about this from the manufacturer.
    I do agree that reselling free or almost free products is unethical. It ruins it for those of us who are being honest and simply trying to save money in order to survive this economy.

  • ahhh! Rite Aid again Shannon? :)

    I think it may be a good thing-I have cashiers try to tell me that I can only use 1 of the same coupon somtimes because of the “limit 1coupon per purchase” wording–This new verbage contradicts that so now I may not have to worry about it. *fingers crossed*

    • Shannon

      Hey why does it have to be rite aid.. LOLLL but yes. I am going I need to test a couple deals.

  • Sunny

    Totally agree with Elizabeth. It’s not fair to the rest of us when we aren’t able to get one or two of the item on sale because someone (or someones) went and bought it all for the purpose of reselling it.

  • I find it funny that P&G is the first company doing this. They are a little stingy in the coupon department if you ask me. For example, there are usually tons more Huggies coupons to be found than Pampers. It will be interesting to see if other companies follow suit.

  • Beth

    I did the Old Spice/ Gillette deals this week at Riteaid and the register beeped on the 2nd ones, the lady looked at the coupon and looked at what I got and said..Yep..you got the right thing. She never read the coupon. MAybe thats why it beeped…That stinks

  • Elizabeth W

    I would imagine it’s to stop people from abusing the system. Sites like yours have popped up all over the place, and I love them, but I keep worrying that the companies are going to stop doing coupons (like in the old days, my mom used to get free cereal with store + manufacturer coupons, and then companies said “we’re lowering the price and issuing fewer coupons).
    I have actually seen people at craft fairs with tables of this stuff (like the things that are free or better at Walgreens with Register Rewards) who are actually reselling the products. That probably is not the greatest ethics. Plus, if some people are buying 20 of something, that means that some of us who can’t get to the store at the beginning of the week find the stores out of stock (and then the rain checks can’t get fulfilled before the manufacturer coupon expires)!
    I hope this is making sense…!

  • Angel

    Yes I noticed that, I went to target last night to use my Tide coupons on the travel size and the manager made me ring them up in 8 different transactions. The lady behind me in line was not to happy about that.

  • Susie H

    I read it as meaning you can only use 4 coupons that are for the same item, such as the $1 Tide coupon. I can buy 4 bottles of Tide and use 4 identical coupons per shopping trip. Coupon 5 would be denied. I would like specific clairification from P&G on this sinc e it sounds like it’s already being a hassle.

    • Shannon

      @Susie H,

      Thats what I mean it to read.

  • amy

    one word STUPID

  • My hubby actually noticed it. Go Hubbs! HAHA I’ve trained him well. :)

  • Nicole

    I actually had trouble at Rite Aid with my Old Spice/ Gillette coupons. They would only let me use one of each like coupon because of the wording because the register beeped on the second one. My Rite Aid has never given me trouble and after reading the wording, i agreed with them so from now on i will be reading the wording carefully on all P&G coupons.

  • Linda

    I noticed that, too. I also noticed where it said that coupons not authorized if purchasing products for resale, which I’ve never noticed before.

    I didn’t use more than 4 like ones at a time this week so I didn’t have any problems and I’m not sure if the cashiers know to look for that yet, but I don’t think I’m going to try.