Use Swagbucks to Pay For Christmas 2010

I have posted many times about Swagbucks and the benefits. I want to highly suggest that you start using Swagbucks now to help pay for Christmas 2010.

Last year, Carlie emailed me that she was about to use $125.00 in gift cards from Swagbucks towards her Christmas. Combine the $125 in gift cards with great deals, she paid for most of her Christmas gifts using Swagbucks. So if you start now, you can save up for Christmas.

Recommendation: Use Swagbucks to find websites that your frequently visit. I earned 1 Swagbuck for searching for For the Mommas.

If you search everyday you can earn 1-2 swagbucks. On Fridays, you can earn double Swagbucks. So realistically without doing anything other than searching, you can earn from 40-60 Swagbucks by just searching a month.  If you do the minimum of 40 swagbucks per month, you will earn 480 in a year, which will contribute up to $120.00 to your Christmas (depending on what giftcards you choose). If you earn 60 a month, you can earn even more!

There are other ways to earn to. You can turn in your old cell phones for up to 300 Swagbucks, you can recommend your friends or you can do some online shopping thru Swagbucks to earn.

Have you had success with Swagbucks?

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  • Katherine

    Do your SWAG bucks reset every year??

  • Karen

    I earned (5) $5 Amazon gc. When and where will I see the code I can use at amazon checkout? My swagbucks accounts shows all 5 gc as “verified”, but nothing else. It has been two weeks. Is there something else I need to do?

  • Cindy M

    I am confused over the Amazon E-Gift card. I have been saving my Swag Bucks for Christmas and I would like to know if you can redeem more than one $5 Amazon E-Gift card at a time? Thank You

    • Shannon

      @Cindy M,

      yep you can use a bunch. All you do is add them to your account (in fact you can add them right now) and it will just take it off your balance.

  • Tiffany

    April – Look for the “redeem” button. You cash in your SB for prizes, like the $5 Amazon e-gift card. You get a code that works like $5 when you check-out.

  • Okay, I am up to 907 swag bucks after about 4-5 months. I just dont know what to do with them. I went into the part where you can get gift cards and such and I did not see much that I could get.

    Can anyone help me understand this better???

  • I just joined Swagbucks today. I like the idea of getting Amazon gift cards that I can use on my textbooks for college. :)

  • I paid for all my husband’s gifts with Swagbucks and Paypal, thereby saving him the annoyance of reading the credit card bill in January and seeing just how much his gifts cost.
    Then I wrote about this success on Wise Bread and my “Swagbucks friends” shot up to over 100 as others signed up through me to get in on the Swagbucks gravy.
    At first I thought I would save my SB all year for Christmas, but then I thought I should cash in a couple Amazon gift cards each month so I’m not stuck at the end of the year with more SB than I can cash in for cards that are a good deal. Of course, I could leave all the gift certificates sitting on Amazon all year waiting for Christmas, but then again it seems like a waste to spend cash on something when I’ve got a balance sitting right there.
    Oh well, one thing I’ve been very grateful for is the opportunity to use SwagBucks to pay for any books I buy on my new Kindle. Guilt-free enjoyment for Mommy!

  • DanielleCorrelle

    I used Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks and for doing surveys to pay for the majority of our Christmas 2009 too. I have two kids, each got right about 30 gifts (insane I know, lol), but I spent less than $50 per kid out of my own pocket. Christmas for $100 just from surveys (Amazon gc’s and just cashed in my rewards for actual prizes from some), Swagbucks, and coupons/clearance deals (including a few things for hubby and other family too). I start shopping EARLY, I bought presents last year for next year because they were things I knew my girls would love but weren’t quite age appropriate yet, lol.

  • Anne

    just joined in the beginning of January and I already have 1, almost 2 $5 amazon gift cards.

  • amy

    I love Swagbucks too! Just searched for your site and earned 1 SB myself! thanks!! :)

  • Krissy

    Wow I never knew that! Thanks!

  • I have had good success with Swagbucks too! I only discovered them after the middle part of last year so it did help contribute about $30 to my cmas spending last year. However, I’ve already redeemed $10 in Amazon gift cards this month and I too plan on using Swagbuck to pay for the majority -if not my whole cmas list this year!

  • Katie

    I love swagbucks, I have gotten $30 in Amazon gift card total, $5 Alice gift card, and $15 Paypal cash since I joined in November from seeing similar post of this on your website. I notice that the majority of the SBs I won appear when I click on page 2 or 3 of the searches.

    • Shannon

      WOW Katie, you have done well.

      Page 2 or 3.. good information.. Is everyone reading this..