Amazon: Fiesta Dinnerware Deals

I was looking around for a gift for my husband to buy me..(he he ), and found this Fiesta 20-Piece, Service for 4 Dinnerware Set starting at  $73.51,which regularly retails for or individual sets for $192.00. If you know anything about Fiesta it really is one of the best dinnerware available. I know some people who have these for ages. I am thinking of sticking with the white and using nice napkins and table runner to spruce up the table.

The Fiesta 4-Piece Dinnerware Place Setting is available for $18.44 for white and starting at $22.01 for the color sets.

The Fiesta 5-Piece Place Setting starts at $19.21 too.  I checked these out and they are priced at $48.00 each on Macy’s website.

So, Happy Anniversary to me!  If you are in the market for new dinnerware, these are definitely worth checking out.

Update: So I have spent the last hour looking around – for those of you who have Fiestaware, is it “okay” to have a bunch of different pieces/colors mixed for a table setting?  I am embarrassed to admit I only own some really basic dinnerware along with a few pieces (and I mean few) of Southern Living that I have acquired over the years. So if you have got some advice for me, leave it in the comments..

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  • I’m laughing because I just did a post about my Fiestaware earlier today. Did you not know that I’m obsessed with my Fiestaware?

  • Stacy

    I collect the old and new fiesta – the other thing that is nice about…. you can pick up pieces at goodwill, flea markets and yard sales CHEAP! I just looked at a plate today at goodwill – priced at $1.00….and nothing wrong with it.

  • Jaimie

    I love fiesta as well! We registered for it when we got married and received 12 sets in 6 different colors! It’s so bright and festive, that when we have guests over they always love the mix match look. And the best is that if you break a plate or whatever, you don’t have to worry about trying to find a specific pattern, you can just pick up a new plate or bowl or cup at a flea market, etc. The hold up amazingly well and I’ve never had one chip, except for the time I dropped a very heavy stainless steel salt shaker on the edge.

  • Nata-Leigh Preas

    I totally recommend Canton Dish Barn if you’re ever near Canton, Texas. They do ship if you are really needing a piece … … All of my Fiesta is “seconds” and I’ve only received a few pieces that were so horrible that I tossed them. I have about ten different colors and love the variety. I can find some mix n’ match to go with any sort of dinner party theme I might have.

  • Stacey

    I love my fiestaware and have a mixture of old and new pieces in a bunch of colors. My kids love deciding which color to give people when they set the table. That’s a good price…I might have to get some more.

  • I’ve had Fiestaware for over ten years and wouldn’t trade it for all of the tea in China. I had white for years, but it stains pretty bad. I recently got both a blue and a red set, and mix and match all the time!!!

  • MMcKenna

    I should add that I’m hoping for another Macy’s sale! Around Christmas they had the 4 and 5 piece sets for $26.99 each AND they were BOGO! I could beat myself up everyday for not buying then! But it was Christmas time! This year I should build an emergency Fiesta fund into my Christmas budget :) I do keep checking Macy’s site because you never know!

  • MMcKenna

    My In-Laws just bought us 4 sets of the 4 piece sets for our anniversary. All different colors (which they asked me first, very nice of them of course!). I picked 2 bluish/purple and 2 greenish/yellow. LOVE IT! They have Fiesta and love it too! I would like to keep on adding that’s for sure! I think you can go either way with one color or multiple! I love my 4 colors so I might keep them and just get another set of 4 in those same colors at some point.

  • You are most welcome, thanks for all you do here. I run a site of my own, and I know the work that it requires. :)

    FYI, I just found JC Penny’s has the Scarlet I want for $26.99 if you buy two, I’m looking for a coupon code to see if I can get it down further. :lol: I’ll keep ya posted……

    See what you started? LOL!

  • Wow, great deal! I wasn’t even LOOKING for new dinnerware (even though I’m in DESPERATE need of it and entertain often) and now I’ve ordered 2 sets of white and 2 sets of yellow. I’d LOVE another 2 sets of red but I’ll have to be good and wait……thanks for the head up!! :)

    • Shannon

      OH Christina,

      That is a great idea. I just thought about getting white, but my dining room is green and white, so maybe I can mix the plates and bowls!!

      Thank you !

  • Kelly

    I starting using Fiesta a couple years ago. I love it! Thanks!

  • Mary

    I really like Fiesta, too. I have about 9 colors and like to grab them randomly so that a setting is mixed. They really seem to hold up well to wear and use–I’ve had mine since my kids were really young.

  • jenny

    I love Fiesta, I started collecting years ago. I add pieces when I can afford them. Great deal, thanks for the tip!