HOT: Kindles for as low as $19.00

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Alright folks, this is a hot deal, but not everyone will get it. You will want to head here and see if you have this Kindle Offers.  You can score a Kindle for as low as $19.00. The Paperwhite is $44.00, the Kindle Fire $89.00 and the HDX is $154.00.

REMINDER: NOT EVERYONE WILL GET THIS OFFER!  You can check here. Let us know if you got it!  You can check here for the Kindle and Kindle Fire deals Here .



  • This offer is limited to one device per customer; offer applies to the lowest priced qualifying item in your cart at time of checkout. This offer is not transferable.
  • You are only eligible for this offer if you received an email from notifying you of the promotion, or if you clicked on the “Exclusively for You: Save $75” advertisement on the home page.

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  • Melissa

    So strange… I didn’t get it yesterday when I checked, but today I went back just to see and I DID have the offer today. So if you didn’t get it, check again later.

  • Katie

    Not eligible…

  • Lana

    You can actually take advantage of two offers. There is one offer where you save $75 on the Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Foxfire HDX and another offer where you save $50 on the Kindle or the Kindle Fire HD. I got the Paperwhite for myself and the Kindle Fire HD for the hubby.

  • Julie

    Wahoo!! I got it. Just grabbed a basic Kindle. I might give it to the hubs for his birthday in a couple of weeks if I can get him to agree that sometimes having a very portable library of books IS indeed better than trying to take the Lord of the Rings trilogy in hardback on vacation. ;) Thanks for the tip!

    • Shannon

      LOL Julie that is funny and for $19 – you can get free Kindle Loans from the library! This is my favorite thing about my Kindle.

  • Lauren

    I have it! Thanks!

    • Joey

      Sweet!!! :)

  • Connie

    Wow! I actually got it! Yay!!!

    • Shannon


  • Maggie

    I’m not eligible.

    • Anonymous

      Me either… :(

  • Jennifer

    We have multiple accounts for different members of the family. The first two didn’t have the offer, but the third one did. I got a spare kindle in preparation for emergency book reports and checking out digital books from the library. I was tired of loaning mine out!

  • Tina

    I wasn’t eligible, but my husband was :-) Go figure! Now he is going to ask me why I bought it. LOL

    • Shannon

      LOL well … it is a GREAT deal!

  • Knicks02

    i got it thx. thx for letting me know about this

    • Joey

      Yay! :)

  • Valerie

    I got it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Shannon

      Awesome Valerie!

  • Beth

    i didnt get it either. making hubby check his amazon acct later lol

  • Planters Peanuts

    i didn’t get it :(