Regal Cinemas: $1.00 Summer Movies for Kids

Regal Cinemas will be offering $1.00 G and PG rated movies for only a dollar during Regal’s Summer Movie Express Festival.

The movies are played on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s through out the summer.

Thanks, Mama Cheaps.

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  • Melissa McK

    Yeah it seems they are offering them in 3 MA theaters in the richest towns they probably have theaters, LOL! I’m sure those people will enjoy it though. There are 3 Regals within a 20 min ride from me alone, but only 3 in the state are participating. Oh well!

  • Janice K.

    Bummer….they took off the 2 theaters from last year that we would go to. Time for new summer ideas!

  • Janice K.

    No more free movies like in the past? Oh darn!

  • Jaime

    Would it kill them to actually offer this in more than 7 theaters in PA? Too bad, sounded like a fun idea I was going to share with my friends!