New Swagbuck Code

I told you all about my plan to pay for Christmas with Swagbucks, so I am going to be paying more attention to Swagbucks.

Charlene found a new free swagbuck code.. takes about 1 minute to get.. even quicker than searching:

  • Go  HERE and go to home page
  • Click the blue bar that says special offers
  • Click the no obligation offers on the right
  • Click on skip for every ad (about 6 pages)
  • Get your code for a free swagbuck.

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  • Deb

    Hi –

    I had the wierdest thing happen on Swagbucks and I just can’t seem to get past this screen. Once I hit 10 bucks, I had a screen pop up to give myself a special swag name (their example is ‘theswagguy’) but for 2 weeks now, everything I try says it’s unavailable.

    I can’t get to a help option or anything. Did this happen to you – if so – what did you do to get over this?



    • Shannon


      I dont remember that part of Swagbucks.. maybe someone who is new might.. Can any of you help her?

  • It said the swag code was expired for me? Hmm. I’m really new at this swagbucks thing though. Oh well.

  • Linda C.

    There is a new Swag Code in this “Special Offers” section every week on Thursday, so you can get it once a week.

    • Shannon


      Thanks for this info!

  • Gwen

    I was told by a friend that there is a new code here every week

  • Does this work every month? Thanks!

  • Rachel

    Thanks! I got mine. : )