$20 Old Navy Certificate for $10

Head over to Groupon to grab this $20.00  Old Navy Groupon for just $10.00

If you are new to Groupon head here to sign up, then click here for the Groupon.

If you are a member of Groupon, you can click here to go direct to Old Navy Groupon.

Limit 1 per person. Purchase of Groupon may take up to 48 hours to process. Valid on purchase of $20 or more at Old Navy Stores only. Valid from 12/22/11-1/28/12 at US Old Navy Stores only.


  1. Annie

    I just used my Old Navy Groupon today and I couldn’t combine it with the 30% off coupon so I gave it to the lady in front of me so that at least she could get a discount. She was very happy. The prices at Old Navy are pretty incredible right now although I was a little disappointed in what poor quality a lot of their clothing was. But I scored two sweaters so I was happy.

  2. Dont forget to sign up at Ebates before you buy! You get 3% cash back now for groupon!!! I always forget groupon is now listed!


  3. Heather C


  4. loriann – wow howd u do that ?

  5. sweetfairy

    We can use it only on some clothes. I tried to purchase school uniform and they didn’t allow it. I was told that I can buy only certain items with groupon.

  6. Just used my last one yesterday. I did separate transactions to maximize savings (had coupons)

  7. Yes, you cannot combine them with coupons, but I have gotten some great buys – especially for Evan (my son).

  8. dawn

    You can’t combine them with any other coupons but they can be used on sales and clearance except for weekend wonders and a couple of other exclusions that I can’t remember.

    Shannon, Coats were on sale on Sunday when I used my Groupon. I bought my daughter a coat that is usually $44 that was on sale for $20 using a Groupon that I paid $10 for. Thanks for the savings.

  9. Loriann Metz via Facebook

    No you cannot combine coupons with a Groupon – but you can do a separate order – I bought fleece jammies, pants, jackets for everyone for Xmas and saved almost 200.00… Great deal…

  10. cathy

    does anyone know if it’s okay to use the groupon with the 20% off coupon? thanks!

  11. Janna Quealy via Facebook

    i LOVE these i am able to get alot… ive never ever had an issue and yes it does state on them that they cant be combinded with any other offers

  12. Joy Jewell via Facebook

    I bought these twice and both times they were difficult to redeem and they wouldn’t let me use coupons with the groupon. Boo

  13. Kathleen Benner

    Bought one! Thought it would be a good time so I can use it with any Old Navy gift cards that I may get for Christmas! :) Thanks!!

    • Shannon

      I have on that expires on 12/24 – going to go shopping on my birthday this week to buy myself something – I really need a new winter coat – so hoping they have a sale. I was freezing in my fleece this week, so time to break down and buy one! I know totally random :)

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