Wendys: Free Jr. Frosty with Key Tag

Update: I wrote in this post that this promotion may not be valid in all parts of the country – please do not leave a comment saying the promotion has ended.. it is different for every area – if you would like leave your area so other readers know it is not valid in your area, that is great, but a blanket it is not available is not true. Thanks!

I received this email from Annie today –

I heard about this deal from a friend, so sent my hubby on a mission to Wendy’s  Tuesday night to try it out.  He bought a keychain tag for $1.  It is valid all year long for a free Jr. Frosty with any purchase.  Then, he said, can I get a free frosty with this purchase?  ANd she said yes, you can.  I love it – he’s learning!!  So, for slightly more than the cost of one jr. frosty, you can get them free all year long with any other purchase.  I am thinking, BOGO frosty dates… :)  I think select Wendy’s get the keychain tags at the beginning of each year, and sell them while supplies last.

So check out your Wendy’s to see if they are offering this keychain for $1.00.  You get a free Frosty Jr. with any other purchase for the entire year. This promotion may not be valid country wide, so please check first!

Thanks, Annie

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  • I was given one of these key chains for free as a special promotion today in MD. so I get free frostys all year for free, as long as I buy something else! awesome

    • Anonymous

      which MD store?

    • gary

      they are not good til the end of the year, only til august, the another can be bought for thr rest of 2014

  • Jules

    I just got one in mid-Michigan, good until the end of 2012!
    My son had a Wendy’s in his dorm building at Michigan, he’s the one that told me about them. It’s a good snack; but 200 calories.

  • Tara W

    I just called my local Wendy’s in the KY area. They only accept them, no of the restaurants sell them :(

    Does anyone have a couple extra??? I would normally just get one but with twins……you can never just get one of anything…hahah

  • Josh

    Would anyone be willing to buy one and send it to me? I want one for my brother’s birthday. I would be willing to pay by paypal!

    • Robyn

      Josh, if they still have them, I’ll get ya one. I’m going this afternoon.

  • Nicole

    I just got one yesterday in Fairfax, VA and they are good for the rest of the year here!

  • Mel

    Okay, first off, I love this deal. Can’t wait to see if it’s available in my area. My son willl be thrilled. But what really made me smile was that your hubby is now asking about the savings. I have my three year old trained to understand that we only buy treats if we have a coupon or it’s on sale. But my hubby is still a work in progress!! Kudos to yours! I’m impressed!

  • Jenifer

    My mom had this in Edwardsville, IL last year and I was so jealous! I’m hopeful my area has them this year ;-)

    • AL

      Thank you for this info, I was wondering about the E’ville location.

  • I think some stores might be confused as well. I had one of these for 2010 and it did just expire. However, many areas are coming out with new keytags. So, if your store tells you the promo is expired, it may just be that the particular employee doesn’t know that there is a new promo.

    Last year (as Shannon said) this wasn’t everywhere. We had it here, but my mom 90 minutes away did not.

  • Ginny

    I am in West Michigan and bought 12 tags today. Available until end of March or when supplies are gone, but good thru the end of 2011. The sign in my Wendys store said good only in Michigan.

    • Rita Collins

      @Ginny, Could you tell me where at in west Michigan? Thanks.

      • Ginny

        @Rita Collins,
        SE Grand Rapids at the Wendys on 28th St SE near CenterPoint Mall

  • Nicole W.

    The tags are available at the Harding Place location in Nashville.

    • Jenifer

      @Nicole W., Yippee!!!! I’m going tomorrow!!!!

      • Nicole W.

        No purchase necessary, Jenifer :)

    • Robyn

      Totally going to Harding Place as soon as I shower! I want one of these!

  • mary

    I just got one earlier today and they expire 6/30/11. A purchase is required even if its just fries off the dollar menu. Wendy’s donates 80 cents from every keychain purchase to some cause, I didn’t read any further on the promo sheet. It’s very similar to the Halloween promotion they had where you buy a booklet for $1 and there are 20 coupons for free frosty’s except you didn’t need any purchase to use those coupons.

  • Jen

    Called a local Wendy’s… They said this promo ended 12/30/10. :(

    • Shannon


      It is varying – I just picked one up today — so this isn’t the case for everyone.

  • Laura

    We got these last year and loved it! It’s great to have this when you are out deal hunting and need a snack…small fries and a free jr frosty. Perfect! I bought one last year for my family members that love wendy’s as well! I’ll definitely be buying this again!

  • Sharon

    I bought 2 last year in January in the Langhorne/Philly area. I live in the Lancaster area and was able to use is all year. We daily drive by a Wendys and I was able to treat at least 2 kids at a time to a frosty. They loved it. I would probably get a 3rd this year so I can enjoy it with them!

  • judi

    I called the local Wendy’s near me… the guy said it was a promotion that had already expired. Sad in San Diego.

    • Shannon

      It depends on your area.. like I said .. while supplies last. :)

  • Ann

    I’m in NE PA and we had them last year! Hope they have them again this year!

  • LilKim

    I’ve heard you can buy more than one keytag……so if you have 4 ppl in your family, you can buy 4 keytags, and get 4 free jr frosties with each visit.

  • Evelyn

    I hate to burst your bubble but Frosty’s are one of the worst things you can eat. :( My kids and I would treat ourselves to Frosty’s every now and then until I saw an article a few months ago (top 10 worst fast food items). Frosty’s contain 10 or 13 different chemicals to make it “dairy-like” yet non-dairy. It was well within the top 10 of worst foods. So…we no longer get Frosty’s. Just an FYI…

    • Shannon


      I don’t think you are bursting anyone’s bubble.. . It’s Wendy’s not Whole Foods.

    • mary

      Evelyn, those extra items are mostly thickening agents like guar gum which is harmless. It’s the Frosty’s that are made like Blizzards that are fattening and really full of sugar. A basic chocolate or vanilla Jr. Frosty is fine, everything in moderation.

    • Erin

      @Evelyn, Frosties are definitely dairy! They have other ingredients as well, but they do contain milk. Just don’t want to throw off any lactose-intolerant people like myself into thinking Frosties are safe for our tummies. :)

  • ShaNae

    I got one of these last year. I am embarrassed to admit how much we used it. But my husband and I really thought it was great

  • We did this last year and it was wonderful!! My kids complain about the small size of it but it is a take it or leave it thing for me. Some is better than none! They got a lot of free frosty’s when they had dinner out with my mom.

  • Elizabeth

    I did these for my kids last year and was able to use two key tags everyday! The manager said there was no limit to the number you were able to own or use in a day. His exact words, “Ma’am, if you bring in 100 tags, I will give you 100 frosties everyday….and, I never had to pay tax. Where we live (Wilmington, NC) the tag got you a Junior Frosty…it was like a 5 oz dixie cup size. Perfect for little ones and those who just want “a little” something. If they are available here again, I will purchase two again.

  • betsy scott

    They didn’t have them at our location in NC

  • D

    They def had them in MD this past year. My kids got them as favors at a birthday party – what a GREAT idea!! :) We (I mean, THEY!) thoroughly enjoyed them…and the Frosty Jr. is really small, a perfect size for the kiddos!

  • Brenda

    I just got off the phone with my Wendy’s. The manager there said I have to buy the key chain from corporate. They would honor it. but they don’t sell it. I’m in western PA–does anyone know the closest Wendy’s in my area where these are for sale?

  • Shannon

    I have seen them at the Wendy’s in CT. They had them for 2011 so I would assume they will once again offer the promotion.