Thursday: New Swagbucks Code

I told you all about my plan to pay for Christmas with Swagbucks, so every little Swagbuck adds up!

This has a  new free swagbuck code.. takes about 1 minute to get.. even quicker than searching:

  • Go  HERE and go to home page
  • Click the blue bar that says special offers
  • Click the no obligation offers on the right
  • Click on skip for every ad (about 6 pages)
  • Get your code for a free swagbuck.

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  • Carol

    I just started swaging 2 weeks ago and really apreciate your help.
    You rock!!!

  • Thanks so much! (I feel like I say that a lot, but I really mean it!) :)

  • Susan

    Thanks! I just started swagging this month. Do you save up all your points until December or redeem throughout the year when you see a good deal on a card (Like the $5 Alice for 20 swagbucks)?

    • Shannon


      I do redeem them, and then apply them to my amazon account each time I do it and then save it!

      Hope that helps.