Reminder: Free Olay Massaging Body Bar

Reminder – Allure will be giving away 10,000 free full-sized P&G products per day this week.  Each day the giveaway will go live at 12 noon EST.

Today’s freebie is Olay Collections Luscious Embrace Body Bar with Massaging Design.  You may experience site issues due to overload.

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  • Cathy

    Oh shoot! Baby started crying at 11:30 and then I forgot… :( :P I’ll be really happy if I can remember the moisturizer tomorrow–that’s good stuff!

  • Mindy

    I just entered and it said thanks it is 12:18 so I guess I got one i just think they get overloaded

  • Suzette

    I got one!

  • Jenny

    Actually, on a refresh it fixed itself and then I was able to enter! Looks like I made it just in time!

  • Lindsey

    Not working? All the giving aways say Day 1 and enter to win in 00 hrs 00 mins 00 secs. Is it just me?

    • Jenny

      I have the same thing. Not sure what it means…

    • Mel

      Same thing happening to me. I had no problems yesterday or Tues, but not working again today for me.

      • Mel

        Just got through with no problems. It was really quick once it started working!

    • Lindsay in PA

      i see the same thing and I’ve been checking since 12:03.

    • Suzette

      Keep trying and it will let u in

  • Janine

    So let me ask, has anyone one anything this week? As soon as it becomes available to enter, it is over. Could it be?

    • Shannon

      Janine, I was successful three out of four. I think the page just gets realllly slammed and some people also a going with a pop blocker on :)

      • Janine

        OK, so I tried again and was able to enter my info. But like allie said above after I entered my info it said, thanks for entering. How did you know you won Shannon? Or did you mean that you were successful in entering your info?

        • Shannon


          It doesnt say you won. It just says thank you for entering when you complete your info.

  • allie

    I was able to put in my info with no prob, and then it said thanks for entering, and that was it. Did I win one? oh well! :)

    • Shannon

      there is no confirm, but when they are gone they take the page down.

  • Stephan

    thanks for the reminder! will try to get one!

    • Shannon

      yes you definitely need olay to keep your skin girly.