Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards

There is a new promotion called the Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards program. You can earn free items when you cash in your points. Some of the rewards include an apron, free Lean Cuisine and more.

Here is how you earn points:

  • Choose from more than 120 delicious varieties of LEAN CUISINE (excludes LEAN CUISINE Market Creations)
  • Look inside eligible LEAN CUISINE boxes (excluding LEAN CUISINE Market Creations) for a unique code in red.
  • Set up an account or log in and enter up to 10 codes per day. Each code is worth 20 points and can be entered only once. Your points will add up in no time.
  • Redeem your points for Delicious Rewards—choose from rewards you can redeem (with points) and rewards you could win.

You can get more information about the Lean Cuisine Delicious Rewards program here.

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  • Reba

    I have a ton of reward points to redeem and you guys make me want to quit while I am ahead. None of you have anything good to say about the rewards.~~~~ I sure hope I have better luck – think I will order non breakable stuff and then forget about it so that I will be surprised when it comes!!! LOL
    I live on Lean”Cuisine dinners would hate for them to have wonderful food and poor loyalty programs!!

  • Marie


    I don’t collect these, so you can use it… I’ll post em whenever I get em =)

  • LL

    I like the meals for lunch at work and have been collecting several items. Half of the time the item doesn’t arrive in the 12 week period. Have had to email them and wait a week for a response. A few days later an email says that my order has been placed and 12 weeks later I finally get the item. After waiting 24 weeks for one item, I finally received the 5 piece ceramic serving bowl set. It arrived damaged due to very poor packaging. I contacted Lean Cuisine’s support who said they’d send another. After another 12 weeks I had to contact them again asking where my reward was again. So at 36 weeks after my initial request I receive a note saying sorry your item is no longer available and 3000 points have been returned to your account. Great, the current rewards are all undesirable items.

    Very annoying to have such bad fulfillment services. I’m so annoyed that I’m moving to a non-Nestle produced product for at least the remainder of this promotion.

  • Val

    I ordered that apron too –did you ever get it Jen? They sent me a letter that they were out!

    I have been participating in the Rewards Program since it started and I have two major complaints –1) I don’t think they are offering very tempting stuff, and 2) I did redeem lots of my points for some items 3 months ago and I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN ANYTHING.

    I live on LC dinners for lunch and most suppers and my husband eats a lot of them too, so I have a LOT of points. Nevertheless, I doubt if I will ever participate in one of their Rewards programs again as this one has been so disappointing!

    • Linda

      I too am waiting for the lunch bag since forever. They always say they are working on it. They can’t be sincere if nothing is done. Try another brand.

  • Jen

    I just ordered my FREE apron for 1500 points! I can’t wait to get it!!!! Now I have 250 additioinal points that i’m working on racking up again. between my husband and I we have 8 per week :)