{Reminder} Free Fedex American Express Gift Card

Fedex Giftcard 2011


Today at 1:00 pm EST,  FedEx will offer 30,000 free $25.00 FedEx American Express Giftcards to Facebook fans in support of Small Business Saturday.

Head over to Facebook and become a fan of FedEx in advance. By liking them in advance, it will be easier for you to get the free offer when the giveaway is live.  Check back on November 1st, and be one of the first 30,000 to request a free $25 FedEx American Express GiftCard.

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  • Amy

    i finally got one. I had to install Chrome and go to the Amex site directly that someone posted on facebook. I didn’t get the confirmation after I filled out the form but I got a message that I was already registered when I tried again. Finally got the email a few minutes ago.

  • Diamond

    I got through after trying on multiple browsers and tabs for over an hour. Clicked submit around 2 pm or later and got the congrats…please wait for your confirmation e-mail message. I’ve been checking my e-mail ever since. Just received the same confirmation message as Eric and Cori at 3:34. Hope it arrives before Christmas :-)

  • Eric Detwiler

    I do not have an AMEX card but did make an attempt at the gift card. After many refreshes I was able to fill out the requested info (name, address & email) and after about an hour I received an email that stated:

    Thanks for signing up to receive a $25 American Express(R) Shop Small(SM) Gift Card, compliments of FedEx. Your registration is being processed, and you will receive the Gift Card in the mail. Please be on the lookout for a plain white, standard-sized envelope with a return address of Salt Lake City, UT, and an address header labeled “Do Not Discard.”

    I will take this email as a positive and watch my mail for this mysterious white envelope.


    • Cori Carroll

      This is what i received also! I seen nothing about entering my credit card info. It was a tab to the right that said $25 gift card on it and i filled out name address and received that same message!

  • megan

    Well I knew it was too good to be true. It said if you are an exmerican express credit card which we dont even own.
    Bunch of boloney. Knew it was too good to be true.

  • Val

    I’m wondering if we’re all getting the same thing? What I got was not a gift card at all. I had to register my credit card and received and email saying that it had been accepted. The email reminded me that I would receive a $25 credit on 11/26 and provided a link of local participating businesses. What did you get?

  • Cori Carroll

    I got one and IT IS A GIFT CARD! You will receive and email if you got one!

    Made my day!

    • melissa

      I was wondering. It took all my info but and then went to the next page but didn’t say “congratulations” or anything. I haven’t received an email yet… not sure if it went through or not. How disappointing to be that close and have something go wrong. Congrats to you, though!

      • Cori Carroll

        It took about 10 minutes for the email to come through. I did get a congrats page though. Hopefully you got one!

        • melissa

          Well, I never got a confirmation email, but when I attempted to try again, it said that it appears as if I’ve already gotten one. So who knows?! Crossing my fingers. Sure would come in handy.

  • mirella

    keep checking… their facebook page says the form will be up shortly. the amex credit is a separate promotion.

  • anna

    Very Misleading Promo, Will pass up this one.

  • Amy

    If you read the terms of this deal for Small Business Sat, what you have to do is register your existing Amex card on their fb page after 1pm today, spend $25 at a small business on Small Business Sat and THEN Fedex will give you a statement credit of $25 on your AMEX statement, so while they were calling it a Giftcard it is a statement credit after you buy $25 at a small business on that sat. Hope that helps. If you have an Amex card and plan to shop at a small business that day than this is a good deal for you, although even though its been live for 10 mins many are having trouble loading the link to enter their CC #.

  • Jenn O

    The site is already locked up, I cant even get the fb link to work at this point…

  • Tammy C.

    According to the link they have up, this is only good for existing AmEx cardholders, if you spend $25 on Nov. 26th, you will get a credit on your card statement. Kind of misleading for them to say they are handing out $25 gift cards…

  • Ann Leshovsky

    It isn’t a giftcard…you have to have a AE credit card and they credit your statement…quite misleading!

  • Mindy

    It says you have to have an Amex card for the giveaway

  • cindy

    Can’t find how to register?

  • Amber

    I am not finding anything can you help?

  • sheryl

    Silly question…..Is this a giftcard you can use anywhere or just for their services?