Papa Johns Free Pizza – Did You Get Yours?

From the comments on this post, it looks like some of you may not have received your free Papa Johns code.   Did you check your spam?

If you are still waiting on an email from Papa John’s for your free pizza and soda,  you can head over and  enter your email address to access your free promo code.



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  • i love papa johns.i ordered some pizza,bread stix,and coca-cola soda.

  • Nope and not in spam and yes I’m a rewards member

  • I got mine

  • Liesa

    So this is my first reward from Papa John’s. Do I need to print the code, then take it to the restaurant?

  • Got mine!

  • Mine was also in spam!

  • Tamara Mire via Facebook

    @adyens nini , what are you referring to billing the first month and getting billed again?? you shouldn’t have paid for the papa john rewards

  • I happened to notice that I have exactly one week to redeem the code they sent me. Guess I’ll be having pizza this week.

    • Renee

      Mine says good through March 4th.

  • i signed up on sunday, i didnt get one even though i signedup in the morning. it says im not a user :/

  • Penny

    Hadn’t gotten my code.
    Thanks for the link!!!

  • Rebecca G.

    I got mine and was a rewards member for a couple of years now and didn’t have to do anything special like click on a link or anything beforehand.

  • Caren Collins via Facebook

    Finally got mine early this morning in my gmail spam folder. It didn’t even get through to outlook

  • Dustee Doering via Facebook

    No :(

  • Lucille

    I checked my spam and no email, I logged on to the site you gave and it says I have no account which I do when I log on to there site my account is there.

  • Linnea Rainey via Facebook

    Got mine late last night… :)

  • Anna Maria via Facebook


  • To all the members…did you actually register for the promo before the Superbowl? It was my understanding that being a member did not automatically qualify you for the contest…you also had to click the link. At least, that’s what I remember doing.

  • Jeannette Lynne via Facebook

    For some reason its not working for me. I became a member n it still.says that I’m not

  • Jen

    I recieved my email yesterday. Last week I recieved my free $10 giftcard from the 2 month trial of Netflix so I have two free pizzas coming. :)

  • Judy

    I thought I was signed up for the rewards program, but I don’t think I was – bummer!! I had an online account, but didn’t realize that I needed to go an extra step and enroll in the rewards program.


    • Catherine

      Judy – I did the same thing! UGH! Annoying that it is two steps and there are pop-ups for the site. Had problems logging in because of it.

  • got mine, 3rd free pizza won in 5 weeks!! yay!

  • Steve Cherry via Facebook

    email seems to have arrived late last night. clicked this this morning and site was under “maintenance”. What a mess..

  • Thank Goodness for these comments! I just found mine in my spam folder as well :) I would have never probably thought to look there.

  • Colleen McClenahen Keith via Facebook

    Got mine yesterday. Yay pizza!

  • Jaime

    I simply logged on to their web site, clicked the link and entered my email. Within 3 minutes I received my code. Then 5 minutes later, the “original” email showed up in my inbox. It’s very easy to get the code, as long as you had registered beforehand.

  • found the email in my spam folder as well.

  • Aydens Nini via Facebook

    I didn’t get mine until after I cancelled my membership which was after the first paid month and before they could bill me again.

    • Lindsey

      First paid month? I thought it was free to be a rewards member?

      • Jen

        I think that she is refering to the Netflix deal and not the superbowl coin toss promotion The deal was: a one month free trial membership then after paying for a month membership you get a $10 Papa John’s gift card.

      • Jaime

        That’s what I thought!

  • Anthony Cruz via Facebook

    I got mine can’t wait to use it

  • Kristyna Taylor Burczyk via Facebook

    I still have not received my email! :-(
    I tripple checked to make sure I’m a rewards member and I most definitely am. I received the same email I always get, a large pizza for $11 but nothing for a free pizza.

  • Sure did. It was in my spam folder.

  • Jess Waldron Neiger via Facebook

    Oh thanks, Tiffany Nimmons! I found mine in my SPAM folder!!

  • I got mine..just finished eating it!

    • I love papa Johns.I ordered some pizza,bread stix,and coca-cola soda

  • Natalie Tonini Foxwell via Facebook

    got mine! third pizza I’ve won from PJ in the past three months! YAY

  • Anna Patterson via Facebook

    i got mine’

  • Jenny Citterman Outten via Facebook

    Nope, not yet…they said on the FB page, their coming…might be hours

  • Jess Waldron Neiger via Facebook

    No! I even double checked to make sure I was a Rewards member. My sister and dad got theirs. ???

  • Tiffany Nimmons via Facebook

    yes was in spam folder lol

  • Lucy Hendrix via Facebook


  • Tamara Mire via Facebook

    i got mine!