Amazon Wipes Deals

Many of you have asked me to post when the wipes deals are live again. Here are two that are available right now:

Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Baby Wipes Popup Refill, 216-Count Pack (Pack of 3) are $16.53, but with the Amazon Moms discount of 30% , they are  $11.57 shipped. 

Just make sure you are a member of Amazon Moms.  Go the Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Baby Wipes, then choose the subscribe and save on the right hand side. If you do not wish to receive another shipment, simply cancel the subscription after your order ships.

Amazon has Pampers Soft Care Scented Wipes, 720 Count for $19.31, which come down to 13.52 shipped with Amazon Moms.   Once you are a member of Amazon Moms, just add Pampers Soft Care Scented Wipes to your cart using the Subscribe and Save option to save 30%.  Once your order ships, you can cancel your subscription.

Note:  If you have not made a purchase for Amazon Moms, remember that you need to do so to keep your free 2 day shipping option.

If you received the $10 off any purchase postcard, you can score an even better deal!

Note: Remember that Amazon deals can change at any time.

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  • whitney

    Last week i did the huggies deal with the 10 off coupon and now I wanted the pampers wipes with the 10.00 has anyone been able to use a 10 off coupon twice? Any advice?

  • Jasmine, 26, Detroit

    Hey guys, I just had the best order from Amazon, FREEE! I ordered 1 “Pampers ThickCare Wipes, Unscented, 504 Count” for reg price $13.99 , with Amazon Mom(free ship when you sign up for Amazon Mom) and Subscribe and Save, it dropped to $9.79. I put in my $10 off code from baby talk magazine and WHA-LAAA, FREEEE! It covered it all, that made my day and I just wanted to share it with everyone! WOO-HOO!!

  • Kelly G.

    If anyone has any extra $10 off codes please let me know and I’ll send a few really good coupons in return. Thanks

  • Laura F

    I’m confused about the Amazon Mom. I am a member but do you have to cancel before 3 months are up to not get charged a fee? Or is Amazon Mom always free? Thanks! :)

    • Shannon

      @Laura F,

      Its always free Laura.

      • Laura F

        Thanks, Shannon! :)

        Another question – do I have to cancel the Prime though after 3 months or is the Prime and the Amazon mom the same thing? Thanks. Sorry, I’m confused… ;)

  • Meghan V.

    I was going to do the subscribe and save on the 7th generation diaper deal but could not find a place to use my amazon gift cards. Do they not let you pay with gift cards on the S&S?

    • Shannon

      @Meghan V.,

      Enter your gift cards first — through your account management – then it will automatically take your gift cards off first.

  • michelle

    there was a $10 off coupon in parenting early years too!

  • Holly

    i also was able to get this deal! i got 720 pampers wipes for $2.94 and free shipping! i found my $10 off coupon in the recent “Baby Talk” magazine as well. I was dissapointed because i didnt have an amazon moms account and i didnt think i would be able to get the postcard or the deal. but when i found the coupon in the magazine, i went straight to my computer and signed up! thank you!

  • Kayla

    Is it only certain diapers and wipes that qualify for the Subscribe and Save option? I tried checking out using the Pampers Thick Wipes but didnt completely check out because I didnt see the option of the Subscribe and Save. I have a 1 year and plan to have nunber three next spring and saving on diapers and wipes like this will help keep home hopefully a few more years. Thanks for you awesome tips!

    • Shannon


      It is only certain types.

  • Anna

    Wahoo!!! Huggies are my favorite wipes (I think they are much thicker than Pampers). Anyway, with my $10.00 coupon I spent a grand total of $1.57 to have 648 baby wipes shipped to my door. On a side note my $10.00 off coupon came in my “Baby Talk” magazine. I kept looking for a post card in the mail but then found it in the magazine. Thanks so much for all you do. You’ve saved me at least $1,000…which helps enable me to be a stay at home Mom – my daughter thanks you :-)