Finish Quantum Challenge Rebate


Finish Quantum is giving you the opportunity to try Finish Quantum risk free.  If you purchased Finish Quantum are not completely satisfied with the product, they will give you your money back.

Head over here for $1 Finish Quantum Coupon.

If you are not satisfied, complete the form and and mail with your receipt dated between 4/4/11 and 6/19/11

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  • Andrea

    I didn’t know where I could post my feedback about this detergent but I found this site while I was searching. I just saw the commercial on tv and I couldn’t help but post my opinion.
    I bought 2 boxes of this product about 3 weeks ago because it was on sale. I have never heard of the challenge and I have not seen the commercial before.
    This product did not work for me so much so that I threw out the half used box and gave away the other. I tried to use it in different ways, loaded the machine differently, rinsed before or loaded just half of the machine. I had to scrub dishes after the dishwasher cycle. I am disappointed and I will not buy this product again. I don’t even want it for free.

    • Trevor

      I also had this product, changing from cascade. We had the same issues.. dishes were not coming clean, and glasses looked cloudy and spotted. We had to wash about half the load again each time. We went back to Cascade, and we have had no problems at all. Sadly, we bought this at Costco in bulks, so we’re kind of stuck with it now.. anyone want some free Finish?

      BTW, we DO use the Finish rinse agent, and have no issues there.

  • bill

    To get the coupon, they want unnecessary personal information and then require that you load THEIR software on YOUR computer.

    They make it clear that this is not a rebate. They say it is ONLY if you are dissatisfied with the product. To get the refund if you like the product is unethical.

    For some reason, YOU chose to not disclose that your post was based on a call from a PR person. Do you generally disclose the source of your posts or are you paid for posts?

  • Monica



    After ALL THE HELP you give us saving money, I could care less for the tittle of your post, if anything I am THANKFUL for you taking the time to give us the OPTION to try different products.

    Sadly there are people that are not thankful and all they do is sit down and fell that they can be critics and be BOTHERED by your “mistakes”, thank God is you the one hosting it!

    Thanks again,

  • Anita

    I’m bothered that the above mentioned says “rebate” my understanding is that the Finish *FREE is for only if you are NOT SATISFIED with the product. I’m concerned that people will see your post and think they can get this product for better than free like alot of other freebies out there, where with this one it is not the case. I do not feel that this post is titled correctly. I do appreciate the hard work you do in creating your regular blogs and I do think this is an honest mistake.

    Thank you for your time,

    • Shannon


      I am an accountant by trade – to me the word rebate means a return of part or the entire the original payment for some service or merchandise; partial refund. At no point does it say Try Me Free REbate, etc. They won’t refund your tax, but wil refund you for the product.

      I did clearly note that it is IF you are unsatisfied. I received this from a PR rep who asked me about promoting their challenge. Finish wants you to try their product.

      I write every post with integrity and I will leave this post and hope that people use their best judgement with this product.