Today Show: Jill’s Steals and Deals 3/8
is offering some exclusive online coupon codes. You can check out the Jill’s Steals and Deals Page each week for exclusive codes.

A Fair Warning- the site gets really slow due to high volume of traffic. I am liking the Zumba Package!

Today’s Highlights Jill’s Steals and Deals for 3/8. To order these deals, head to the Jill’s Steals and Deals page:

Mango Tree Fitted Bangles
Retail price: $60 for a set of three
Discount price: $20 for a set of three
Percent discount: 67 percent off!
Lola James Jewelry
Swarovski crystal necklace by Lola James Jewelry
Retail price: $150
Discount price: $40
Percent discount: 73 percent off!

The Company Store
200-Thread Count Percale sheet set by The Company Store
Retail price: $29.99 – $59.99
Discount price: $12
Percent discount: Up to 80 percent off!
XOXO Taffeta cocktail dress
Retail price: $79
Discount price: $24.99
Percent discount: 68 percent off!
Lisa Stewart
Lisa Stewart Jewelry
Retail price: $90 to $185
Discount price: $35
Percent discount: Up to 81 percent off!Bon-Ton

Farberware Pro II Forged 15-piece Cutlery Set from Bon-Ton
Retail price: $140
Discount price: $35
Percent discount: 75 percent off!

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    ordered Orlando vacation Package from iCoupon .Printed out confirmation . How do I get in touch ? No addtional info on receipt. Need contact info such as telephone number etc. to make reservations. Need help . Thanks

  • Trina Abrell

    My transaction ID number is 3499716187, and my order for the Freezing Rain Silver necklace was placed on March 8, 2011. I would like to know when I can expect shipment.

  • Elaine

    After watching Jills Steals and Deals a while ago I ordered the clutch purses. I am so dissapointed. The quality is so poor. The leather looks like it came from the Flea Markets in Mexico. They are supposed to retail for $180.00. I paid $ 40.00 and they are garbage. I wish I had been forwarned. Jill tell it like it is or don’t sell them as a “great deal” I will never order from that resource again.

  • does anyone have the toll free number to Faberware. My knife set was missing the middle 3 knifes.

  • Kim Wileman

    missing 3 knifes in my set. Does anyone have a toll free number I could call to see if they will send me the missing knifes.

  • stephanie

    Was home last Tuesday and instantly tried to ordered the sheet set from The Company Store (great product). The system kept telling to call for assistance so I called The Company Store and the clerk told me they only had 4 king sets to begin with and my color selection was not available – nothing was available in King. So I spent almost two hours trying to get something that never existed. Won’t try again!!!

  • RuthAnn Simon

    I tried to order the Farberwear knife deal online but to no avail. I telephoned the company, Bon-Ton, and the representative said the coupon had expired! He did try to order it but it wouldn’t go through. Are all Jill’s Steals and Deals bogus?

    • Cecilia

      I’ve ordered a few things from Jills Steals and Deals with no problems

  • RenaeH

    I ordered the Farberware knife set, and the order went through just fine. BUT, two days later I received an email from Bonton stating, “Although at the time the order was placed it appeared as though we would be able to honor your request, we are unable to fulfill your order.”
    Nice, huh?

  • Catherine

    Hi there- huge issue for us as well! The knives kept saying problem with the address I entered, then would freeze up. I stopped trying after a few times. Then 6 days later, I found I was charged twice by a strange company names Carson or something, but no orders were placed! After 10 minutes of searching for a phone number to the Bon Ton I got a hold of someone who told me the card would only be charged if the items shipped. When I asked if they shipped, she said no- no orders were placed. Thanks, helpful. She said that I would need to fax my statement to my bank? Who faxes anything anymore? Then she told me this wasn’t her problem. Awesome! Please Today show, if you’re going to promote this- do it with reputable companies and do a bit of research on their ability to handle the traffic!

  • I was excited about the james jeans offers; however the company is shady. They charged my card and could not fulfill my order. Every reputable company waits until the merchandise is actually sent for shipment, before a card is charged.

  • Shannon

    If you are not going to honor the deals you offer, then why offer them. I had nothing but trouble ordering the sheet sets and now it isn’t available anymore. Bait & switch just to get people to visit your site is a pretty poor way of doing business

    • Shannon

      Hi think you should probably direct this towards the today show. This is a money saving blog where I just post deals for readers as they come up.. Sorry if you have troubles.. but I have nothing to do with that — and Today show isnt going to change if you dont direct it towards the right individuals.

      • Kathy Ziegenmier


        Thanks for letting me know. I will copy these comments and send to the show producer.

        • Kim Wileman

          @Kathy Ziegenmier,

          I ordered the 2 knife sets, one in red and one in black. The red set was fine. The black set was missing 3 of the knifes. It is not what I expected.. (cheaply made). I’m glad I didnt pay full price ($135.00) for them.

          • Kathy Ziegenmier

            @Kim Wileman,

            Did you contact Bon Ton? What do you think of the quality? I received mine yesterday but haven’t opened them yet. Did anyone notice that Jill’s wasn’t on the Today Show broadcast and no update on Facebook either. Maybe someone there has finally gotten the message!

  • Kathy Ziegenmier

    If the Today Show is going to continue to promote these “Steals and Deals” then they need to do something about the persistent issues every week. I placed and order for the knives yesterday w/o a problem for a change. At least I thought I did. When I didn’t receive a confirmation, I e-mailed Bon Ton and never heard back from them. After calling two different numbers today, I was told that the order never went through. Fortunately the still had them in stock and they were able to place the order over the phone. There seems to be nothing but problems and complaints every week, so either fix the problem or stop the promotion. I’m just saying!!

    • ML Loch

      @Kathy Ziegenmier, You will wish you had not put all that effort into receiving these knives! Mine just arrived via UPS. The handles while “forged steel” is also cheap plastic! I used my barcode scanner app and these knives are $40-$50. Very disappointing!

      • Kathy Ziegenmier

        @ML Loch,

        Then that is fraudulent advertising. I was so proud of myself getting two Christmas gifts this early in the year. I won’t be ordering any of Jill’s Deals as they are just Stealing from the consumer. Today Show- I hope someone is reading these posts!!

        • ML Loch

          Was wondering if you did indeed receive your knives. What did you think? I was at WalMart the other day same sets for same price. Boy wish would not have thought “wow hundred dollar knives for thirty-five”. Oh, well live and learn. (:

  • Mike

    Ordered the knives tonite, no problem. Must have been all the traffic from the Today shows review that caused the problem earlier.

  • I’ve tried clicking on promo code link for crystal necklace…keeps bringing up page to submit promo code. I guess they ran out of the necklaces?

  • Ann

    No fun, you try for almost 2 hrs. to put your order through and then…..out of stock….and I was even trying to colors ( separate orders ) in that time period! Very disappointed.

  • could not order farberware knives on jills steal and deal


  • Carrie

    am trying to find out how to get the promo code for Jill’s steals & deals..wanted to order the crystal necklace…having a problem. I’ve clicked on the links but not working. If anyone can help me out…please reply.

    • Shelly


      Hello- Go to the Lola James web site. You will be able to order.
      Good Luck!


  • Katie

    I had to at first put two of the knife sets into my shopping cart for it to even show up and then I entered the code and only then could I change it to just 1 knife set. Hope this helps! I was able to also get free shipping!
    Also, I just went onto Bon-ton’s wesbite and searched for the farberware cutlery set to purchase it.

  • joyce mammano

    i have tryed to buy the knife set and it doesnt go thru

    • Kevin Stuckey

      @joyce mammano, They are not sold out, just keep trying. There may have been a few errors with the traffic flow, but there are plenty of sets left. Happy Shopping!

  • I tried to order the discounted ($35) Farberware cutlery set, but an error appeared “This item can not be added to the Shopping Cart” WHY

    • erica

      i cant order them either!! think they might be sold out

  • Mel

    What’s anyone’s buy price on King sized sheets??

    • erica

      12.00 plus shipping

  • linda

    I wanted to order the farberware cutlery set but how do I do that..They show the product but no link on how to order.