Shaws Coupon Policy

Here is the Shaws Coupon Policy as of  May 2011.

Shaw’s Coupon Policy is not published on their website and can vary by store.

  • One manufacturer’s coupon may be accepted per item if legally permitted.
  • ME: Coupons may not be accepted for milk. ME, NH & VT: Other legal restrictions may apply
  • We double valid manufacturer’s coupons with a value of up to $ .99. Coupons over $ .99 are redeemed at face value.
  • No more than 6 like items may be purchased per customer per day using the Double Manufacturer’s coupon offer.
  • Only one manufacturer’s coupon may be accepted per item.
  • The amount of redemption will be credited during your transaction and printed on your register receipt. *Redemption may not exceed the value of the item you are purchasing.
  • We accept up to a total of 6 triple store coupons in any combination of Shaw’s and/or a competitor on manufacturer coupons valued up to $ .99.
  • Shaw’s accepts internet coupons with some restrictions. We will not accept internet coupons that offer a free product, that have a value greater than $4.99, and/or that do not have a scanning UPC bar code.
  • Coupons excluded from doubling or tripling: coupons for cigarette and tobacco products, coupons for free items and coupons that specifically state “do not double”.

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