Walmart: $49 Kindle {After Giftcard}

 If you have been thinking about buying a Kindle, you might want to check out this deal. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

Get a Kindle for $49.99 after gift card. This is instores at Walmart. It is in the weekly ad, however, you may want to call in advance to see if they have any in stock.

Kindle $79.99
Get $30.00 Walmart Gift Card
$49.99 after gift card

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  • Jennifer Young

    Thank you thank you thank you!! I wanted to get this as a gift this week and didn’t see the Walmart flyer. Fantastic deal! For any locals in PA, the Trooper Walmart had a bunch as of last night. Thanks again!

  • Dawn

    I was looking online too for it at and it’s not listed. I am actually looking to get Kindle Fire for my daughter for her bday and would rather pick up locally then order through

  • thanks, Melanie, for the info!

  • Melanie

    No fees, just upload and read! And there are a TON! of free books available.

    I was hoping to get this because we homeschool and there are a lot of educational books that I have in my Kindle account that aren’t available on my Nook.

  • ok, i know what a kindle is, but i don’t really know how it works. do you have to pay a mo. usage fee (like w/ cellphones) or just buy it & upload books & that’s it? thanks in advance for enlightening me! =)

  • Melanie

    Can anyone see this at My stores are out (the nearest store only had TWO on Saturday and they both sold over the weekend!) and I was hoping to do Site To Store but I can’t see it online anywhere. Maybe they’re not allowed to offer it online, only in the store?

    • Shannon

      in store only.

    • Carol

      check with your store for when they are getting more. I called this morning and they were out but she told me they would be getting more this afternoon. When I called this evening they had 7-8 on the shelf and more in the back. This is in Harrisburg, PA. hopefully others are getting more in too. I’m so happy to have gotten one for my daughter’s birthday. She’ll be so thrilled. I was back and forth about it but at this price, I decided to go for it!

  • Susan

    I called the closest Walmart to me and they had one left. I actually wanted to get two but, I decided one was better then none. On the way my husband said we should try another Walmart further away. Well, we went to the first one and got that one. We then asked the clerk if she could call the other store and see if they had any. She called and they said they had quite a few. So, we left the first Walmart and went to the second. They had two left. We bought one and used the $30. gift card from the first one. So, in the end we got one Kindle for $79. and one for $49.

  • Samantha D.

    No, the person who refers (YOU) gets 1,000 points/enough for a $1 Amazon gift card for using your username as a referral. The person entering your name as their referral gets 50 points, which is not enough for an Amazon card. You don’t have to lie.

    • Lydia

      Ouch! Maybe he was just confused?

      • Shannon

        no that was spam.

    • Shannon

      Deleted that spam post. So annoying!

      • Lydia

        I agree that it is extremely annoying. I have a blog too and deal with spam all the time. WHAT do people get out of doing that?! GRR!

  • Just got mine!