Sign Up for Ibotta – Get $5.00 FREE!

If you have an Iphone and haven’t signed up for Ibotta, you are really missing out.  If you have an Android phone, be sure to get on the waiting list, it will be available soon. You can now get a $5.00 Bonus deposited directly to your account when you redeem your first Ibotta offer. {Limited time offer and available to NEW USERS only}


So you are wondering what Ibotta is? 

Ibotta is an Iphone (soon to be Andriod app) that allows you to earn savings by watching videos, taking polls and various activties.  It is easy to use, because you do not have to show your phone or coupons at the register.  You are given the money as a rebate into your account.

What stores participate? 

The stores listed above participate, including Safeway, Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger & Target.

How do I get offers? 

Go to your app.  Choose Offers. Click on the offer you would like. You can choose the offer by click the offer you choose.

How do I get my money?

Just upload your receipt and then you can cash out.

Just head over here to get started with Ibotta!  I would love to answer any questions you have, just leave them in the comments. You will get your $5.00 bonus when you redeem your first offer.


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  • akalinus

    This is as clear as mud. How do we get the cash? Does it go to pay pal? Do you need a credit card? Need more information.

    • Debbie

      This post is from 2012, so this deal is no longer available. However if you sign up for Ibotta by clicking one of the links above, you can setup your account and tell them where to send your any cashback you earn. Paypal is an option.

  • Jean

    Confused do I take a picture of receipt,then how do you get your money if that’s what you choose. After picture what do I do?

  • Suzanne Elicker

    I’m confused as to uploading a receipt…so you have to shop right away or can you do surveys and stuff and save up funds to shop

  • Grammy

    If I go to the store and buy a item, get home and realize it has a ibotta rebate, can I then select the rebate offer or do I have to do that before the purchase?

  • tina

    Soooooo im confused, how does this work? I buy items on the screen per store, scan the item im going to buy then scan the receipt??? where do I scan in my receipt?

  • jane pennington

    can you do this with an tablet

    • FT Mommas

      This is an app, so I believe it should work on a tablet. Check your app store to download it.

  • Diana Santoni-Bell

    Does my receipt need to show just the Ibotta items or can I just do my regular shopping and take a picture of my entire receipt? I’m so lost.

  • Mary

    It says i have pending $104.50 coz ive been watching videos posting it in twitter b facebook? How do i redeem that pending money coz i dont see it in my current earnings. How does it work?

    • Anonymous

      Did you buy the products you watched videos on? If you have not – then I believe you cant get any of the money until you snap a pic of the reciept and take a pic of the item to see if it matched the offer and submit

  • Leticia Young

    Need help understanding how you earn money for your purchases I just don’t get :( how long those it take how do I set up an account where money will go in to? I already signed up with ibotta, confirmed and share it with friends in hope to get additional in addition of the 5.00 for your first time redeem as a new user … Please help

  • shar

    how many products can u buy of each product?

  • heidi

    help… how do i get this friend referral??

  • Sreoshi

    So do I have to pay any money and my second question is that do they add the money in your account like iTunes or AppStore. I had another question which is how do u earn the money so u can put it in your account or redeem it? Please

  • Melanie

    Sounds a bit like Savings Star, except you don’t need an iPod to use Savings Star and you don’t have to do anything with the receipts. You just put all your savings card numbers for each store into the website and choose which of the current “coupons” you’re most likely to use, then once you buy the item using your savings card the rebate amount is automatically added to your Savings Star account. They do have an app, but you can also use it through the website.

    • MountainMiss

      I was going to suggest the same thing– I love SavingStar!

  • Lynne

    Things were going great with this app, but it all of a sudden won’t let me post to Facebook. I’ve reloaded it, confirmed that it is Facebook enabled in the setting of both apps and still nothing. Have emailed customer service. We’ll see if they are able to solve the issue. LOVE the app though – easy to use and a great earnings opportunity!

    • Matt

      I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

  • Laura

    Downloaded it right away! I was on my way to wm and thought I would try it. Worked great earned my $1 with my purchase but no $5 new user bonus!!!

    • Laura

      You will not receive $5 unless you download the app from a friend referral. I emailed cs

    • Laura

      You will not receive $5 unless you download the app from a friend referral. I emailed cs.

  • Sara Hammonds

    Having major problems logging in to my app.

  • melissa

    Bummer… another deal I can’t do because I don’t have a smart phone. There’s no way of doing this from your computer, is there?

    • Jennifer Lauren

      I don’t have a smart phone either because the monthly cost would throw our family way over budget. We do have an ipod though and can basically use any apps an iphone is capable of. It is basically like having all the perks of the iphone without the monthly bill. I am going to try the app out on our ipod and see if it will work that way. I have a feeling it will. Maybe a cheaper solution to your problem than buying an iphone +plan?

      • Michele

        Will this work with an ipad mini?

        • Jean

          will it work with the kindles?

        • Anonymous

          It works with my ipad.

      • Anonymous

        I’m guessing your ipod must have a camera? I do not have a smart phone either and was going to try your ipod suggestion but as I looked over the app it seems you need to be able to take a picture of the reciept. My ipod does not have a camera.

  • tonya

    Can you use manufacturer coupons with it like you can savingstar?

    • Leslie

      Yes you can.

  • Amanda

    Does giant participate?

    • For the Mommas

      The stores you see listed above are the ones that participate.

      • Dawn

        LVWC lists CVS as participating, possibly others in her store deals…. Is she incorrect?

        • Karley

          Rite Aid participates too