McDonalds Halloween Coupon Book

The McDonalds Halloween Coupon Book are now on sale for just $1.00 each. Pick one up for and get 12 coupons for free items.

  • (4) FREE Small Cones
  • (4) FREE Apple Slices
  • (4) FREE Milk Chugs or Juice Boxes

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  • Anonymous

    On Long Island, NY the booklet costs $1.49 and includes 3 hamburgers, 3 cones, 3 juice/milk, 3 apple slices. The coupons are good from 11/1 until 12/31/12. Children under 12. One coupon per child per visit.

  • melissa

    what’s the expiration for these?? thanks

  • Amy

    I buys these for my kids bday favors as their bdays are late September and October. I have found them in Warrenville, IL off of Diehl Rd. They are hard to find.

  • Heather

    So far no one in Az knows anything about this booklet. If I find, I will buy

  • Vicky

    Anyone know what the expiration date on the coupons is?

  • Ana

    Can i purchase these at any Mcdonalds locations? And is one booklet a $1?

    • Amy

      No not all locations carry them. And yes $1 for one booklet for 12 coupons.

  • Jared

    good call on the lunch stuff. looks like they’ve gone with the “appearance” of being healthy…aka no fries anymore

    • rose

      So fries are bad but ice cream is good… HMMM… For families that already eat healthy and only use McDonald as a reward, this is really not necessary and takes away the treat element…

  • Kelley Brandt

    are the items free with a purchase or can you use just a coupon and not pay anything ? Thanks!

    • amy peca

      I have gone thru the drive thru MANY times and only got these items. They are great when you have one of the kids out for an appt or something. I have never tested how many free items I could get at one time–but usually stop by on the way and home from the store each time. Finding a participating mcd’s is sometimes the hardest part!

      • melissa french

        i can only speak for a couple locations but one was in AL and another in PA and they let me use like 4 or 5 at once as mine were about to expire and we were traveling so they were great car snacks/drinks. When i asked how many i could use she said as many as i had.

      • Karen

        Central PA they only let you use 2 per visit. Last year they messed up and didn’t print an expiration date on the Halloween coupons. I just used 2 today for a surprise lunch for my kiddo.

  • Kelly Marie

    These are good for school lunches :) Each item is about 8 cents each with this coupon book— apple slices, milk and juice are great for throwing in the kids lunch boxes!

    • Anonymous

      can you get these in nova scotia