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Cheerleader magazineGrab this free subscription to American Cheerleader if you have a tween or a teenager who is into cheerleading!  If you want more magazines, check this website out here for various magazine choices.

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  • Adult

    You’re giving cheer a blonde name! SPELL CHECK PLEASE.

  • cheer

    What magazines are good to publish srticals?

  • kealijah

    i was the captin of carver cougprs but my mom made me change schools and i dont think i can do it:[

  • torrie derleth

    ive been a cheerleader started n kindergarden. Then my mom put me n a studio and Ive never left chearleading at 8and now 16 and i dance know to with hip-hop tap liycal and jazz and gymnastics and there is nothing like getting ready for compation season and the rush when we get on the matts and we do our routin and our stunts are perfect the feeling u cant buy. and when u get called 1st u know all ur hard work has payed off. and its so worth everything we do.

  • Tim Mcmullen

    I just love cheerleading being a man and all

  • Kiara

    Cheerleading is amazing I have been cheering 4 about 9
    years. I can basically throw anything I am a flyer and a tumbler.
    If u want 2 succed in cheerleading you have to set your mind into it.
    If your not a good tumbler then tale tumbling classes. I am sure
    they will work!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love your picture<3 POOH IS AWSOME

  • Jenny

    I missed my chance! What industry did you use when looking for great magazines?