Jingit: New Earning Opportunity

Have you heard about Jingit?  Jingit is a new program that allows you to earn real cash simply by watching ads, checking in at your favorite stores and taking short surveys.

You can get started earning with this new opportunity from Jello right here. 

How much can you earn?  As a Jingit user you can earn up to $5.00 a week, but as you invite friends, you can earn up to $10.00 each week.  The cash you earn from Jingit can be redeemed online for music or a Jingit Visa Debit Card.

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  • cheryl

    I would love to sign up for this but I worry about giving them my SS. Do you know if they are legit? I am thinking they are if you are posting it. I also dont have texting on my phone but I can get them and pay per. Do you know how often they text you?

    • Jennifer

      I literally just signed up. They asked for my name, email, birthday, and my mobile number. No social involved. It was really easy. As far as texts, I’m not sure how many are sent. Hope this helps some!

  • Joyce

    If you go to Walmart.com under free sample you can see a comercial for M&M and earn 25¢. Must be a daily commercial because I this is my second day I viewed it. Thank you.

    • For the Mommas

      Thanks Joyce !