Heads Up: Kohls $10 off $20 Kids Apparel Coupon

If you receive mailings from Kohls, be on the lookout for abooklet from Kohl’s for the Semi-Annual Kids’ Sale.  On the front of the booklet, look for a small card for $10 off any kids’ apparel purchase of $20 or more (valid Wednesday, April 13 – Saturday, April 23).  This card can be combined with other offers, including the Kohl’s 15%-20%-30% sale.

You can get 20% off if you have a Kohls Card using code EASTERTIME at checkout. You will also earn $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent.

Thanks, Crista

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  • Jen B

    Is the $20 purchase before or after % off discounts?

  • Jen B

    Can someone confirm whether this is for $20 worth of items before or after % off discounts?

    • Ben C

      Kohl’s, as every other merchant, takes any dollar amounts off first, then any percent off amounts. This is the standard practice among all retailers.

  • Elizabeth

    promo code: SHOPNSAVE30 will give you the 30% off.

  • Lacie

    I only get email updates, how do I sign up for the mailings?

  • Jen

    WHAT A GREAT DEAL! Too bad I didn’t get this in the mail ~ I went right to their website and signed up for sale alerts, so hopefully I’ll receive this type of stuff in the future! THANKS for the info!

  • caroline

    I don’t know if there are 2 or if my Kohls is just extra awesome bc the only one i’ve seen is $10 off $10 or more! woo hoo! We also just had a store reopening so this is my 2nd one in a month or 2. They usually have baby clothes for $5-$6 a piece (shirt or shorts) so I got a free outfit last time and plan on getting another this time!

  • Jessica G

    Mine came in a baggie – the 20% thing was on the back magazine – there were 3 or 4 inserts.. normally I just grab the percentage part. Glad I looked thru it all. Kohls was insane today… but I got my son a lot of pajamas and shorts and me a sweater – plus kohls cash back… nice!

  • Shari

    I didn’t get the card on mine. BOO HOO!

  • christy

    Im guessing this has already been mailed as its wednesday :( I got the 15% off card but thats it. DRATS!