Reminder: Free Dominos Artisan Pizza


Reminder: This will go live again today! Be sure to follow FTM on Facebook for an alert when it is live.

Head over to the Domino’s Pizza Facebook page to get details about the Artisan Pizza Giveaway.

Dominos will be giving way pizza each of these days:

  • Monday, April 9, 2012 – 25,000
  • Tuesday, April 10, 2012 – 20,000
  • Wednesday, April 11, 2012 – 15,000
  • Thursday, April 12, 2012- 15,000

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  • Just wanted to let everyone know, if you didn’t get your email go to and send them an email. That what I did and I got mine within a half hour… =]

  • Debbi

    no luck here either i can never get thru

  • Tonya

    says they are out for today

  • Anna

    I have not gotten my email either… and I have checked all of my folders. :(

  • I have yahoo and have checked inbox and spam and haven’t gotten mine…anyone else use yahoo?

  • Tamara

    check your spam and trash folders for email, thats where mine was

  • I haven’t gotten my email either…

  • Priscila

    I had the choice to order now or later but should’ve chosen now

  • Priscila

    I haven’t gotten the email with it yet :(

  • Dana

    I had been waiting all day today and yesterday for this and missed them both times, what a bummer!

  • I been trying everyday. N they crash

  • wonder if it went through if after entering you get the please wait????

  • Heather

    Apparently I never had a shot. :P

  • Just got a blank page. Tried to refresh a few hundred times and now they are out! Of course!

  • Angela

    It’s over

  • Jessica

    Took a while to download page then read notification that they’re out :0( Better luck tomorrow

  • It tells me they are gone for today. :(

  • gone according to them…hard to believe

  • Amanda

    They are out of them again.

  • Mike

    if this is the page…. its blank

  • Peggy


  • The page isn’t loading for a lot of people it looks like…bummer!

  • Every day I’ve tried to get mine! Every time I go it either says it will be coming or there all already gone! Now I can’t even get the page to load!

  • Stephanie

    I just got my email!

  • me too

  • blank page

  • Lesley N

    me too

  • Cindy

    site is not working. must be over loaded.

  • Brandy

    Been trying since u posted, not working–maybe they’re done?

  • Mike

    click what????

  • Blank Screen for me too

  • Rebecca

    Servers crashed

  • blank page:(

  • Glenna

    It let me fill out the form and when I clicked to have it emailed to me instead of ordering now it locked up. I get nothing but a blank page now :(

  • Peggy


  • Just a blank page for me too

  • Beth

    All I am getting is a blank page..

  • theres nothing there

  • it won’t load for me!

  • Daphney

    the screen is just blank. boo.

  • Ahhh Thank you!!

  • Mike

    where?? how??? what do i click?????

  • same here

  • Alyssa Sobieray – takes about 15 mins :)

  • Samantha

    Also, if you haven’t done it already, ORDER NOW, DON’T HAVE THEM EMAIL YOU THE COUPON FOR LATER, lots of people are never getting that coupon, and when you order the pizza, you can tell them what time you want to pick it up. I just ordered ours (so I got the free one) but I told them not to have it ready until 5 o clock so that it will be ready when my boyfriend will be here.

  • Jessica

    same thing happened to me Jennifer :(

  • I got it but clicked to email it to me instead of order now and it is not in my email or spam… SO Bummed!

  • Geri

    got one!

  • Samantha

    Got it! So excited–I didn’t know WHAT we were going to have for dinner tonight! :)

  • I entered my information and the thing says please wait and it spinning around. No free pizza yet.

  • Heather

    All I see is a blank page :P

  • I got it..but i was trying to order and the internet went crazy…guess i will need to contact them…ugh

  • Ahh Ok not opening

  • ow long does it take before you get the email?

  • Katie

    The page is just blank today (Wed) when you click on the Artisan tab

  • Maren

    Just scored one. They look good.

  • Yay free pizza! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Stephanie

    Its an app on their FB page. Click “Artisan Pizza Giveaway” then click like on that app. It should open up (if any more are available)

  • Andrea Wesolowski

    got one!

  • Jody

    got it!

  • got mine!!

  • How do you get it? I tried and can’t figure it out, do you need an iphone? It said go to app.

  • Just got mine!!!

  • Stephanie

    Got mine!! :)

  • Maria

    only 1 per person..darn

  • Christy

    How do you win? Do you just have to “like” the page? I’d love to try one of the new pizzas!!!! Love Dominos!

  • Rachel

    I was able to win one on Monday! I ordered the chicken & bacon one for my hubby & sons to try lastnight & they really liked it!