Reminder: Free $6 Amazon Video On Demand Credit

Reminder: This offer is available thru 5/1 only.

You can score a Free Amazon Video On Demand Credit!

This is a sweet deal – all you have to do is tweet to get a $6.00 credit to the Tribeca Film Shop – and the movies start at $2.99, so you can rent two movies for free! 

Just head to Amazon VODhere and follow the steps listed:

  • Connect your and Twitter accounts. (If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to do so).
  • Automatically follow @amazonvideo and @americanexpress.
  • The message “I just got a $6 credit for a free #TribecaFest movie rental at @amazonvideo from @AmericanExpress.
  • Get yours” will be automatically tweeted from your Twitter account.

Get your free $6.00 Amazon Tribeca Movies Credit.

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  • themommyliza

    Could you find anything even worth watching in the Tribeca Film Shop? Let me know if I missed something good!

    • Shannon


      Well it depends on what you think worth watching is — I love the Tribeca films each year :)

  • Stephan

    Just to let you know, there was a HUGE outcry in Germany about connecting facebook/twitter accounts with amazon. Amazon gets a lot of data that they really shouldn’t get. Was a big data security issue.
    Knowing that Germany has waaaaaayyy stricter privacy and personal data laws I don’t even wanna imagine what happens here in the US.

    • Shannon

      Stephan, did you ever read my post about my dog and twitter and facebook. :)