TRU – Trivial Pursuit Game $1.00


From now until 11/28 Toys R Us is offering Trivial Pursuit Game for $1.00 each, in stores only. Regularly $29.99.

This offer is in the ad, so you may try price matching at Walmart.


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  • yara

    I’m trying to see the ad on their web page but I can’t see it.

  • Melissa

    My store didn’t have any yesterday when I got there. So I went this morning to see if they got any in overnight which they didn’t. BUT… in the spot where they had the games (in a bin in the front of the store) they had the BopIt Smash games with the $1.00 sign for the trivia games. I told the manager that she needed to take the sign down so people wouldn’t get confused. She appreciated me pointing it out to her and she let me purchase two of the BopIts for $1.00 each. So I didn’t get what I went in for but still got a couple of inexpensive , good quality Christmas gifts to give. :)

  • Daniel H

    I went not too long after opening, yesterday, and saw none of these, nor a place where they were supposed to be. I’m not sure if they sold out quickly and removed the signage and filled the shelf up with something else or if they didn’t have any at all. Oh well. I guess I didn’t need it. I thought about picking up a couple and giving one as a gift and possibly keeping one to try it out. I’m not much for normal Trivial Pursuit, but for a $1, why not?

  • Christine A.

    Went in this morning, nothing in stock. Out of stock on another toy. I was told that that they don’t do rain checks for anything. Nothing ever works out for me at TRU. Don’t think I will be going back again.

  • Shannon W

    Tried TRU in Harrisburg Pa. They were out.
    Tried Target and Walmart and neither carry it in their stores :-(

  • gabriela

    You might want to call your store before you head out. I went to my store and there weren’t any on the shelve just a few minutes after opening. Asked, but there aren’t any rainchecks and they did not stock or order extra for the sale. What a bummer…hate when this happens.

  • Sherry

    I tried to get Target to price match a while back when Toys R Us had the Operations games for $1. They wouldn’t match it. Said it was a “special sale” that they didn’t have to price match.

  • Chris

    I want to thank you for all the savings my family and I have incurred d/t your web site. I got to the store around 10 a.m and managed to get the last 2 games. I’m sure that my son and another child that will recieve the donated one will be very happy.

    • For the Mommas

      Yeah! I love that you are donating too! :) Happy Holidays!

  • jamie s.

    Isn’t Target price matching for the holidays, too?

  • Erica

    This might be a really dumb question, but I have never price matched anywhere before… will Walmart price match a print out of the TRU ad, or do you have to have the actual ad in hand?

    • Heather M

      Well, per Wal-Marts price match policy – “we do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad.”

      However, with that being said – every single time I have tried to price match, they tell me that they require the ad.

      • Heather M

        Sorry – the ACTUAL ad.

    • Carrie

      I would call your walmart. I did and they said I could bring in a print out of the ad or the ad on my smart phone.

  • Chris Y.

    Which circular is that ad in? My TRU ad from the Sunday 11/25 paper doesn’t show $1 Trivial Pursuit.

  • Heather M

    What page in the ad are you seeing this? I cannot find it?!

  • Janice K.

    I was going to head to TRU today, but the snow has me staying local….off to Wal-Mart :)

  • Shannon W

    Can you tell me which Ad it is in? Thanks

  • Jennifer Young

    What?? I was just there yesterday. DANGIT!

    • For the Mommas

      sale is only good today and tomorrow, so you didn’t waste a trip!