Toys R Us: Check Your Email If You Ordered $1 Operation Game


If you ordered at $1.00 Operation Game from ToysRUs – be sure to check your email – they have sent gift cards to many who had their orders cancelled.

Here is the email I received:

We are writing to you today, to apologize for disappointing you because we were unable to fulfill your online order during our recent game deal. Demand for this offer was overwhelming, which led to a depletion of our inventory and our inability to process all orders. Once this occurred, we tried to secure additional game units from the manufacturer, but were unable to do so, causing a delay in notifying some customers that their order would not be fulfilled. In offering this deal, it was certainly our intention to complete all orders.

Clearly, we did not meet your, or our own, expectations for the excellent service you deserve from us. Please be assured that we will take this opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review of our entire process in offering this deal, so this situation does not happen again. We have enclosed a code for $5 off your next purchase, in the hopes you will shop with us again online and see that we are committed to doing better.

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  • Esther Gill via Facebook

    I too was in on this whole ordeal and never viewed it as a scam. Obviously offering a $15+ game for $1 there is going to be high demand! After I got the email that my order had been cancelled I was able to price match at Target the next day and got my 1 game for $1. I was also able to pick up the alternative $1 game at Toys R Us (Life). I was SO happy to get that email for $5 off an online purchase. They have hexbugs BOGO 50% so I picked up 2 for a total of $4 after using my coupon code! At least TRU tried to make it right with their customers! I’ve dealt with other companies where an order of mine had been cancelled for similar reasons and I didn’t get any kind of compensation.

  • Rachael Minor via Facebook

    Mine are still on back order but I am not holding my breath.

  • Amanda Gilbert via Facebook

    @Becky- No this is not a place to vent.. I am sure there are “venting” pages out there some where… Like any deal you win some and you loose some. Be glad that they are giving out the $5 credits and move on with life… For the Mommas is not a venting page. She post the deals that she finds, if they ship to your door GREAT! if they dont, you tried now MOVE ON and stop whining. For the Mommas has NO control over what happens when you do a deal. And personally, I think it is wrong to slam her page whining about not getting a deal. Happens to me all the time, but I just go on and try to find another one. There are hundreds of deals out there, just need to take the time and look for them yourself!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melanie

    I just called TRU and was told that they are just back-ordered and that my shipment will be sent out within 1-2 weeks…It seems to me that everyone is getting different info from them and I am pretty upset because I know I will not be getting the ONE I ordered :(

  • Jean

    I called to complain when my order was cancelled. They told me there was nothing they could do. So I asked to speak to someone else. They called me back today and gave me the choice of R2D2 Operation or Cars 2 Operation. And since I originally purchased 3 they let me get 3 of them for the $1 price. I was pretty excited! The guy told me that lots of people were purchasing 500 at a time so that is why they sold out so fast. People need to be a little reasonable. Maybe Toys R Us should have limited this deal to 1 or something so that this wouldn’t have happened.

  • tonya

    this really does sound like a scam to me…did anyone who ordered online to be shipped to home get their order fulfilled??? I rest my case! I’m certainly bitter about TRU.

  • @ Hilary, I don’t think there is anything wrong with venting or being upset about an order being cancelled. It’s all in the way you handle it. I can only speak for myself, but I had no problem expressing my concern. It was beyond just having my order cancelled. I understand that things can be ordered so fast that the system can’t keep up (not showing that something is out of stock). My main concern was that the only emails I was getting were updates showing that my order would be delayed (up until it was finally cancelled yesterday). When I did talk to someone, she told me that their “stock” was depleted in minutes and they were/are unable to get more. If that was the case, my concern was that we all would have appreciated getting response, even if a cancellation notice, within a day or even two. We could have then had the opportunity at least of TRYING to locate one in store or price matching at a different store with the current ad, being that the sale went until the 10th. Our opportunity was lost when getting word that much later. I was very nice to the woman and just stated what I felt. My life would not have been “upsetting” if I wasn’t given anything, I would have been fine with the $5 credit too, and I am very satisfied with what I did get. Either or, it never hurts to express your concern/frustration to a company when these types of things happen. A lot of times, they will “make it right”. @ Lauren, I’m sorry but I already deleted all correspondence regarding that first order from my email.

  • Noelle

    I called and complained when it happened and they sent me a $10 gift card in the mail.

  • Mine is on “backorder” they still haven’t officially cancelled it. It will automatically cancel after 30 days. Is anyone else in the same situation? I think I will probably not get them but one could hope.

  • Ordered 2 of them, it got cancelled, they gave me $5, so I am happy with that! Got more out of it in the end. It’s just a board game, no big deal. Used the credit towards a Mobigo game I got for my youngest. Better deal anyways.

  • Becky N Sergio Osorio via Facebook

    Somebody always on their high horse (hilary). This is a place to vent let us be!

  • OK, some of you need to stop and get a grip. Really? Your life is that upsetting because a toy order got cancelled? Be glad they even offered $5.00. Do you know how many companies just cancel orders and give nothing? Geez.

  • Sue

    I ordered online, and was able to pick my order up on Wednesday when I was in town. They had superior service!! I picked up my order, and it was short by one. On the pick-up slip it doesn’t say how many are in the order, just an order number. The manager came over to see what the issue was, asked me to wait a minute, and went in back and got me my last game.

    Actually, my store had a delivery mid-week of more games. I think TRU did an awesome job with this deal!!

    ps…Our local Target stores were also great about price matching for whatever they had in stock. Lots of people on our local good deal list got in on this in our area.

  • Becky N Sergio Osorio via Facebook

    Well atleast you guys got something, I just got off the phone and all I got was a big excuse! >:

  • Lauren Meikle Dunn via Facebook

    Can someone who got the $25 or $30 credit give me their order number? They said they won’t do anything for me until I can give them an order number for someone who got a higher credit than me!

  • Katie

    Got it! Yay, thanks for the heads up.

  • Lauren Meikle Dunn via Facebook

    I only got $5

  • Carie

    My order got canceled too and I even emailed them about it, how I was disappointed. I got a 10% off code, but not an email with a gift card!!

  • I called and complained and they did nothing for me! I got the email for this whole $5 off my next order! I am very upset with toysrus! I too feel I got suckered into order stuff!

  • I also got a $25 free credit and free shipping after complaining a few days ago. I went back and forth through email, but then a lady called me, so I wouldn’t know the #. While I didn’t raise my voice, I did stress how upset I was by the whole ordeal. FYI, they initially offered a 10% off code, but I mentioned that they could probably do better and suggested $25 or two free games. They accepted! I was happy with that. :)

  • Wow… $ 30 off? That’s pretty cool. I only got $5 off. Sounds kinda funny.

  • Becky N Sergio Osorio via Facebook

    Kim, what number did you call? I want to call and complain….I feel like I got suckered into it and I even bought other games. …
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  • I got the same thing and just tried to use the promo code. There were a few good deals in the clearance section but when I added the promo code it removed all the other offers (B1G1 50% off etc) it will also not let me use shoprunner (even though I am signed in) for some reason with or without the promo code. Not very happy with ToysRUs right now.

  • Yea, I feel like it was a scam. I called and complained. They sent me a code for $30 off my next order and another code for free shipping. They are good until April.

  • True. It would have been nice to trigger to those who did try to order. I will be using my code on black friday

  • Sally

    Is the code unique? I had mine cancelled but didn’t get an email.

    • Shannon


  • Denise Bergeron via Facebook

    So did I! i just wish they offered rain checks to use on a further date. I feel like this was a bait and switch. I’m very upset! No more Toys R us for me! :/

  • Yep. I got the email just a few moments ago