What’s In Your Mailbox 8/8


It was a fun mailbox week for me!  Here is what I received last week:

I hope you are taking the time to request these great samples!   Make sure you follow FTM on Facebook for all the heads up!

So did you have a great mailbox week? Tell us what you got or even better, send a photo!  Email us here.


  1. Alexis

    I got the Barista Coffee Cups as well, and I was also a mug winner in their photo contest for this week. My photo is still in the running, but hasn’t won yet…

    Also got the free Nestle drumstick, a free sample and coupon for Depends (not sure what I’m gonna do with that! lol), coupons from Skinny Cow, and baby formula checks/coupons/samples!

    Good week for me! :)

  2. ozzie

    toysrus is having an awesome double dip sale. first buy and crayola get one free and on top of that u get a free game pad 11.99 value when u spend 9.99 or more on crayola. so u ccan spend 9.99 and get two things free a total value of at least 30 if u only spend 9.99.

  3. Sally

    Just out of curiousity, how many of the samples and coupons were facebook offers? I’m not on facebook and am certainly feeling like I’m missing out on quite a few goodies!

    • Shannon

      Sal, there are alot of Facebook offers.. Can I ask why?

      • Sally

        I’m trying to avoid facebook for the next year because I’m focusing on graduating. But my mailbox never looks like that! I try to do most of the non-facebok offers and so I don’t get very much in my mailbox. So I found myself curious if most of those were non-facebook offers….and HTH I missed them all!!

        • Shannon


          Suggestion – my dog has a facebook page with umm no friends. There is no “facebook” distraction and also no privacy issues.

          I use her page to request freebies :)

          • Sally

            I shall ponder that idea!
            But can my cat “like” your dog? Pleeeeaaaase?

            • Shannon

              LOLLLLL :P

  4. Frankye B.

    idk why but 2 downy unstoppables! lol
    finally everytime i pass them i wonder where my sample was,
    i like the kid no reachie logo , im tempted to eat it looks like lil candy, good thing i know better!

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