Office Max: $.01 Copy Paper {After Rewards}

Update: You can order this paper online and use code SAVEATHON to get 20% off as well!  You can order the Mr. Sketch markers and get 100% back. I am thinking they would make a great stocking stuffer.

Thanks, Holly

Here is a nice deal on copy paper at Office Max.  You can pick up a case of 8×11 Multi-use Copy Paper for just $.01 after Office Max Perks Rewards.

  • Pay $42.99 for a case of Office Max Multi use Copy Paper, get $42.98 back in Perks Rewards.

You can also pick up free batteries at Staples this week.


  1. Kylee

    If I purchase this using my previously earned maxrewards do I still get the full maxrewards?

    • Ryan P

      Yes. OfficeMax rewards are the only ‘office supplies’ store that the rewards ROLL OVER.

      If you have MaxRewards from a previous month, you CAN use these towards the paper and get the full MaxRewards back again.

      I do this every month. You can just keep getting the ‘Free’ stuff over and over again, just like you can do at Rite Aid UP rewards and CVS ExtraBucks. It just ‘rolls forward’.

      Warning: There is no easy way to ‘cash out’ your rewards. In other words, you used to be able to buy ‘gift cards’ with your rewards. But now, it has to be merchandise. So, if you want OUT of the program, better find something you really want :)

      - Ryan P

      • Kylee

        Thank you!! I think I’ll be pretty cool with rolling over for free stuff every couple of months LOL :)

        • Ryan P

          Some other tips:
          1) You CAN use a website like eBates or FatWallet to earn Cashback

          2) You can ONLY use 1 “Rewards” per transaction. (So, for example, if you have $30 in rewards for August, $20 from September, you can’t use both. You have to use just 1. You enter the Card + PIN number as your payment method.)

          3) Remember to verify that your MaxPerks rewards card is listed on the Order Summary. Otherwise, you can’t earn rewards for it!

          - Ryan P

  2. Jade

    How do I get the “rebate” after I purchase the paper?

  3. Tara

    The Markers, the Pencil Sharpener and the Eraser which were all free with the MaxPerks rewards are now saying “discontinued” – that stinks! I really wanted the markers for the kids for stockings!

  4. Carolyn

    Does anyone know when this offer ends?


  5. Holly

    When you place an online order, you’ll need to enter the reward card # and the pin number – they keep the MaxPerks account info separate from your login info on You can locate those by logging in separately to your online Maxperks account ( Hope this is helpful!

  6. carrie

    Is there a place to put a reward card # in or is it already there if you have an account?

  7. carrie

    Is there a place to put a reward card # in or is it already there if you have an account?

  8. emily

    max perk rewards come back to you in the form of store credit? not as a rebate, correct?

    • Sheri

      That is correct. It comes as on online code. You can print it and use it in the store or on another OfficeMax online order.

  9. Holly

    This deal is available online as well as in stores. I just ordered online and used the code SAVEATHON that’s on their home page to score an additional 20% off my order! I realize that the bonus reward amount that I’ll receive back will be reduced by that same 20%, but it’s still less out of pocket! Also available for free after Maxperks Bonus Rewards is the Mr. Sketch scented markers – limit of 4, so I also ordered those using the 20% off.

    • Shannon

      sweet! Thanks Holly I need to order today!

  10. Amy

    Is this an in store deal, or online?

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