New P&G Rebate: Get $15.00 wyb $50.00

P&G Mail In Rebate

There is a new P&G Rebate available:

New P&G Rebate: Get $15.00 when you buy $50.00.

To receive your $15 pre-paid card by mail:

Purchase $50 worth of Venus, Secret, Olay, Pantene,Herbal Essences, Aussie, Head & Shoulders,Vidal Sassoon Clairol®COVERGIRL®Crest 3D
White®Puffs®Safeguard®or Ivory®products from 2/13/2013 to 4/30/2013.

*$50.00 purchase is subtotal before coupon redemption.

In a stamped envelope to:
Best Of Beauty Rebate
P.O. BOX 11395
South Bend, IN 46634-1395
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your pre-paid card.

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  • Penny Fox

    I mailed my rebate out on March 31, 2014 to
    Best of Beauty Rebate
    PO Box 11395 South Bend, IN 46634-1395

    it was sent back to me saying return to sender, not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward
    BC: 29456388646 1654-04933-32-34

    • Ruchama

      The rebate ended a year ago.

  • jennifer vega

    please I NEED ANSWERS..1.- do we have to CUT OUT the upc codes FROM the packages?? 2.- i had to send the original receipt (required) to get a refund of some insoles, can i send the copy?? 3.- do they need ALL the receipts?? 4.- DOES ANY BODY ELSE THINK THAT THE P&G CUSTOMER SERVICE LADY IS RUDE??

    • J.Clouseau

      Jennifer no need to fear, I have answers.
      1. 2. 3. Yes. 4. Sometimes she’s rude, but mostly when I’m asking her a million questions about things that she doesn’t find relevant like, “why is the sky blue?” Or “when do fish sleep?” I mean, I think they’re valid questions but she’s all “sir…this is p&g customer service, not the encyclopedia.”

      Now for the bad news… this offer expired April 30, 2013. This post is from February 17, 2013. Upper left corner is the date of the post. Bummer. Want to borrow my time machine? ;)

  • Jessica

    Does anyone have a UPC for Olay giftset from Target? I gave it away without writing it in. I have a receipt.

  • Sheri

    The labels peel off the shampoo bottles and deodorant but having difficulty with the mousse!?!? I am just going to write that one in, I guess. Any suggestions?

    • jennifer vega

      REALLY?? do we have to cut out the labels??

  • Teressa

    if possible copy UPC using printer then scan and download to computer that way you will have on file for next time. but i would ony send in 1 upc per multiple item.

  • Anonymous

    OK but the total has to be fifty before using any coupons and what about if you have like 100 $ spent do they give you double or do you do lseparate rebates

    • Teressa

      Seperate transactions, usually 1 rebate per address.

  • Sheila

    I cant’ get the rebate form to down load so I can print it. Any suggestion other then some kind person wiling to copy and paste ,

  • How do you know it’s $50 “before coupon redemption?” I swear I read it on the form before I made my purchases, but now that I’m trying to put it together, I can’t find it in writing.

    • SAM

      Does the Total purchase need to be $50.00 before or after taxes?

      • Anonymous

        i was wondering the same thing

        • Anonymous

          i found an answer that it’s 50 before tax

  • Erika

    Called P&G and they state REBATE NOT VALID UNLESS O ONE RECIEPT… They were RUDE and i was PISSED!!!!!

    • Jane

      If you have to have ONE receipt, then I wonder why it says submit your receipt(s)?

      I am afraid to try it if you have to buy it all at one store in one transaction.

      Anyone else have more than one receipt?

    • teressa

      You CAN have multiple receipts.

  • Anonymous

    I know Venus is part of gillette, but does this offer include any gillette products? Thanks

    • Anonymous

      I would say no, just Venus, because it’s all about the “Best In Beauty”. In the past, I’ve had Proctor and Gamble return rebates because its wasn’t Exactly to their specification, so I wouldn’t risk it with a Gilette Product!

  • Kali

    On the rebate form, under MAIL: it says “original UPC from the package (include a graphic if possible)” What does this mean?

    • shelby

      Yes I would love to know too!!! So what they want you to cut the plastic shampoo bottle so they can have the UPC?? 4×6 pictures of the UPC codes?!? ha I laugh as I think about the products I would have to (but they are crazy if they think I actually would) cut apart!

    • Anonymous

      This is new- normally all you have to do is write down the UPC from the bottle (that’s why there’s the place to list hte idividual UPC codes on the rebate). Hmmm…..I’ll cut out an UPC’s I can (like off the package of a mascara) but if its a shampoo bottle they’re getting the written UPC code and that’s it!)

      • Brenda

        So than we don’t need to take a picture of it? We just cut off what we can and write down what we cant cut? im confused lol

    • Anonymous

      If anyone finds out what to do about the upc codes on the shampoo bottles, I would like to know as well!

      • Anonymous

        080878172054 shampoo panenr miracle repair

  • Kate griffin

    Can you submit multiple receipts?

    • Barb


  • C.B

    Thanks ,I already have a head start I got like $25 dollars worth of Pantene.