Target – $10.00 Giftcard wyb $50.00

Hurry over to Target’s Facebook page and get a Target Coupon for a free $10.00 Target Giftcard when you spend $50.00. Click on the offer in the first post.

Request Free $10.00 Target Giftcard Offer

Quantities are limited.  Offer will be sent to your email address.

Thanks, Jen R

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  • Cindy

    Does anyone else unsuccessful printing Target coupons? Although Coupon Print Activator downloads successfully it never follows through with a print of the coupon. I’ve emailed Target multiple times but never get a response. Same thing happens at work.
    Great coupon but can’t use it. GRRRRR.

  • Anonymous

    Me amd my wife have went from happy in Target to feeling notwelcome . My wife cupom for real, and kt zmazex the, but now they conp ain thzt we take up to much of their time. Simce the savings is like that they refuse Gift cards ma,e their own rules it frustrating today the took my product acaned it then wanted the coupon scan it next then went to the item and did the same wjat that dose is,e dowm so you dont get your 10 dollas. I ask them if I was spending cash you would have rung every thing and I would gpt
    the 10 zfter every 50.doller. They. Scan coupons and a
    then their they dont


  • Anonymous

    Been going to target for awhile
    At first
    it wzs fun for them to see savings we get. But now everyone is angry we nad tne

  • Josh

    Just got back from Target and used this. Along with many other coupons and 5 dollar gift card deals. Funny thing is when I gave her this one and she scanned it. She said it wasn’t valid and then looked at it and realized it was a Target Coupon and she preceded to give me the gift card.
    All together I spent 61.04 saved 18.00 in coupons and got 25 dollars in gift cards back. Not to bad in my opinion as I just started couponing.

  • susana guzman

    I saw the coupon in commonsensewithmoney and clicked on it. It took me straight to the coupon. It says Free $10 Target gift card with purchase of $50 or more!

  • Anonymous

    You can’t use it in the store via your cell phone. Must be a printed coupon. I asked why they didn’t send it as a mobile coupon?? Can’t do a price adjustment either. So I printed and am going back tomorrow and return it all, then use the coupon. I will get my $10. one way or the other.

    • Anonymous

      the same thing happened to me today. They told me if I bring back the receipt and the printed coupon they would process it as a “missed coupon”. Just go to the customer service desk.

  • Anonymous

    got mine!! thank you… printed frm target website!

  • Bobbi Sue

    It won’t allow me to print…it keeps processing.

  • Anonymous

    i printed it from … it takes you to the target site where you can see the coupon and you have to print just like the other target coupons

  • Anonymous thats the link i used everyone. i hope it works for u too

  • Anonymous

    this is the link i clicked on
    thats how i got the coupon. hope it works for everyone

  • Marley
  • aly

    what do i click on to get the coupon? i don’t see it anywhere :(

    • Anonymous

      me neither. :(

    • Melody

      I saw the coupon in my feed, but it wasn’t working. When I refreshed, it never came back.

      • Anonymous

        at dealsea site there was link like Target/Facebook(2 diff links).. first i clicked FB and liked it.. nothing came up.. and then i clicked target link then it appeared in the coupon page .. you have to select it and print it..

  • When I click on the link, it gives me an error page saying the page has been reported as abusive by Facebook users. So, no coupon for me. Boo!

  • Ana

    I printed the coupon and no where on the coupon does it say $10 gift card wyb $50, it has a barcode and a picture of the giftcard. Did anyone else print this way?? Just want to make sure i have no problem using it. Thx.

  • Ashley

    Got it, thanks!! Ps this didn’t work for me on the Facebook iPhone app, I had to go to the desktop site :)

  • Jenn

    Hi! Do you know of the $50.00 has to be after coupons?

    • Meagan Wolpert

      I havent tried this one yet but usually I give them this kind of coupon first and it works out fine.