Showtime Free Preview Weekend

Showtime Free Preview Weekend starts today and will be available through Sunday January 8th, 2012.  Also available Showtime HD, Showtime on Demand, and Showtime on Demand HD.

On Sunday, you can watch  :The Twilight Saga: New Moon”, The Twilight Saga “Eclipse”, and “The Kings Speech.”

Check out the Showtime Free Preview Weekend schedule  and see if your tv provider is participating.

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  • Lenexahawk

    I called our provider, Surewest, and was told Showtime did not offer the free weekend deal to them. Why not?

  • Mrs Portal

    Guess I won’t be watching it. There’s no channels listed.All I can find is a list of shows that I will not be watching because I slept through psychic 101 and no one thought to list the channels where this preview can be found. Excellent marketing techniques Direct TV. Way to go.

  • Teresa

    Looks like Comcast is only doing OnDemand for free. But that’s cool…as soon as I figure where the kids put the remote, it Weeds time!

  • Heather McElwee Ervin via Facebook

    No thank you. We avoid those channels like the plague.

  • lena r


  • Thank you!

  • Christine Layne via Facebook

    Aww, we have Dish Network and we don’t get the Showtime free preview :( But we do get different channels previewed every month, so it’s not that bad. Was looking forward to New Moon and Eclipse though :(