New Swagbuck Code

I told you all about my plan to pay for Christmas with Swagbucks, so I am going to be paying more attention to Swagbucks.

Charlene found a new free swagbuck code.. takes about 1 minute to get.. even quicker than searching:

  • Go  HERE and go to home page
  • Click the blue bar that says special offers
  • Click the no obligation offers on the right
  • Click on skip for every ad (about 6 pages)
  • Get your code for a free swagbuck.


  1. Deb

    Hi -

    I had the wierdest thing happen on Swagbucks and I just can’t seem to get past this screen. Once I hit 10 bucks, I had a screen pop up to give myself a special swag name (their example is ‘theswagguy’) but for 2 weeks now, everything I try says it’s unavailable.

    I can’t get to a help option or anything. Did this happen to you – if so – what did you do to get over this?



    • Shannon


      I dont remember that part of Swagbucks.. maybe someone who is new might.. Can any of you help her?

  2. It said the swag code was expired for me? Hmm. I’m really new at this swagbucks thing though. Oh well.

  3. Linda C.

    There is a new Swag Code in this “Special Offers” section every week on Thursday, so you can get it once a week.

    • Shannon


      Thanks for this info!

  4. Gwen

    I was told by a friend that there is a new code here every week

  5. Does this work every month? Thanks!

  6. Rachel

    Thanks! I got mine. : )

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