Kohl’s Coupon Codes & Kohl’s Cash & Double Cash Back

There are two new Kohl’s Coupon Codes for Kohl’s cardholders. In addition, there is $10 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 you spend through 3/13/11.  Today only, you can score double Cash Back for Kohl’s purchase on Ebates.

  • Use code LOVE2SHOP at checkout for 30% off
  • Use code FREE4MVC at checkout for FREE shipping
  • Shop thru Ebates for double cashback.

Thanks, Kansas City Mamas

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  • Katie

    Thanks so much! Had a baby 9 months ago and my body is shrinking and he needed new clothes too, so this worked out great! LOVE the codes for Kohl’s. Especially when there’s free shipping.

    Does anybody know if you get the $10.00 Kohl’s Cash BEFORE or AFTER coupons? Thanks!

    • Taya

      Hi ,
      The kohls cash is after the discount … Example my total was around 254.00, after 30% off it was around 182.00 so I received 3 kohls cash…Also when you redeem the kohls cash you can’t get a discount on that, example… I bought some shoes for 47.99 thinking I will get 30% off and use my 30 kohls cash and end up paying 4 dollars , but kohls only gave me a 5.63 discount on 17.99 which was after the kohls cash? So i was kinda upset, but I still love kohls:) because you can use kohls coupons on everything and theres no restrictions…. Where as in other store you have so many restrictions on things:( hope that helps and yes after the baby you do deserve a whole new wardrobe enjoy:))

  • Susie H

    My neighbors and I share the coupons we receive from Kohl’s…and we shop together, so the cashiers watch us hand our 30% coupon to the next one of us in line and we have never had a problem. The online codes are the same for everyone–when I get a 30%, the online code is the same as what I see posted online. It’s perfectly fine to use them, and you can use it multiple times if you find something you missed the first time.

  • Celena

    Thanks a ton! I had a gift card I’d been saving for a good deal, so I got the rest of the shirts/skirts my 2 year old would need for the summer and only spent $7.31 out of pocket! LOVE IT!

  • Lindsay – PA

    can you use both of these codes during the same purchase or do you have to pick 1 code only?

  • Is it legitimate to use these 30% off coupon codes? I get coupon codes in the mail from Kohls, and they vary (from 15 to 30 percent). It seems like these codes are meant to be just for the person who receives them…just wondering if anyone knows?

    • Sue Cole

      @Amanda, I work for Kohls, and you are allowed to share coupons and codes with your friends.

      • Taya

        @Sue Cole,
        Hi, I gave my friend the coupon to use, and the kohls employee didn’t let her use it? Maybe it varies by store ? Also it has your name on the coupon…..